Nantyderry School Log 1869 – 1874

1869 Goytrey National Mixed Boys and Girls  
Jan-26 Opened school with 26 children – Wm Franklin – weather very wet during the week  
Feb-01 Admitted 14 children  
Feb-02 Admitted 3 children – weather still very unfavourable  
Feb-08 Admitted 2 children – much rain and wind, many children absent in consequence  
Feb-15 Admitted 3 children – weather much improved  
Mar-01 Admitted 5 children  
Mar-02 Admitted 1 child  
Mar-03 Expelled Mary, Ellen, Annie and John Williams for insolent messages from their parents, also Sarah and Matilda Watkins for the same reason  
Mar-08 Miss E Mathews entered upon her duties as sewing mistress  
Mar-15 Days paid for sewing, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday  
Mar-17 Commenced drawing in the school  
Mar-18 Sewing class very well conducted  
Mar-19 Very wet, attendance only 33, weekly examination postponed in consequence  
Mar-22 Nothing of importance occurred today  
Mar-23 Drawing as usual  
Mar-24 Miss Mathews applied for permission to stay away on the following day  
Mar-25 Broke up school for the Easter holidays  
Apr-05 Recommenced school; attendance thin, probably from “potato setting”  
Apr-06 Nothing of importance took place today  
Apr-07 Sewing as usual  
Apr-08 Sewing as usual  
Apr-09 Examined children in scripture, found them rather deficient in their knowledge of the geography of Palestine  
Apr-11 Attendance still very thin  
Apr-12 Nothing of importance happened today  
Apr-13 Sewing mistress unwell stayed at home in consequence  
Apr-14 All as usual today  
Apr-15 All as usual today  
Apr-18 Attendance better today  
Apr-19 Nothing of importance took place  
Apr-20 Same as usual  
Apr-21 Same as usual  
Apr-22 Gave half holiday to have school cleaned  
Apr-26 Admitted no children  
Apr-27 Nothing of importance happened today  
Apr-28 Nothing of importance happened today  
Apr-29 Taught the children a new song  
Apr-30 Prepared for drawing examination which is to take place on May 5th  
May-03 Admitted 1 child  
May-04 Prepared for drawing examination  
May-05 Drawing examination. Rev Thomas Evans, rector of Goytrey and the Rev E Evans of Crickhowell attended as committee. 14 children presented  
May-06 Nothing of importance took place today  
May-07 Examined children in reading, writing, arithmetic and scripture  
May-10 Sewing mistress away through ill health. Attendance very fair  
May-11 Several children unwell  
May-12 Nothing of importance took place today  
May-13 Same as usual  
May-14 Examined the school  
May-17 Whit Monday, gave a holiday  
May-18 Admitted 3 children – attendance thin  
May-19 Nothing of importance took place today  
May-20 Weather very wet, prevented children attending  
May-21 Nothing of importance took place today  
May-24 Attendance slightly better, sewing as usual  
May-25 Recommenced drawing  
May-26 Sewing as usual  
May-27 Nothing of importance took place today  
May-28 Sewing as usual  
May-31 Sewing mistress away through illness  
Jun-01 Nothing of importance occurred today  
Jun-02 Missionary meeting took place in the schoolroom at 7pm  
Jun-03 Sewing as usual  
Jun-04 Nothing of importance as usual  
Jun-07 Admitted child, attendance very thin  
Jun-08 Drawing as usual  
Jun-09 Nothing of importance took place today  
Jun-10 Nothing of importance took place today  
Jun-11 Examined the children in reading, writing and arithmetic  
Jun-14 Admitted 7 children  
Jun-15 Several children kept at home working  
Jun-16 Last row of desks, obliged to break the desks open  
Jun-17 Nothing of importance took place today  
Jun-18 Examined the children as usual  
Jun-21 Admitted no children  
Jun-22 No children ill at home  
Jun-23 Nothing of importance took place today  
Jun-24 Nothing of importance took place today  
Jun-25 Examined the children as usual  
Jun-28 Sewing mistress applied for leave during next week  
Jun-29 Nothing of importance happened today  
Jun-30 Nothing of importance happened today  
Jul-01 Children at home haymaking  
Jul-02 Examination put off until next week  
Jul-05 Sewing mistress came as usual as her visit to friends put off till next week  
