1960 Free Press

February 5th – Mr A L Hawkins Goytre

The funeral of Mr Avon Lyndon Hawkins 67, of Penwern took place at St Peter’s Church Goytre.

The Rev. A L Davies officiated at the house and Church. The organist was Mr C W Merrick.

Mourners: Derek, son; Jim and Les sons-in-law; Harry and Fred, brothers-in-law; Titus and Sid, cousins.

At the house, Loving wife Nell, Clara and Great, daughters, Dora, sister, Iris daughter-in-law, Lyn, cousin.

Polly, Gladys, B Manville, grandchildren; Minnie, T Jenkins, A Jenkins, F Beer, Bill, Jarold, aunt Bess and Cath.

Bearers S Williams s Walton B Griffiths and L Hickman

Others present:

I Dobbs, A E Messenger, R Maisey, I Hopkins, Halterman, S Dundford, A Probert, H Cowles, F Hickman, D Morgan, J Roberts, P Jones, F Walters, P Carpenter and others.


Loving wife Nell, Derek Iris and children, Clara Jim and family; Greta Les and family; Jane and Lyndon.; Veronica; Pat and Maureen; Lorraine; Dora and Harry; Ethel and family; Tom, uncle Avon and family; Aubrey, Ursula and family; Minnie; Mrs Rowland’s Margaret and family; Melvyn Joyce and family; Margaret Frank and family; Aubrey, Ursula and family; Ted and Reece Jenkins; Monmouthshire County Council and workmates; Cordite (2) section ROF; village officers and committee; Walton and Miles; Sid Eileen and family; Mr Cleaver and Margaret; Mr and Mrs Holterman; Gloria, Peter, Mrs Watkins and family; Aunt Noble and family; Wilf, Ethel and family; Mrs Cook and Mrs Davies; Mrs Jenkins and Stan; Mrs G Evans; Peter Wyn and children; Mr and Mrs B Bishop; Mr and Mrs Griffiths; Mrs Frewin and family; Mr & Mrs I Dobbs; Ben & Joan Wilding; Mr & Mrs Strangemoor; Winvon (florist)

Funeral arrangements by James and Powell, Goytre.

February 19th – Pontnewydd Choir

The residents of Nantyderry home for the aged were entertained to a musical evening on Friday by the Pontnewydd Male voice party.

Under their conductor Mr Fred Williams the party provided a varied programme, which was much appreciated.

Guest artist for the evening was Mme Honour Mathews-Clayton.

Individual items were given by Mr Graham Davies (baritone) Mr W Green (pianist accordion) and Mr Cyril Price (recitations).

The accompanist was Mrs W Smith, ACTL Griffithstown, assisted by Mrs Webb.

The Matron of the home Mrs Northcote, proposed a vote of thanks to the party.

April 8th – Stole from his mother

For the theft of clothing and other articles, valued at £18 14s 10d from his mother, Eric John Frewin of Fernlea, Goytre was committed by Pontypool magistrates for sentence at the Quarter Sessions appeal committee.

He was interviewed by PC Robert Morgan after his mother, 70 year old Caroline Frewin had complained about the thefts.

Frewin said I have sold them, what can I say?, it has happened before. I cannot help myself. In a statement Frewin said I sold them for 25/-.

To the magistrates Frewin said “at each time this year I get this trouble”. He could not get work because of ill health.

Among previous convictions listed against Frewin and produced by Supt John Haines was one for larceny from his mother’s home.

On May 13th Eric John Frewin aged 32 was sent to prison for 12 months by Monmouthshire Quarter Sessions.

April 15th – Fire guts village hall at at Goytre

Fire on Monday night reduced Goytre village hall to a black hulk of twisted wreckage and deprived the villagers of their meeting point.

Smoke from a boiler house was the first signs of the fire and Mr Stanley Hayes, who first spotted it, raised the alarm.

Villagers soon rushed to see what could be done, but could only look on helplessly as flames fanned by a high wind soon reduced the building to a shell.

It was like a raging inferno said Mr Oswald Morgan headmaster of the local school who used the hall as a classroom. The children had left the hall about half an hour before the fire was seen.

Pieces of melting felt were dropping from the roof and burning holes in the floor said Mr Morgan who is chairman of the village hall committee.

When the fire service arrived they could do little as the fire had completely engulfed the building.

Equipment Destroyed

School equipment, including desks, chairs, cupboard and books and equipment belonging to other organisations such as the women’s institute , the young wives group, youth club, boy scouts, girl guides and brownies were destroyed.

The hall was built in 1947 by the national council of social service and the hall committee were in the process of purchasing it from them.

Mr Morgan said that despite their loss the villagers were determined to build another hall as soon as possible for they could not do without one.

The education authority in the meantime are to allow them the temporary use of the village school.

There is nothing to indicate the cause of the outbreak and the damage is estimated at several hundreds of pounds.

April 15th – Goytre Nr Pontypool

Occupying a delightful position enjoying magnificent views, 1.5 miles BNS , 4 Pontypool, 5 Usk, 6 Abergavenny and 12 Newport.

