Wernog Vach/Powos

Wernog Fach/Powos – 462 on the 1841 Tithe Map.

The tithe gives the following information;

House and garden 462
Meadow between the house 463; Little orchard 464; Field by the road 465; Cae twek 466; Cefn yty 467; Wain fach 468; Cae garw 469

Wernog Fach was owned by the Earl of Abergvenny, in 1831 it was occupied by Mary Lewis, by 1841 the occupier was Elizabeth Lewis, her daughter-in-law.

In 1851 Elizabeth Lewis is still there renting 8 acres at a property called Powos.

In 1861 Col. Henry Bird was leasing the property, the occupiers were still Elizabeth Lewis, the wife of John Lewis.

Ten years later Elizabeth is a widow. Living with her are her sons William, a woodcutter aged 41, and Thomas 22, also a woodcutter.


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