Dobbs, Mr E – Goytre – 1962

November 30th 1962 – Mr E Dobbs, Goytre

The cremation of Mr E Dobbs of Goytre took place at the Gwent Cremororium, the Rev D W Jones officiating.
Mr Dobbs met an untimely end while following his employment as foreman roadman and is survived by his wife, Maud and family of Malcolm, Joyce and Carol.

Maud, wife; Malcolm, son; Joyce and Carol, daughters; Alf, brother; D Clark, son-in-law; Mr & Mrs R Dobbs, brother-in-law and cousins; Mrs L Davies, sister-in-law; Mr Ed Gwillum, brother-in-law; Mr & Mrs I Dobbs, Mr & Mrs L Fry, Mrs W Jones, Mrs A Jones, cousins; Messrs Lyn Jones, T Dobbs, G Dobbs and Wyn Jones.

Messrs D James, Bert James, Ron Morgan and C Jones.

Others present:
Messrs A S Wilcox (Divisional Superintendant), R Dowdeswell, S Williams (National Union of General and Municipal Workers, and Mon CC road foremen), A Jacob, E Gwilliam, S Walton, C James, D James, J Lewis, D Jones, J Williams, Alf Morgan, H Jones, Ivor Jones, Ivor Evans, W Jones, D Roberts, Ivor Hopkins, R James, Archie James (senior and junior), David Owen, Tom Davies, J James, Arthur James, T Wheeler, D Roberts, C Poulsom, G Walton, J Ellaway, C Jones, A Howells, W J Williams, C James, C Griffiths, C Werrett, J Evans, W Jones, A Lewis, F Read, E Harper, E Legge and others.

Wife Maud; Malcolm and Carol; Joyce, Deborah and Dave; Alfred, Ivor and Sarah; Reg and Edith; Dorothy and Lyn; Jack, Marion and boys; Becky, David and boys; Ivor, Len and family; Beat and family; Maisie and Wyndham; Amy and family; Sidney Walton and George; George and Pam; Misses C & K Nicholas; Mr & Mrs M Rees and Miss Evans; Clive and Gillo; Joan, Ben and family; Foremen Mon CC.

Funeral arrangements by James and Powell, Goytre.


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