J Straker Chadwick & sons have received instructions to sell by private treaty the superior modern (built 1934) detached freehold residence Maesderwen

Standing in a neat easily maintained garden with sweeping pathways, lawn and rose gardens built of brick (rough cast) and roofed in red tile the accommodation affords,

triangular porch, hall with oak block floor, dining room, lounge 14ft 6” x 14ft with oak block floor, modern domestic offices including kitchen, pantry, cloakroom, laundry.

On the first floor from galleried landing with oak balustrade 3 large bedrooms, bathroom, independent WC the whole in immaculate condition, RV £30, garage main EL with numerous power points throughout . Main water and drainage

Vacant Possession.

April 29th – Goytre young people face up to adversity

Youngsters of goitre are showing a fine spirit of self-help in face of adversity

Their youth club having their village hall burnt down recently and they lost all their equipment in the fire. Now they are clearing the debris from the old hall which they hope to restore during the summer months to a condition which will permit them to resume their activities under cover.

The hall has a concrete base and three of the four walls are quite serviceable but one wall is badly damaged and of course there is no roof at present.

Mr P Carpenter of Bryn View Goytre who works in the furnishing department of the Abersychan and Pontypool co-operative society in Pontypool took over the leadership of the youth club about a year ago.

He told the Free Press there is a membership of between 40–50 people between the ages of 11 to 20 and we were going along very nicely until the fire which destroyed all our equipment.

But they are not lying down under misfortune and the boys and girls are prepared to work hard and contribute much of their pocket money to make the hall habitable again by the club.

Coats Off!

Working parties have laboured this week clearing up the debris. The repair of the damaged wall and re roofing are of course beyond us but we are all prepared to do everything possible to provide the club with a weatherproof home. We have tried without success to get alternative accommodation.

I think the boys and girls are showing the right spirit and deserve encouragement for there is no where else in the goitre district for them to spend their leisure time if anyone would like to help with money or in any other way their assistance would be appreciated.

Offers of help should be made to Mr Carpenter, Bryn View, Goytre.

May 13th – Goytre effort raises £65 for refugee fund

A successful sale of work and jumble sale was held at Goytre hall in aid of the world refugee year appeal.

It was originally planned to be held at Goytre village hall but after the disastrous fire which burnt out the hall Mrs Rees came to the rescue with the offer of her grounds at Goytre Hall.

All the organisations of the village took part, including the mothers union, women’s institute, youth clubs, brownies and wolf cubs. The sale was sponsored by the goitre branch of the young wives group, over £65 was raised.

Stallholders: Jumble; Mmes. H Frewin, W Owen, L Hickman, J Green, L price and S Litten.

New goods: Mmes; J Winnie, R Rouse and J Williams.

Cosmetics Mmes: J Kennedy, N Swinnerton, and P Whittingham.

Grocery: Mmes P Edwards, D Knight, A Lewis and B Bishop.

Cakes: Mme R Owen and J Thomas.

Bottle: goitre youth club.

Bran tub: goitre brownies.

Refreshments: Mmes G Jenkins, A Jenkins, C Frewin, J Maisey and P Price.

June 10th – Miss G M Owen Monkswood

The funeral of Miss Gwladys Maria Owen of the Nightingale Grove took place at St Peter’s Church Goitre.

The Rev A L Davies officiated at the house and church.

Mourners: Eddie, Bill and David, brothers; Annie and Win, sisters; Hilda, Phyllis and Glen, sisters in law; Ray and Ivor bros in law; Lydia, aunt; John David and Ron, nephews; Eileen, Reg, Ken, Laura, Jack and Harry, Ted and Don cousins;

Bearers: Messrs C Shepherdson, J Shepherdson, H Stinchcombe and A James.

Others present: J shepherdson, C Edwards, I Dobbs, I Hopkins, S Williams, Nurse Wilks, J Winstone, Mrs Winstone, T Edward, W James, R J Rosser.

Flowers: Eddie, Hilda and family; Bill, Phyllis and Graham; Win, Ivor, Ray and Geoffrey; Annie and Ray; David, Gen and Tim; aunts and uncles, Swansea; uncle Joe aunt Lydia, Eileen and boys.

Uncle Harry aunt Edie; Doreen Reg and Faily; Daphne and Douglas Watkins.

Marion David and Nigel, Llan farm.

Mr & Mrs I Hopkins and family.

Don Nancy and Philip Walnut tree.

Hilda and Arthur.

Laura Jack and Harry.

Ethel, John, Elaine ,Colin and Valerie.

Floss, Ivor and family.

Mr & Mrs Harvey Monkswood.

Plessy and Ivor.

From dear friends at hospital.

Funeral arrangements by James and Powell Goytre.

June 17th – Mr C W Merrick Goytre

The funeral of Mr Charles W Merrick (70) of Feltham, Newtown, Goitre took place at St Peter’s Church Goitre. The Rev A L Davies, rector Goitre officiated assisted by the Rev C Saralis, the curate of St Marys church Abergavenny.