Jul-06 Nothing of importance took place today  
Jul-07 Nothing of importance took place today  
Jul-08 Nothing of importance took place today  
Jul-09 Examined the children  
Jul-12 Attendance on the first day thin, one girl with inflammation of the lungs, sewing mistress still in attendance, visit put off another week  
Jul-13 Nothing of importance took place today  
Jul-14 Nothing of importance took place today  
Jul-15 Nothing of importance took place today  
Jul-16 Examined the pupils today by myself  
Jul-19 School treat announced for Friday, sewing mistress still at school  
Jul-20 Nothing of importance took place today  
Jul-21 Full school this week  
Jul-22 Nothing of importance took place today  
Jul-23 School treat took place on the lawn of the rectory, numbers present including Sunday school scholars, 86  
Jul-26 Sewing mistress away for the week  
Jul-27 Nothing of importance took place today  
Jul-28 Nothing of importance took place today  
Jul-29 Examined the children  
Jul-30 Attendance low on account of the treat of the British school taking place today. Breaking up for the summer vacation, 4 weeks  
Jul-31 School thin  
Sep-01 Sewing as usual  
Sep-02 Nothing of importance, no sewing  
Sep-03 Nothing of importance today  
Sep-06 Attendance still thin, sewing mistress absent through ill-health, school visited in afternoon by Mrs Bernard and her sister  
Sep-07 Sewing mistress attended instead of the previous day  
Sep-08 Sewing as usual  
Sep-09 Five boys late through going into the wood to gather nuts, cautioned them not to go as far again at dinner time  
Sep-10 Examined the children, arithmetic not good altogether In the second class  
Sep-13 Weather extremely wet and boisterous, very thin attendance and no sewing in consequence, window blown in Friday evening  
Sep-14 Weather slightly improved, sewing as usual  
Sep-16 Sewing as usual  
Sep-17 Examined the children, arithmetic not up to the mark, scripture deficient  
Sep-20 Better attendance owing to improved state of the weather, a few away picking nuts, admitted no boys, sewing as usual  
Sep-21 Nothing of importance today  
Sep-22 Sewing as usual, children rather noisy during sewing  
Sep-23 Sewing mistress absent  
Sep-24 Examined the children, slight improvement in the subjects mentioned on the 17th  
Sep-27 Several children present for the first time since the harvest vacation, sewing as usual  
Sep-28 Children rather noisy in school  
Sep-29 No sewing  
Sep-30 No sewing  
Oct-01 Examined the school, scripture much improved, arithmetic defective among the girls  
Oct-04 Sewing as usual, mistress being unwell last week  
Oct-05 Taught a new song to the children  
Oct-06 Sewing as usual, school very dirty for some time past on account of a small stream of water in the playground  
Oct-07 Sewing as usual, girls rather noisy  
Oct-08 No sewing, the sewing mistress away on business  
Oct-11 Nothing of importance took place today  
Oct-13 Sewing girls noisy  
Oct-14 Girls quieter during sewing as I kept out the noisiest  
Oct-15 Examined the children, progress in arithmetic since last Friday, not sound in the second class, the first class did well in that subject  
Oct-18 Sewing as usual, placed children in standards 1, 2 and 3  
Oct-19 Save geography lesson to the first class, not able to give a good idea of the world surface as there is only a map of Europe  
Oct-20 Sewing as usual, requested they must prepare for the examination  
Oct-21 Sewing as usual  
Oct-22 Examined the children in standards 1,2 & 3, not up to the mark  
Oct-25 Sewing as usual, prepared children for examination  
Oct-26 Nothing of importance happened today  
Oct-27 Sewing as usual  
Oct-28 Sewing as usual  
Oct-29 Examined the school in standards 1 & 2  
Nov-01 The inspection deferred until the time originally specified; viz June 1870, no sewing as usual the mistress suffering from severe cold  
Nov-02 Nothing of importance happened today  
Nov-03 No sewing the mistress still being too ill to attend  
Nov-04 The master suffering from sore throat unable to attend to his duties properly  
