Lewis Edmunds Diaries 1864 – 1873

January 1st – at the tea party at the co-operative store society of Goytre
January 2nd – at Wm Nicholas Goytre making mortar
January 15th & 20th – at Chapel Edd plastering the ceiling. Thomas Rosser died aged 88
January 23rd – at the funeral of Thos Prosser (as is) Goytre Church
January 26th & 27th – at Pentre Bach farm Goytre for Col. Byrde panting the shed
January 29th – finished Pentre Bach farm for Col. Byrde
February 3rd – at the Halfway house Goytre slating the pub
February 4th & 5th – at Col. Byrde repairing the pantile on the old coach house
February 6th 8th 9th & 10th – at Halfway House slating the gutter & tiling the gutter
February 11th – at Col. Byrde Goytre panting the sheep shed
February 18th & 19th – at Wm Nicholas Goytre panting point roof on pump house and panting the well
February 24th to 3rd March – at Halfway house slating the Old Apartment and slating the Old Pub
March 4th – at home drawing a plan of a house for Thos Evans Nantyderry and at Halfway House pointing the shed
March 5th & 7th – at Col. Byrde Goytre slating the boiling shed near the house
March 8th & 9th – at Halfway House lathing inside the old clubroom
March 9th – at Col. Byrde slating the boiling shed near the house
March 25th – Good Friday – sowing onions and gardening and at Chapel Edd
March 29th – at Halfway House repairing the eaves after falling the oak against it
April 5th – May 5th  was spent at Halfway House lathing, making mortar, plastering etc
May 7th – at Abersychan with Thos James Goytre seeing the damage done by fire at Caleb Cable
May 30th & 31st – at Thos James Ty Cook whitening
June 3rd – at Mrs Rosser Croeshoped whitening
June 13th – at Wm Nichols Goytre pointing the well
July 5th to 16th – at Halfway House making mortar lathing and plastering the old apartment
July 17th – Ann (nee Rosser) wife of John Phillips died at Mamhilad aged 44
July 18th – at Halfway House beginning to plaster in bond
August 29th to September 6th – at Halfway House plastering and flowing the small perlons
September 10th – at New Barn Goytre making mortar and plastering
September 13th 14th & 24th  – at Halfway House footing the joint eaves
September 26th 27th & 28th – at New Barn Goytre slating
September 29th – Eli at New Barn Goytre
September 30th – at Halfway House

January 3rd – Halfway House Goytre measuring the slates and plaster
January 4th – at Col. Byrdes house Goytre settling for the work at Halfway House for the sum of £48
January 7th – at Chapel Edd retiling the pennant on the cottage
January 24th – at Thos Evans New House near Nantyderry lathering
January 25th & 31st – at James Cobner Goytre retiling the carpenters shop for Mrs Watts
February 10th – at Mrs Watts Goytre tiling carpenters shop and at Thos Evans Nantyderry
February 11th – at Thos Evans Nantyderry making mortar
February 13th – at Usk with bill of £6 15s 8d to W D Nichols esq., for work done at Tyr Ewen Goytre
February 22nd – at Thos Evans Nantyderry
February 27th – at Newport for John Phillips cottage at Croesnypant
March 3rd – at Benj Jeremiah near Nantyderry repairing the house and barn
March 4th – at Thos Evans near Nantyderry repairing the house and barn
March 14th – at Abergavenny selling 2 barren cows to John Jenkins Goytre for £17 7s 6d
April 4th to 10th – at Chapel Edd Goytre Couling and whitening
April 14th – Chapel Edd tea party
April 21st – at Benj Jeremiah Goytre repairing the tiles and whitening
April 25th – at Chapel Edd Goytre whitening the chimney and at John Phillips
May 5th 6th & 10th – at John Phillips Croesnypant
May 11th – at Mrs Rosser Goytre Mill whitening inside
June 21st – at John Jenkins dealer Goytre stripping the ? hotest day of the summer
June 23rd to 26th – at John Harris Penpelleny slating the new carpenters shop
June 27th 28th – at John Jenkins dealer slating
June 29th & 30th – at John Harris Penpelleny slating
July 6th to 15th – at John Jenkins dealer Goytre making mortar plastering outside. On the 12th the Cwmavon cow took the bull at Mrs Rosser’s Goytre
July 25th – at John Harris Penpelleny
September 16th & 17th – at Wm Watkins Goytre panting the house
September 19th – Hanover Chapel was damaged by fire
September 22nd – at John Jenkins dealer Goytre stripping and slating the front of the house
December 2nd – at Wm Watkins Goytre plastering inside
December 6th – at Benj Jeremiah near Nantyderry Goytre repairing the house after the wind
December 21st – at John Jenkins dealer Goytre panting the stables