Mr Merrick was, for 50 years the organist and choir master of St Peter’s church and latterly of St Mary’s church Abergavenny.

He was well known as a successful music teacher and many of his pupils were at his funeral. His witty and lively interest in music made him a popular choirmaster.


Wife Thea and daughter Brenda; Bill, Harry, brother-in-law, Ethel Farr, David and Ethel Wilks, Alfred Jackson, Gladys Jenkins, Harold and Mabel Wilks, cousins.

Mrs Draper and Mrs Dyke.

Bearers: Messrs I Dobbs, E Draper, D Price, J Williams.

Others present:

Mr M Harris, Mr & Mrs J Martin, J S Williams, E Messenger, W Owen, W Morgan, A Davies A Probert, Mr & Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Dibble, E Lewis, Mr Davies, E Morris, R Maisey, K Rosser, B Wilding, E Prosser, Mr & Mrs Whittingham, W Rouse, H Harding, S Williams, H Gwatkin, A Rosser, W Swinnerton, Mr & Mrs Lewis.

June 24th – Goitre parents petition

A petition from parents of pupils attending goitre primary school complaining about children having to eat meals off school desks and having to walk two miles in the rain to catch a bus so to attend Llanover school was presented at a meeting of the Pontypool group of primary school managers.

The petition also stated that the parents were worried that their children’s education was lacking because of time spent travelling between the two schools

Mr E Davies, clerk, replied, “the arrangements at Llanover are temporary. Pupils going to Llanover have already taken the 11 plus, all they are doing is really is marking time until September when they go to their next school. The statement that they walk two miles some days is not true,” he continued, “they catch a bus from Goitre to Llanover and do not have to walk any further than they did before.”

“There is no ground to build an annex to goitre school so the children can have a canteen,” said Mr Davies, “but I informed the cost of one decent classroom alone is £2000.”

The managers agreed to support the petition which is to be sent to the primary education committee and brought up when it meets on Wednesday.

July 1st – Parklands estate Goytre – picturesque country site 1.5 miles from the nylon spinners

For sale – and immediate erection –

Semi detached and detached freehold bungalows from £2,450 – £4000.

Plans and specification at Leonard D Morgan Ltd, Western Mail Chambers, 6a High St, Newport.

Representative on site Thursdays and Sundays 3pm – 7pm.

October 14th – Goytre in the 14th Century

Records dating back to the 14th Century were taken by Mr Baker, the Monmouthshire Archivist to a meeting of Goytre Women’s Institute.
Court records he said showed that Goytre, then known as Pellennie was reasonably law abiding in those far off days. The chief “crimes” appeared to have been in connection with straying goats. Another record showed that all the inhabitants of the parish were summoned for failing to maintain the highways in a good state of repair.

November 18th – Mrs A E Morgan, Goytre

The funeral of Mrs Ada Elizabeth Morgan aged 81 of the Gwynedd took place at Saron Church.


George, brother, Violet, Katy, Maud, Brenda, Iris, Ada, Vera, Mary, Gladys, Mary, Beryl and Stella, nieces.

Herbert, Dan, Ernie, Laurie, Michael, Arthur, David, Arwyn, Jim, nephews.

Cecil, Olive, Francis, Mabel and George.

Others present:

Mrs J Rogers, C Evans, John Powell, Mrs J James, Mr D Davies, Mr & Mrs Bottle, Mrs Wilks and Miss F Wilks, Mr & Mrs Lewis, Mrs Howell, R Morgan, J Litten, C Lewis, A Jacob, H Vimpany, C Jameson, E Morris, I Dobbs, T Taylor, A E Messenger, G Pritchard, D J Lewis, D Lewis, R Powell, Mr & Mrs Beeching, Mr & Mrs E Williams, Mr & Mrs W Essex, Mrs M Thomas, Mrs E Webb, Miss M Watts, Mmes Williams, Parry and Edwards.


Herbert and Violet, Dan, Rebecca and family, Maud, Bill and family, Ada, David, Hilda and Arwyn, Vera, Arthur and children, Frank and Brenda, Katie and family, Iris, Jim and sons, Leigh, Emily and family, Eric, Elsie and boys, Olive, Cecil Rosie and Jeff, Reg, Betty and children, William, Beryl and Lewis, Lorrie, Ethel and family, John Litten and Joyce, Reg and Berth, Rollingdean, Joyce and Jim, Mr & Mrs D Mathews, Bernard, Eileen and David, Mr & Mrs W Essex and Conway, Christine, Roger, Jill and Barbara, Frank, Martha and family, Members of Chapel Edd, A W Powles, Edith, Clare and Nancy, Arthur, Louise and Bill Evans, Mrs Court and Lou, All at the Croft, L & R J Rosser, Irene, Pat and Malcome, Joan, Arthur and Pamela, Mary Edwin and Elizabeth, Gewn, Chris and Elizabeth, Mr & Mrs J Rogers, Mr & Mrs Davies, Saron Cottage, Mr & Mrs I Dobbs, Mr & Mrs D Williams, All at Pentwyn, Members of Hanover W I.

Funeral arrangements James and Powell, Goytre.


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