Nov-05 Tithes collected in the school house; the master still suffering from cold  
Nov-08 No sewing  
Nov-09 Mistress came today  
Nov-10 Sewing as usual, master still suffering from severe cold  
Nov-11 Sewing as usual  
Nov-12 Resigned charge of the school – Wm Franklin  
Nov-15 Mon: opened school today with 41 children: George Thomas Bright: Admitted Charles Rosser Pengroesoped  
Nov-16 Attendance this morning 44, girls sewing this afternoon as usual from 2.30-4  
Nov-17 Small attendance owing to the treat at Llanover  
Nov-18 Attendance 44; examined the first two classes in ready, writing, catechism and geography  
Nov-19 Attendance 45 this afternoon, taught the first class reduction  
Nov-22 Tues: Annie Bevan wrote very badly this morning at the commencement of her copybook  
Nov-23 Attendance 46 this morning, girls very noisy for which they were reproved before the whole school  
Nov-24 Examined the first two classes in scripture from the creation to the flood  
Nov-25 Examined the children in scripture, ready, writing, arithmetic, dictation and catechism today, the life of Abraham principal topic  
Nov-26 No sewing, the mistress having gone to Crumlin, attendance 44  
Nov-29 Sewing mistress came to day  
Nov-30 Mrs Evans visited the school this afternoon  
Dec-01 The attendance today rather low owing probably to the slippery weather  
Dec-02 attendance small, examined the children in arithmetic, taking the whole together the 2nd class results were better than the first class, in the first class the girls were better than the boys  
Dec-03 sewing as usual, attendance 42 in the afternoon  
Dec-06 Expelled Annie Bevan for her determined disobedience and insolent language to the master  
Dec-07 Having seen Mrs Bevan, I received Annie on certain conditions with her respect to her behaviour  
Dec-08 Sewing as usual, attendance same as the 6th  
Dec-09 Examined the boys and girls of the upper classes, dictation and arithmetic in the first class very much better than the 2nd class, required considerable improvement in both subjects, catechism is but fair in the first class, reading slightly improved  
Dec-10 Sewing mistress absent today and weather being exceedingly rough attendance rather thin  
Dec-13 Nothing particular to record today  
Dec-14 Sewing as usual  
Dec-15 Sewing mistress absent today, weather exceedingly boisterous, attendance rather thin  
Dec-16 Sewing mistress came today instead of yesterday which interfered with our usual Friday examination, the 1st class on the whole was pretty fair, arithmetic in both classes require improvement, especially the 2nd class girls  
Dec-17 Sewing as usual  
Dec-20 Nothing particular to record today  
Dec-21 Sewing as usual  
Dec-22 Closed the school today for Christmas holiday, Christmas holiday 1 week  
1870 Resumed school duties, attendance only 18, sewing as usual in the afternoon  
Jan-03 Gave the 1st and 2nd class a few general questions in geography this afternoon, attendance in morning 24  
Jan-04 Sewing as usual attendance 25  
Jan-05 Corrected some of the 2nd class boys and girls for playing on the road and consequently were late  
Jan-06 Examined the children in scripture and elementary subjects  
Jan-07 Sewing as usual attendance 28  
Jan-10 Gave 1st and 2nd class exercise in dictation and spelling words pronounced alike but spelt differently, introduced a letter writing form  
Jan-11 Attendance 27, sewing as usual taught 1st class the rule of practise  
Jan-12 Examined the children as usual on Friday, dictation and reading pretty fair on the whole, arithmetic in the 1st and 2nd class needs improvement  
Jan-14 Sewing as usual, admitted 2 children  
Jan-17 Attendance 34 today, cautioned about late coming  
Jan-18 Sewing as usual from 2.30 – 4  
Jan-19 The Rev T Evans, rector of Goytrey and Mrs Evans visited the school this morning. Rev T Evans examined the children in writing and arithmetic, recommended the cip learning books  
Jan-20 Examined the children as usual, the dictation much more careful done in the 2nd class, arithmetic still falls very short of the mark  
