Vedw – 561 on the 1841 Tithe Map

Vedw is no longer standing, the location of Vedw was in the field that runs alongside the canal  from Jenkin Rosser’s bridge to Lapstone cottage.

The earliest I can find about Vedw is a mention in the latin leases dated 1661 when John Morgan William Howell paid 6d land tax for holding one messuage and barn near Cefn Mynog, and before him Valentine Pritchard of Llanover.

I cannot find any further reference to Vedw until 1778 when Edward Jeremiah and his wife Martha had a son Edward baptised, the parish record says he is living at Vedw. Edward and Martha also had children born earlier than 1778, Mary a daughter was born  in 1775.

Edward Jeremiah was the son of William and Mary Thomas. He was born in Goytre in 1745 and was a collier. His first wife Martha died in 1780 and was buried in St Peter’s churchyard, he later married Elizabeth.

A daughter also named Elizabeth was born to him and his new wife Elizabeth in 1781.

The land tax record of 1798 says the owner of Vedw is John Edwards and the occupier is Edward Jeremiah.

Edward Jeremiah was an assistant overseer of the highways for the years 1798, 1799 and 1800, during this time he was residing at Vedw.

In 1810 the ownership of Vedw had changed to Edward Edwards of Caerleon.

Canal documents say Edward Edwards was made a payment for his land by the Canal Company in 1811.

In 1818 the ownership of Vedw changed from Edward Edwards to Roger Edwards, Roger Edward died in 1824 aged 80.

The following year 1825 the new owner is Thomas James, the occupier is William Jeremiah.

The census of 1841 says William Jeremiah is 70, a wood collier, his daughter Maria is 35 and a grand-daughter Margaret is 2.

The tithe of the same date, 1841, says the owner is now Richard Seamark.

By 1850 William Jeremiah had left Vedw and was living at Park-y-brain.

On the census of 1851 William Plaisted is now in occupation with his wife Caroline. William was baptised at St Peter’s on 3rd September 1826, the son of Richard and Ann Plaisted who were, at that time living at Bwrgwm.

William Plaisted’s wife Caroline is the daughter of William Edwards of Caerleon, a carpenter.

William and Caroline were married at Llanover Church, Blaenavon, in 1846.

I am unable to work out who was in residence at Vedw on the censuses of 1861 and 1871.

By the 1880 tithe update the owner is Daniel Jones of Cefn Mynog. Vedw contains 17a 0r 2p, he is paying £1 14s 3d tithe to the rector.

Unfortunately that is as much as I know, Vedw has been a difficult property due to lack of documents available.


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