February 15th – at Pengroshoped cottages cementing round the chimneys for Richard Drinkwater
March 23rd & 26th – at Chapel Edd Goytre repairing the tiles and flaking white lime whitening outside. 23rd a very stormy evening
March 31st – at Thos James Goytre house making mortar
April 2nd 9th & 10th – at Thos James Goytre House repairing the tiles
May 4th – at John Bevan Goytre with Wm William and at the Chain bridge buying two cows of John Wilsburton for £24
May 28th & 31st – at Halfway House making lime for finishing the tiles and plastering
June 25th – at John Powell Penpederhewl Goytre whitening. Making the will of John James Horseshoe Mamhilad
July 7th – the Durham heifer took the bull at Col. Byrdes
August 8th – at Halfway House cementing about the chimneys
September 20th 21st & 22nd – at Richard Watkins Goytre pointing the end of the house, firing trough in back of house and whitening
October 1st & 13th – at Thos James Goytre House repairing the house
October 16th – at Wm Nichols Goytre repairing and whitening
October 24th to 27th – at Wm Watkins Goytre pointing and lathing inside and plastering the ceiling
November 1st – at Wm Watkins Goytre finishing the ceiling
November 12th – Wm Cocker Goytre Mill

January 4th – at Mrs Rosser Croshoped whitening inside
January 13th – Amy Roster Croshoped died aged 40 years
January 17th – at the funeral of Amy Rosser at Mamhilad Church aged 40
February 1st – at Goytre Wharf repairing the tiles
February 14th – at Goytre Yard repairing the tiles
February 23rd – at Goytre Wharf repairing Progers house
March 10th – at John Harris Penpelleny to dine
March 14th – snow about 2′ high
May 3rd – at Wm Harris Nightingale slating pigs cot
May 22nd 23rd & 25th – at Thos James Ty Cook whitening inside and out
July 24th & 25th – at Mrs Watts Goytre repairing the tiles
August 2nd – at John Bevan with Wm Williams giving notice to quit the farm
August 22nd – at Cooke barn near Penpelleny repairing the door
August 23rd 26th to 30th – at Park y Brayn holing stones tiling the barn. On the 29th at Park y brain with Wm Williams and his daughter and John Bevan for the rent due August 2nd 1867
September 20th to 25th – at Wm Turners New Barn repairing the barns
September 26th – at Thos James Ty Cook repairing of the barns
September 27th & 28th – whitening the house near Goytre Great House
October 28th – at John James farm Goytre stripping the stable
November 1st 2nd 12th to 16th & 21st – at John Turners farm Goytre tiling and pointing  the stable
November 25th – at Mrs Watts Goytre repairing the barn and house for D Phillips
December 15th – at John Harris Penpelleny
December 21st – at Aaron Goytre banking the grave for Leah wife of Francis Davies aged 65 years
December 22nd – funeral of Leah Davies at Saron

January 22nd – Thos James Ty Ivor Goytre died aged 72
January 27th – funeral of Thos James at Hanover
February 4th – at Col. Byrde Goytre
May 25th to June 27th  – at John Reece Goytre (Abergwellan) making mortar, slating the dormers, plastering, plastering the stables, pointing the house
September 3rd – at Owen Davies Goytre finishing
October 9th – at Rachel Anthony Goytre repairing
November 14th – Mrs John Harris Penpellenny died
November 19th & 20th – at Wm Nichols Goytre
November 24th 26th & 30th – at Cooks cottage (Twin Shinydd) near the Star Goytre stabling the slope
December 1st – at John Reece Goytre repairing about the oven inside
December 9th – at Abersychan working for Thos James Goytre
December 11th – at John Reece Goytre plastering the oven
December 12th – at Abersychan working for Thos James Goytre
December 16th & 17th – at Cooks cottage near the Star Goytre
December 22nd – at John reece Goytre finishing the pigs cot
December 24th – at Owen Davies Goytre repairing the tiles

