Lewis Edmunds Diaries 1874 – 1897

September 9th – at John Bevan Goytre with Wm Williams
December 18th – at John Bevan Goytre making 2 bags of lime
December 28th – at James Jones Nightingale Goytre whitening inside

March 10th – T E Cook for Goytre House £1 3s 0d
”          ”    – Abergwelvan £5 11s 0d
”          ”   –  Mrs Summerfield £1 8s 0d
”          ”  –  New Barn Goytre £1 1s 0d
June 25th – John Harris Penpellenny £4 12 0d
August 1st – Mrs James Horseshoe half years rent due February 2nd 1874 £2 7s 6d
November 24th – John Jones Goytre 15s 0d
December 21st – Wm Harris smith Goytre money that was lent him £15 0s 0d
December 28th – lent John Jones Goytre Great House £5 0s 0d

Paid Out
December 21st – to Wm Harris smith Goytre for groceries £1 4s 6d

February 1st & 2nd – at John Bevan Star repairing the house
February 13th – at the Star Goytre and at Pontypool with Wm Williams receiving the rent of John Bevan Goytre
June 13th – Mrs Rosser died aged 80 years
June 18th – Mrs Rosser late of Brynypant was buried at Hanover aged 80 years
July 8th – at Mr John Morgan Little Mill repairing Pantypudding
July 29th – at Mrs Watts Goytre stripping the barn
August 27th – at Mrs Watts Goytre making pegs
September 2nd to 11th – at Mrs Watts Goytre sorting stones
September 11th – at Mrs Watts and cementing crest on cottage at Penpellenny for John Stevens
September 13th to 16th – at Mrs Watts Goytre
September 16th – Mrs Martha James Horseshoe died at Mamhilad aged 69
September 17th to 20th – at Mrs Watts Goytre
September 20th – Mrs James Horseshoe was buried at Chapel Edd aged 69 years
September 21st to 27th – at Mrs Watts GoytreOctober 4th – at the Horseshoe taking the valuation of the goods and chattels of the late Martha James who died. Good value £33 5s 6d
October 15th & 16th – at Mrs Watts Goytre repairing the house at Penpederheol for Thomas Phillips and finishing repairing the house for David Phillips (as written)
October 31st – John Jones the gardener Llanover died at Penty Cottage Goytre aged 58
November 3rd – at the funeral of John Jones Hanover aged 58

January 8th – Mrs James Horseshoe half years rent £2 7s 6d
October 14th Rachel Anthony Goytre £1 3s 1d
October 16th – Mrs Watts for Thos Phillips 5s

David Philips Glamorgan for work at Mrs Watts £9 15s 0d

February 8th – at Abergavenny with Thos Williams meeting Mr Francis about building a cottage at Goytre estimate cost £70
April 4th – at Mordecai Jones Goytre
April 28th – went to see Mrs Jones Penty Cottage Goytre
September 16th – at at Pontypool with Wm Williams received his half years rent from John Bevan due August 2nd 1876 £7 0s 0d
November 27th – at Col. Byrde repairing the granary and the sheds
December 8th – at the Horseshoe Mamhilad trying John Jenkins to come to Abergavenny with Richard Williams about the hayfield but failed
December 11th – at John Jenkins Horseshoe Mamhilad and Mr Thomas Hamer arranging with John Jenkins and Rich’d Williams about the field to have the profits divided share and share alike
December 30th – at home and at the Horseshoe Mamhilad looking for rent but had none

January 10th – at John Turner Goytre
January 11th – at the funeral of Edward Ellis at the Welsh Independent Chapel aged 56 years
January 15th – at Abergavenny with Richard Williams Goytre having ? of Lawrence Baker solicitor concerning the Horseshoe Estate
January 23rd to 27th – at Josiah Lewis Yew Tree Goytre sorting tile stones for the stable
February 2nd – at the Horseshoe settling with John Jenkins and Richard Williams
February 19th – at the funeral of Edward Williams Mount Pleasant at Saron Chapel Goytre aged 62. A very large funeral
April 13th & 14th – at Mrs Jones the Dukes Cottage near Goytre Great House
April 26th – at John Harris Penpellenny Goytre whitening the carpenters shop inside
May 15th – at John Harris Penpellenny tiling the bakehouse
August 20th & 21st – at Saron Chapel Goytre whitening inside
October 6th – at Pontypool settling with John Bevan for the rent of the Star Goytre for Wm Williams up to August 2nd 1877 and paying Thos Watkins 8/9 of interest money
November 6th – at Mordecai Jones painting the back kitchen and shed
December 3rd – at Samuel Harris factory repairing the boiler and tiles

Receipts 1877
January 10th – John Turner Goytre for work 2/6
March 31st – John Jenkins Horseshoe for half years rent due February 2nd 1877 less interest £2 7s 6d
April 30th – Josiah Lewis Goytre £1 1s 0d
August 29th – Saron Chapel £1 2s 0d

