John Davies – Theft of Coal 1899

19th May 1899 – Theft of Coal

John Davies was charged with stealing 1s worth of coal at Goytrey on the 4th May. Defendant pleaded guilty. Arthur Pugh, waggoner, in the employ of Rosser & Payne, said he was taking coal to Nantyderry and left the coal [1cwt] under a hedge where requested by the purchaser, in a sack.

Witness identified the sack produced as the one containing the coal. He asked the prisoner the following day if he had seen anything of the coal, and he said he had not – Margaret Evans, Gwilym Evans and P.c. Davies also gave evidence.

Defendant said he found the coal where it had been placed by the first witness, and took it, not knowing whom it belonged to, but the constable said that at first defendant denied any knowledge of the coal.

This was his first offence and a fine of 10s was imposed.


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