Objection to Lord Tredegar’s Plan 1868

May 16th 1868

Lord Tredegar decided to abolish the pack of Monmouthshire Foxhounds – opposition from the undersigned against this decision:
John Turner – farmer, Goytre
Samuel Franklin Harris – freeholder, Glanffrwd
Francis Davies – cottager, Goytre
William Walters – Goitre
Aaron Rosser – Pantglase farm, Goitre
Ferdinand Cox – Rose Cottage, Goytrey,  farmer
Benjamin Jeremiah – Goytrey, farmer
Thomas Evans – Nantyderry, Rector
Henry Owen – Goytrey, carpenter
John Williams – Velin-y-coed, Goytrey
John Williams – Penwern, Goytrey, farmer
George Gwatkins – Goytrey, farmer
John Ballard – Goytrey, freeholder
George Jones – Goitre, labourer
Mary Lewis – Ty Hir, Goytrey, farmer
John Lewis – Maes-y-berrin, Goitre, farmer
Henry C Byrde – Goytrey House
Edward Charles – Park-y-brain, Goitre, farmer
Francis Rowlands – Goitre, farmer
Thomas James – Goitre, farmer
Thomas Lewis – Llwyncellyn, Goytrey, farmer
William Nicholas – Yew Tree Farm, Goitre
Henry Crump – Goitre, farmer


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