1860 Free Press

June 9th, 1860

GOYTREY AGAIN—Mr. Harris, the assistant overseer, summoned the following persons for nonpayment of poor rates for the parish of Goytrey:—Messrs. G. Lloyd, Abegwelvan; G. Watkins, Church Farm; T. Jenkins, Land; J. Williams, Millin-y-co’ed; J. Watkin, Goytrey Hall; John Ballard, Chappel Head; and D. Fedman, Penpellewny.  Mr. Greenway, who appeared for defendants, then briefly alluded to the recent disturbances at Goytrey, and said that the assistant overseer, in order to “serve out” his clients, went to each of their houses, and (in most of the cases) seeing the mistress, merely said he had come for the rate, and because it was not paid forthwith, took out summonses against them. He contended that under the circumstances, summonses ought not to have been granted. The rates had been raised without the knowledge of the payers, and it was natural that they should feel aggrieved, and the conduct of the assistant overseer would not better the feeling in the parish if the summonses were enforced. It was most iniquitous. A message, and not a written notice, had been given them; and it had not even been demanded in any way from Watkins. His clients were ready to pay the amount of the rate but he must demur to the costs. Order for payment without costs.


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