Gafr Llwyd (The Grey Goat)

Goytre Properties 030 (2)Gafr Llwyd – [The Grey Goat] – 282 on the 1841 Tithe Map.

The first reference to Gafr llwyd is the lease dated 29th September 1807 granted to Richard Cadogan for the lives of the lessee [dead] and Henry Waldon now of Abergavenny, fisherman, then aged 13 years. Lives in being, Henry Walden. Present holder Lord Llanover, sold by the Earl of Abergavenny, rent 1/-, Herriot 5/-, 2 acres 3 roods.

In the 1821 Barony of Abergavenny Survey, the occupier was listed as Richard Cadogan of a house, garden and plock.

The 1841 tithe gives us Benjamin Hall as the owner and the occupier as Ann Price of the house and garden. Ann is 35, of independent means and her daughters are Lavinia 15, and Rosina 14. Also, Ann Walters 65 of independent means is listed on the 1841 census.

On to the 1851 census which mentions Thomas Lewis, labourer aged 55, his son William 11 born in Llanover, and his daughter Jane 9 born in Goytre, along with his two other sons, Thomas 7 and John 4.

The 1861 census is missing for this part of the parish, but on the 1871 census we see John Jones a woollen spinner aged 63 from Cardiganshire along with his wife Elizabeth who is 60 from Caerphilly. They have two lodgers both woollen spinners living with them, Morgan Jones 63 and Daniel Jones 28.

On an undated letter from Llanover estate: Gafr Llwyd and some land let to James Jones for the rent of £12

On the 1881 census James Jones a woodcutter aged 46 and born in Goytre his wife Mary 50 was born in Llanellen.

James Jones also appeared at the inquest in favour of a welsh speaking vicar for the parish on 19th March 1887. He was still living at Gafr Llwyd in 1889 but had left by 1891.

Ink deposits on the 1891 census make it difficult to read but there was a Thomas aged 46, Ruth 49, William 11, all born in Hereford, Christina 4, Florence 2, Ethel 7 months and John 9, all born in Goytre.

Another undated lease from Llanover Estate made to Joshua Hughes at a rent of £6 10s payable quarterly. Rates of £1 13s 4d being paid by the owner.

The 1901 census gives us Joshua Hughes 60, a plasterer born in Flint and Amy 49 and in 1903 he was paying £6 10s pa rent, the rates were £1 13s paid by the owner.

George Jones had moved in with his family by 1907 when the Goytre poor rate assessment was £10 with £1 being payable and the land assessment value was 10s, paying 6d. A son Willie was born in June 1903.

By 1910 James Voyce was the new occupier, he was 43, a mason born in Hereford, his wife Sarah was 40 and their two children Hedley and Trevor were born in Blaenavon.

Gafr Llwyd is now in the parish of Llanover.


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