Delwyn Price – Theft from Goytrey Farm 1940

Friday 3rd May 1940 – Theft from Goytrey Farm

Delwyn Price, aged 35, an unemployed Merthyr collier, pleaded not guilty at Pontypool on Saturday to stealing two pairs of brass bearings, a steel casting and an index number plate, with red rear lamp attached, value £3 –5-0, the property of Joseph Edwin Edgar, garage proprietor.

Edgar said Price and another man called him on April 20th at his farm to pick up some sheep. Later he missed the articles from the farm yard.

P C Taylor, Little Mill, said Price denied all knowledge of the theft when he interviewed him at Merthyr, when he found the articles under some hay Price admitted taking them and said “The old man at the farm told me they were of no use”.

Edgar’s father said he did not know the articles were on the yard of the farm.

Superintendent E Casey said Price had been ill for a considerable time.

Price was fined £2

Friday 3rd May 1940


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