March 2nd – Mr James Agg near the Chain Bridge died aged 90 years buried Llanover Church
June 10th – at the Horseshoe Mamhilad settling before John Jenkins and Richard Williams up to April 1st 1878
July 25th & 26th – at Thos Davies Cerig Mowren Bwrgwm repairing the house
October 3rd – at Josiah Lewis Yew Tree Farm Goytre repairing the house and stable
November 25th – at the Horseshoe Mamhilad receiving the half years rent due August 2nd 1878 £2 7s 6d

April 26th – at Pontypool settling and receiving half years rent from John Bevan for Wm Williams due February 2nd 1879
May 2nd – at the funeral of Maria Lloyd at Hanover aged 68 years
July 7th to 11th – at Aaron Chapel Goytre tiling porch and repairing
July 29th – at Aaron Chapel finishing and at Goytre Yard
July 30th to August 6th – Wm Richards at Goytre Yard – finished by 8 days

January 6th & 16th – at the Star seeing the repairs and making mortar
February 2nd to 12th – at the Star repairing the house
March 12th – at Pontypool receiving the rent of John Bevan for Wm Williams due February 2nd 1880 £7 0s 0d
September 6th & 18th to 20th – at Mrs Watts Ynyspica repairing for David Philips
September 21st & 22nd – at Mary Watts cottage occupied by James Cobner

January 17th – Samuel Harris had a very bad fall on top of the road leading from Croshoped to the factory
September 6th – at the funeral of Alfred Jenkins son of Thos Jenkins Penystare at Hanover Chapel aged 16 years
September 10th – at the Horseshoe Mamhilad settling between Richard Williams and John Jenkins to April 1st 1881
September 29th – at Walter Jenkins keeper Goytre repairing the house and barn for Col. Byrde
November 10th – at the Star Goytre seeing the repair wanting to be done on the shed adjoining the house
November 16th – at Newport for timber and slates for Wm Williams collier for the Star Goytre
November 23rd – At the Star Goytre
December 1st to 31st at the Star Goytre

January 3rd, 19th & 23rd – at the Star pointing
February 4th – at Pontypool meeting Mrs Youdell Goytre and Wm Williams collier about the rent at Goytre
February 27th – at the funeral of Mrs Mary James Glanydwr at Hanover aged 75 years
June 7th – at Walter Davies Cottage Goytre about repairing at the Horseshoe
August 9th to 12th – at Walter Davies Goytre Upper Cottage
September 16th – at Pontypool settling the half years rent due August 2nd 1882 for the Star Goytre
October 3rd – David Jones Pengroesoped died
December 11th – at the funeral of Richard Vaughan Jones above Pantysgon Butts Nest he was buried at Goytre Church in his 78th year of age
December 9th & 26th – at Mordecai Jones Coed Robin making and finishing a new oven
December 27th – at home killing a pig. 276lbs

April 5th – visiting John Edmunds
June 15th – brother John Edmunds died at 4 am at the Black Horse Rhiw Sir David near Blackwood. I came home to Yew Tree
June 18th – at the funeral of my brother John Edmunds at Penmain Independent Chapel
June 23rd – at John Jenkins Horseshoe settling up to April 1st 1887 between him and Wm Williams
October 6th – at the Horseshoe Mamhilad meeting Mr W Grisham and Mr Morgan Little Mill when they came to value the premises
November 3rd – at Horseshoe Mamhilad expecting to see John Williams. Walter Davies Goytre died
December 8th – at home. I went to see Samuel Harris factory he being very ill

January 26th – Wm Richards tiler and plasterer died aged 73
January 18th – Thomas Lewis taylor died Goytre aged 84 buried Sharon Chapel
July 18th – at the Horseshoe and Penpellenny and seeing the riffles in camp near Col. Byrde Goytre House
July 28th – I was at Pontypool signing an affidavit at Thomas Watkins suspecting the pedigree of the late Rachel Anthony of Goitre account by Mordecai Jones and Thomas Rosser Goytre
December 11th – at Abergavenny with H Jeffries and Jones solicitor signing a declaration for the tithe of the Bwrgwm land and Cottage of the late Rachel Anthony
December 25th – at the Horseshoe meeting John Williams and John Jenkins about the duty money
December 28th – at Abergavenny with H L Baker solicitor with Richard Williams and J Jenkins Horseshoe about the excise duty

March 2nd – at home Richard Jones Coed Robin did crop the whythys for me I paid him 3/-
June 1st – at Evan Morgan Penheol Yard Road Goytre repairing the oven
October 12th – at Elm Tree Cottage Goytre

January 28th – James Jones Ty Lloyd Goytre was buried at Hanover
February 8th – at the funeral of Wm Watkins son of George Watkins mason at Hanover aged 20 years

January 18th – Mr Jones tiler was buried at Hanover Church
April 22nd – Mr Jones Coed Robin died
May 1st – Mrs Jones Coed Robin died


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