Shepherdson, Mrs A E – 1956

May 4th 1956 – Late Mrs E A Shepherdson

There was a large attendance at the funeral of Mrs Elizabeth Ann Shepherson, Sunnyside, Monkswood, at St Mathews Church Monkswood.

Mrs Shepherdson, who was 70, was the wife of Mr John Shepherdson, vicar’s warden for many years at St Mathews Church.

Mrs Shepherdson was a very keen church-worker, particularly with the Sunday School and Mother’s Union.

Canon D Ivor Jones conducted services at the house and church, where he was assisted by Mr B Wray, who read the lesson. Miss Wrintmore was organist.


Mr J Shepherdson, husband; Mr & Mrs Charles Shepherdson; Mr & Mrs Jack Shepherdson; Mr & Mrs Ivor Shepherdson, sons and daughters –in-law; Master Peter Shepherdson, grandson; Mr & Mrs Oliver Thomas; Mr & Mrs Clive Thomas; Mr Harry Thomas; Mrs Ruth Thomas and Mrs Alice Shepherdson, brother’s and sister’s-in-law; Mr Jim Middleton; Mr Trevor Thomas; Mrs W Griffiths; Mr & Mrs Ted Williams, Cliff James; Mr & Mrs Jonnie Lewis; Mr Harold Ball; Mrs Ormond; Mrs V Smith; Mrs A Morgan; Mr & Mrs Dai James; Roy Ball; Arthur James; Ivor Pitt; Mr & Mrs D Perrott; John James, Will Summers, all cousins.


Messrs’ Arthur James, Ivor Pitt, D J James, H Stinchcombe, R Griffiths, and W Peggington.

The Flowers:

Sorrowing husband, Jack; Charlie and Flo; Ivor and Val; Jack, Violet and boys; Ann and Alan; Peter; Andrea; Oliver and Grace; Harry, Edie and family; Jim, Ruth, Billy and Raymond; Alice; Christine, Blanche Bill and Joycelyn; Uncle Jack; Rose and family; children of Ceal and Ben; Florrie and Harold; Edith, Violet and Alice; Kit, Will and family; Rene, Ted and Cliff; Mary, Roy and family; Dorry and Basil; Jonnie, Melda and children; Ivor and Marj Pitt; Pete, Wyn and Ann; Dai, Bertha and children; Flo and Tom; Kate and Dai; Will, Maud and Rocelyn; Mr & Mrs E Bradley; Mr & Mrs D J James; Mr & Mrs Harvey; Mr & Mrs Winstone; Elaine and Valerie; Mr & Mrs David Owen; Mrs E and Mrs L Topham; Eddie, Hilda and boys; Mr & Mrs W Peggington and boys; Gwen, Bill, Teddy and Linda; Mr & Mrs Nicholson; Pat and Evan Thomas; Mrs Stinchcombe and Harold; A & E Meredith; Graham and Philip; Bill and Jean; Margaret and Malcolm Watkins; Doug and June; Mrs & Mrs James; Mr & Mrs Pearce and family; Mrs Jarman and Robin; Mr & Mrs Taylor and Ernie.

Funeral arrangements by T Jones of Usk.


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