January 6th – at James James Horseshoe and Thos James Goytre House repairing the tiles
January 9th 11th & 12th – at Thos Lewis near Halfway Goytre repairing
January 27th – at James James Horseshoe cementing
January 28th & 29th – at Thos James Goytre House repairing inside
February 4th – at Richard Drinkwater Croshoped cementing and repairing – the grey cow did calf
February 26th – at Goytre 200 stakes with Chris Jones on the mules
March 3rd – at Newport with Mr Cathcart solicitor respecting John Phillips (Bond)
March 4th – at the sale of John Phillips Mamhilad
February 5th – at the sale of John Phillips Mamhilad
February 6th & 9th – at Wm Turner New Barn Goytre repairing the tiles
February 9th – at Abergavenny with John Marshall respecting the deed of the sale of John Phillips Mamhilad
February 10th & 11th – at Thos Lewis Halfway House for Wm Proger
February 25th – Miss Rachel Jones (Oak) died at Pengroesoped Cottages Goytre
February 26th – Mr Logan James Goitre mending the house
April 8th – Cherry cow calved
May 7th – at William Proger Goytre Yard whitening inside, Chas Richards at Wm Nicholas whitening inside
May 11th – at Wm Proger whitening inside
May 18th – at Samuel Harris factory whitening inside
May 19th – ay Wm Nicholas Goytre whitening inside
May 19th – at Wm Harris Nightingale whitening
June 7th – John Phillips Ty Ivor died aged 48 years
June 10th – at the funeral of John Phillips at Mamhilad
June 28th – at James James Horseshoe Mamhilad whitening outside
June 29th & 30th – at John Rosser Mamhilad slating the shed
July 21st – at Ty Cook Goytre meeting Mr Cook about slating the house
August 2nd – 21st – at Goytre House slating
August 24th – at Thos Davies Bwrgwm
August 28th – at Pontypool paying Watkins Walter for 2000 tile stones for Goytre House
September 1st – 27th – at Goytre House slating
October 1st – 20th – at Goytre House
October 21st – at Newport for 4 bags of the Aberthaw lime for the house of Benj Jeremiah Goytre
October 23rd – 25th – at Benj Jeremiah making mortar and repairing inside
October 29th – at Wm Nicholas Goytre repairing the cottage
November 2nd & 3rd – at Benj Jeremiah whitening outside
November 9th & 10th – at Goytre House whitening outside
November 12th – at Mordecai Jonestiling the stables with pantiles
November 27th – at Thos James Goytre plastering by the window frames inside the store
December 7th – at Wm Nicholas Goytre tiling the draw well
December 9th & 10th – at John Bevan Goytre letting the house for Wm Williams
December 11th – at the funeral of Thos Harris Penpellenny at Goytre Church aged 31 years

January 10th at Wm Turner New Barn Goytre repairing the tiles for Nicholas
January 13th – at Benj Jeremiah Goytre
April 21st & 22nd – at Rosser miller village whitening inside
June 20th to 29th – at Wm Nicholas Goytre stripping the house, slating and whitening
July 7th – at Wm Nicholas slating the house
July 15th – at Wm James Penpellenny cementing and shingling
July 23rd to 29th – at Wm Nicholas tiling pigs cot whitening inside and out
August 16th – James James Horshoe Mamhilad died aged 68
August 22nd – at the funeral of James James at Chapel Edd Goytre aged 68
October 11th – at Newport for timber and shilter for Richard V Jones his house Goytre worth £15 15s 0d
October 17th – at Robert Davies Goytre Mill £11 whitening inside
October 27th & 29th – at Wm Nicholas Goytre making mortar and pointing the stables
October 1st & 2nd – at Richard V Jones Ty Lloyd Goytre stripping the house
October 3rd to 5th – at Richard V Jones repairing the house
November 29th – at Wm Turner New Barn Goytre making mortar
December 2nd – at Wm Turner New Barn repairing the barn

June 28th – Wm Harris Goytre one years interest due April 23rd 1870 15/-

January 2nd – at Wm Turner New Barn whitening inside
January 4th – at Newport with Mrs James Horseshoe Mamhilad with her landlord respecting the land
February 20th & 25th – at Mrs James Horseshoe Mamhilad seeing about the repairs and alteration of the old thatch house
March 19th 21st & 22nd – at John Harris Penpellenny whitening
March 29th – at Pengroesoped whitening inside
April 11th – at John Jones Penty Goytre whitening inside
April 19th – at the funeral of Maria Lloyd at Hanover aged 98
May 19th & 20th – at Mrs Rosser Goytre Mill
July 5th – at Penpellenny with John Harris and Mrs Morgan Little Mill looking for Morgan?
July 19th – at Park y brane Goytre measuring work for John Harris carpenter
October 26 to 28th – at James Hayward Bwrgwm Cottage slating
November 3rd – at Wm James his house near Ty Cook Goytre repairing the house
December 1st – at Goytre House repairing the plaster in the house
December 4th to 19th – at Rhydllwyvan Cottage repairing
December 21st, 22nd & 26th – at Bwrgwm cottage lathing the ceiling upstairs
December 27th – at Newport agreeing with Gwatkin for the Horseshoe field Mamhilad at £120 except £5 5s 0d to be completed by February 2nd 1872
December 29th & 30th – at Bwrgwm Cottage

