The Harding Family of Garden Cottage, Nantyderry

The Harding Family of Garden Cottage, Nantyderry
Photo kindly provided by Stuart Hunt


The Lewis family of No.1 Saron Cottages

Thomas is the elder of the family and the founder of Saron Chapel, he lived at saron cottages all his life.

Thomas Lewis, “Tommy the tailor”.
Photo kindly provided by Donna Hamilton.

Thomas’s daughter Mary married Josiah Lewis.

Ada Morgan, Daughter of Mary and Josiah Lewis.

Ada Morgan (nee Lewis) wife of David Hugh, and another lady at the Gwynedd.
This photo kindly provided by Bill Morgan in America.


Daniel and Eliza Lewis, Thomas’s son and daughter in law.

Daniel and Eliza Lewis

Dan Lewis

Eliza Lewis (nee Garratt), Dan Lewis’ wife

Saron Cottages

Daniel Arthur Lewis, son of Daniel Lewis

Maud b. 1869, daughter of Dan Lewis

Lottie Lewis, daughter of Daniel

Dan Lewis, born Saron Cottages, with his wife Eliza and family.
Photo kindly provided by Donna Hamilton.

The Shepherdson family of Twyn Cecil


The Shepherdson family of Twyn Cecil. Photo kindly supplied by Andrea Jones.


Gwatkin family of Church Farm

This wonderful photo of William and Eliza Gwatkin has kindly been passed to me by Clive Jenkins, grandson of Rosa.


George Gwatkin


Gilbert Gwatkin

Rosa Jane Gwatkin

Morgan Family of The Wern

Hutchinson family.

Nantyderry School House c1900 Photo

This wonderful photo was taken outside Church Cottage, Nantyderry, in the early 1900’s.


Sarah Dobbs (nee James) and family of Beech Cottage No. 2, circa 1910.

L. to R. Reginald Dobbs, Rebecca Dobbs, Ivy Dobbs, Sarah Dobbs (nee James) and Ivor Dobbs, circa 1910.

William and Annie Jones and Family, 1 Park View.

ANNIE JONES – On her 80th Birthday, 1952.


Nanny Jones and children, Harry, Gertrude, Arthur, Nell, Billy, Minnie, and Lillian.


Family Members at Funeral for Nanny Jones – Saron Chapel, 1956.

Margaret (Peggy Morris) with Edgar Thomas

Edgar Thomas.

Elsie Shutt (married William Jones 1933).

William Jones

Gertrude and Stanley (Bob) Hayes 1925.


Ellen and Arthur Cottle.

Minnie and William Griffiths.

Henry Jones.

Lillian and Thomas Morris.

Arthur Jones.

IN MOURNING FOR WILLIAM JONES, JUNE 1912. Back: Henry and Ellen. Front: Minnie, Arthur,Annie,Gertrude and Lillian. Seated at Annie’s knee-William Jnr.

William Jones, with son Arthur, on the milk round in Pontypool. (Note the name on the cart – GlanUsk Dairy).

“Rees the Police”

General Gallery

The wedding of John Lewis and Esmerelda Morris, 16 July 1934. at St. Peters Church, Goytre.


Edward Powell

Elizabeth Edwards 1873

David Morgan and Ada Lewis

Martha Morgan


Mr and Mrs W. H. Gwatkin and great-grandchild Susan Arthur, at their golden wedding celebration.


Evan Morris



Martha Jenkins

Sgt. Leslie John Hickman, RA. wins MM.


Goytre School Photograph (Date Unknown)


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