Cefn Mynog

Cefn Mynog 2Cefn Mynog – 570 on the 1841 Tithe Map.

12th December 1639 an Earl of Bergavenny lease says “lands of David ap Evan called Yr Gworlod & Keven Mynog”.

25th day of January 1757 – A letter to the Rector requesting banns are read.

The Rev’d Mr Williams, curate of Geottre S’r We Francis William now living with John Morgan near Pont Kemys and Frances Charles of Kevenmeniog, both of your parish of Geottre have resided there for more than 28 days, before the date hereof do desire banns of matrimony be published between us according to law, with all speed after your receipt hereof. Given under o’’ hands this 25th day of January in ye year aforesaid 1700 & fifty seven

They were married on 12th February 1757

William Edwards married Ann Griffiths on the 22nd February 1780 at Mamhilad Church. A 1797 lease says William Edwards 45 and Ann his wife, daughter Mary has a lease from the Earl of Abergavenny for a cottage and garden on the waste called Cefn Mynog.

Ann Edwards died in 1814; she was 69 and lived near the mansion house, (Goytrey Hall).

The 1821 Survey taken by the Earl of Abergavenny says William Edwards is occupying a house, garden and 3 plocks. The same year William married Ann Jenkins a spinster, he died in 1831 and left a will in which he mentions leaving a square table and a bedstead to his kinswoman Mary William, the remainder of his property to his wife Ann.

1859 Feb 2nd – Owner, Earl of Abergavenny, granted a lease to Daniel Jones of Rhydymerch Llanover, innkeeper, for the lives of Eleanor his wife 41, Sarah and Thomas Lewis, children of the said Eleanor by a former husband, then aged 16 and 14 years, present holder Mrs Jones.

The electoral register for the years 1861 to 1894 is Daniel Jones of Cefn Mynog Cottage.

I am unable to work out who is living at Cefn Mynog on the 1871 census, but in 1881 Elizabeth Preece 53, late farmer’s widow born in Gloster, along with her children Thomas 22 a timber haulier, Elizabeth 20 a domestic servant, Henry 18 a farm labourer, Emily 15 a domestic servant, Rhoda 10, Fanny 8, and a granddaughter Annie 3, were living at Cefn Mynog.

By 1887 Abraham Williams was occupying Cefn Mynog. He appeared on the 19th March 1888 for the application for a welsh speaking vicar for the parish of Goytre.

On the 1891 census Abraham Williams is 71 a labourer, his wife Mary who was 50, James 17, Arthur 23 ag lab, Rebecca 21, all were born in Goytre.

In 1895 Eleanor Jones died, in her will she says she is from Cefn Mynog and the wife of Daniel Jones. Her executors were named as Ebenezer Rees of Blaenavon and William Lewis of Lan Farm Goytre, she gives them £5 each for their trouble. She gives the lease to Daniel Jones her husband, and to her daughter Sarah Morgan of the “King of Prussia” £100.

sale to Llanover 1918 0301901 census says John Williams 53, a cowman on a farm, Isabella is 53, the owner is the Earl of Abergavenny, gross value is £8 and the rateable value is £7 15s.

There is a headstone in St Peter’s Churchyard on which is written – Isabella, beloved wife of John Williams of Cefn Mynog in this parish aged 72. Also John died March 27th 1935 aged 88.

On the 5th December 1958, an article in the Free Press says Mrs Gertrude Williams of Cefn Mynog died and was buried at Saron Chapel.


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