Removal Apprentice & Settlement Orders

Removal, Settlement and Apprentice Orders

5th January 1734
Francis Jenkins of Llanover returned to his legal settlement in Llanover

11th February 1735
William Francis and Jane his wife, children Barbara and William Henry were returned to Monkswood parish. He was serving with John Prichard of Monkswood

On the same day Edmund Gibbon shoemaker was returned from Llanover back to Goytre parish

16th January 1739
Philip Griffith from Raglan was returned to Raglan with his family

6th February 1741
Harry Thomas from Mamhilad to return there with his wife and family

22nd February 1741
Jane Phillips was ordered to return to Llanfoist

7th January 1741
William Price, Alice his wife and 5 children were ordered to return to Pantague

20th October 1743
Walter Leek and Margaret his wife were allowed settlement in Goytre

11th April 1744
William Prosser of Goytre intruded into Gwehelog – returned

Thomas Philip stave and straw maker of Brecon, married Gwellian John – settlement

John Morgan Evan, the younger collier, born Goytre married Margaret Lewis by banns in Goytre – settlement

Francis Morgan carpenter, born Goytre, married Ann David of Goytre, one child Francis aged 1 month – settlement

16th December 1757
William Gwillim returned to Monkswood with his wife Ann and daughter Ann aged three years

January 1769
Ann Waters returned from Abergavenny to Goytre

Philip Griffith and Elizabeth his wife granted settlement in Goytre

1st February 1769
Thomas Leek, a poor boy, set apprentice to Robert Thomas, Usk, cordwainer

1st February 1772
John Leek born Trevethin, father Walter, late parish of Goytre

1774 – not dated
John Morgan, intruder

11th April 1774
Francis Valentine born Goytre about 30 years ago, gained settlement in his own right

David Mathews, intruder into the parish of Goytre, born Llanover, also William Mathews intruder, born in the parish of Llanthewy Vach

John Nicholas, Elizabeth his wife, children Hannah and Ann returned to Goytre

7th April 1780
David Evan, yeoman was removed from Goytre back to Llanvair Kilgeddin

3rd March 1781
Charles Leek, charcoal collier of Lisvane, father in the parish of Goytre

30th April 1781
David Valentine, intruder in the parish of Goytre, born Bettws Newith, living Monkswood allowed to settle in Goytre

22nd February 1785
Anthony Thomas and Elizabeth his wife, daughter Ann from Llanover – settlement

Elizabeth Valentine singlewoman, returned from Llantilio Pertholey to Goytre

22nd February 1792
Richard Lewis blacksmith, Mary his wife, children Richard 8, Margaret 6, John 4, Mary 4 months – settlement

14th March 1795
Mary Leek, a vagabond, allowed to settle in Goytre

John Davies, servant of Thomas Higgins Goytre – settlement

29th June 1816
Joseph Nait, a miner born in Malmesbury – no settlement in Goytre

23rd January 1817
William Phillips and his family were returned back to Mamhilad

20th August 1821
Richard Jeremiah to serve in the Militia: William Edwards have served in his place for £12

31st August 1822
Gwellian and Henry Jones living in Bwrgwm were examined as to their legal right to settle in Goytre. Made oath that their true christain names are Henry Lewis and Gwellian Jones, both above 21 years of age, both live in a house at a place called Bwrgwm and have done so for the past three months and upwards as occupiers thereof

5th January 1825
Rachel James removed from Trevethin and returned to Goytre

26th April 1825
George Averill late of Goytre Lodge, a pauper, was paid by the overseers of Goytre to stay in Abergavenny

1st June 1825
Elizabeth Yeo or Lee, with child, returned to her parish, Llanvair Kilgeddin from Goytre workhouse

John Nicklass from Dixon was apprenticed to Francis Morgan carpenter, Goytre

5th April 1826
Ann Bevan returned from Monkswood to Goytre, with child, the father Charles Davies of Monkswood

27th October 1829
Richard Jeremiah returned from Trevethin to Goytre

21st May 1832
Charlotte Bevan at 14 was hired to James Prosser at a wage of £3 per year – allowed to settle in the parish of Goytre

28th August 1834
Walter Jones, wife Sarah, children Henry 6, Mary 4, Sarah 2, returned from Goytre to Cwmdu

13th May 1835
William Jeremiah returned from the parish of Bewalty to Goytre

Harriet Philips and her two children, James 6 and Henry 3, wife of David who has absconded. Removed from Abergavenny to the parish of Goytre

Not dated
Gwellian Williams, illegal settlement in Llanellen. With child and returned to Goytre


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