January 2nd – Wm Turner Goytre whitening 4/-
January 27th – Mordecai Jones for whitening 14/6
January 18th – John Bevan Goytre for Wm Williams due July 2nd 1871 £7 10s 0d
March 25th – Wm Roster Croshoped for work 4/-
March 30th – David Davies Goytre for 9 months club up to March 1871 12/6
August 26th – John Harris Penpellenny on account of work £5
September 16th – Wm Harris smith Goytre one years interest due April 23rd 1871 15/-
November 20th – Mrs Rosser Goytre Mill 6/-

January 1st – at Bwrgwm cottage whitening inside
January 10th – Wm Proger Yard died
January 31st – at Bwrgwm cottage whitening inside
February 6th – at Wm James New Barn repairing the barn and stables
February 7th – at Samuel Harris Factory repairing the tiles, paid 2/6
February 8th – at Bwrgwm cottage cementing on the slopes and finishing
February 15th – at Mrs Jones the Dukes house near Goytre Great House cementing
March 25th – at Wm Rosser Pengroesoped whitening inside
March 26th – at Thos James Goytre House repairing the tile on the back kitchen and bridges in the garden
March 29th – (Good Friday) at Same Harris factory for 8 yards of black wool cloth which cost me 6s per yard total £2 8s 0d
March 30th – Sarah Ann Harris factory married at Hanover Chapel to Mr Brown
April 4th – sale of Danl Tedman Goytre
April 6th 7th & 8th – at Thos Davies Bwrgwm repairing the house
April 13th 14th & 15th – at Same Harris factory repairing the inside of the house
April 29th – 31st – at Benj Harris Goytre whitening inside
June 5th – at Isaac Jenkins Pantypudding near Little Mill whitening inside
June 6th – 11th – at Same Harris factory whitening inside
June 17th – at Mrs Progers sale Goytre sold worth £56 9s 6d
June 29th to July 2nd – at Walter Jenkins keeper Goytre whitening
August 22nd – at Richard V Jones pointing the stables at Ty Llwyd
August 24th – at Rhydllovan making mortar to repair Walter Williams his barn
September 7th – at Pontypool with Wm Williams securing John Bevan I lent cash for £13 0s 0d
October 30th – at Rachel Anthony Goytre repairing the barns
November 23rd – great flood in the river Usk
December 10th – at Abergavenny with Rachel Anthony Goytre and with Wm Price solicitor about money on trust for her

February 5th – Blaenavon Co for 14 days at Bwrgwm Cottage £2 10s 0d
February 7th – Samuel Harris 2/6
February 23rd – Wm Turner New Barn 8/-
March 13th – Same Harris £1 balance due £16
March 19th – Wm Roster Crosoped 4/-
March 26th – James Cobner Goytre on repairing Rhydllwyvan cottage £2 balance due £2
March 29th – Same Harris balance work 16/-
April 3rd – Iltyd Nichols Esq £25 17s 0d
April 29th – Benj Jeremiah Goytre interest 8/-
May 31st – W Hales Goytre one years interest due 23rd 1872 15/-
May 13th – lent Rachel Anthony Goytre 10/-
June 5th – Isaac Jenkins Pantypudding 4/-
June 17th – Mrs Proger for her sale 4/-
August 23rd – Richard V Jones work £1
August 22nd – paid James Cobner carpenter 4 days work at Richard V Jones 16s 6d
September 8th – John Bevan Goytre half years rent due August 2nd 1872 £7 0s 0d
December 4th – Thos Jacob late Ty Cook £2 balance due £20
December 11th. – Mrs James Horseshoe half years rent for land and smiths shop and cottage near the Horseshoe Mamhilad
December 10th – lent Rachel Anthony 10/-

February 24th – at John Bevan Goytre
May 1st – John Williams Tonteg was buried at Hanover aged 57 years
July 4th – at Blaenavon with Wm Williams his daughter with Thomas Watkins solicitor about deeds of Goytre Star land
July 7th to 10th – at John Reece churchwarden near Nantyderry (Abergwelvan) slating his barn
August 9th – at Pontypool receiving the half years rent of John Bevan with Wm Williams
August 19th to 21st – at John Reece Abergwelvan Goytre putting the crest on the barn
August 18th – Mary wife of JohnTurner Goytre died aged 37 years
August 24th – at home guttering then at the funeral of Mary Turner wife of John Turner then aged 37
October 2nd & 10th – at New Barn Goytre repairing the barn and stable
October 17th – Mrs Lewis near Saron died was the relict of Mr W Lewis formerly Ty Gedges Llanover
October 18th – at John Turner New Barn repairing the house
November 17th & 18th – at John Jones Great House drawing down the grate
November 19th – at Mrs Watts Goytre repairing the house and barn
December 15th & 24th – at Benj Jeremiah near Nantyderry Goytre repairing the shed
December 30th – at Pontypool Estate office Wm Williams on business respecting the land near the Horseshoe Mamhilad


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