Jan-21 Admitted 3 children today, cip learning books in 1st and 2nd class  
Jan-24 The 1st class, CIP learning books from 10.15 to 11 then from 11.15 – 12 second class  
Jan-25 Attendance 36  
Jan-26 Sewing as usual  
Jan-27 The regular examination was not carried out as the weather was very cold and also gave notice to the children about the school free from Monday January 31st  
Jan-28 Children admitted free today  
Jan-31 Fri: 6 boys stayed away from school without leave viz: Joseph + Oliver Charles: John Morgan: John Harris: James Jones: Charles Rosser  
Feb-18 Admitted 6 children today: reproved John Morgan, James Jones + Charles Rosser for staying away last Friday: The remaining 3 mentioned did not come today  
Feb-21 Admitted 2 today: attendance 53: Catherine Meade and her 2 sisters left, the distance being so far as they lived in Monkswood parish  
Feb-22 Joseph + Oliver Charles cautioned today about truant playing the 2nd time  
Feb-24 Admitted Frank and Reece Prosser  
Mar-28 Admitted Emily + John Deakin  
Mar-29 Admitted Sarah, Annie + Emily Watkins  
Apr-04 Admitted John + Mary Morris  
May-09 Mathew and John Heath played truant today  
May-10 John and Mathew Heath played truant 2nd time  
Jun-29 Anne Morgans mother used insulting language because the girl was confined yesterday for bad behaviour and used several threats  
Jul-14 Rebecca Phillips who was reprimanded for having told many falsehoods absented herself this afternoon and went home  
Jul-21 Rebecca Phillips was sent by her parents to school this morning  
Jul-26 attendance 22: sewing mistress absent it being very wet: admitted Annie Griffin  
Sep-05 Margaret Rosser, James Jones and John Evans not in school today  
Sep-08 admitted Wm Evans in 3rd class  
Oct-04 Fri: att. 14: two boys, John + Wm Morris came at 10.35 after the register was marked: Rev Thos Evans visited  
Oct-14 Admitted Ruth Phillips  
Oct-17 Eliza Evans, Ruth Phillips and Matilda Mathews reproved for loud laughing during masters absence for 2 minutes  
Nov-17 Reproved the boys and girls for their disorderly conduct yesterday evening and especially Elizabeth Bevan for not telling  
Jan-25 nothing particular to record today  
Feb-04 attendance low all the week, sewing attended as usual  
Feb-08 attendance a little larger  
Feb-11 School visited by Mrs Evans and two others  
Feb-18 Ladies one afternoon this week, Mrs E heard the children spell and work as well  
Feb-22 Sewing mistress absent and about to resign her duties on about it being inconvenient to attended to the sewing  
Oct-01 Revision of back work  
Oct-06 Two girls admitted this morning  
Oct-09 Several children absent on account of potato gathering  
Oct-10 Gave a grammar lesson  
Oct-12 Gave another grammar lesson, a specimen of easy parsing  
Oct-15 Spelling lessons arranged alphabetically with meaning attached  
Oct-16 Attendance 19 today  
Oct-17 Examination in the elementary subjects  
Nov-03 Rev T Evans visited the school  
Nov-10 Revision of the book work in arithmetic  
Nov-17 Same as usual  
Nov-24 Attendance low throughout the week  
Dec-01 General examination in each subject  
Dec-08 Sewing as usual three times in the week  
Dec-15 Break up for Christmas vacation  
Dec-21 School commenced this week  
Jan-12 Little improvement in attendance
Jan-19 Examination in each subject  
Jan-26 Sewing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday  
Feb-02 Revision of the book work in arithmetic  
Feb-09 Attendance very low  
Mar-01 Resigned my office today – George Thomas Bright  
Mar-22 School re-opened today with 33 children – Richard Henry Darlington  
Apr-08 Found the school in a very backward state and discipline almost unknown. Announced to the children that I shall call on each of their parents in the course of the week.  
  I find that little can be done this week, owing to the want of books, etc.  
Apr-09 Miss Bowen takes the children in sewing in the afternoons. Gave a lesson on the climate to the boys in the first class.  
Apr-10 About the same attendance. Caution the children about coming late, Miss Bowen takes sewing  
Apr-11 Examine the writing in copy books of the first class, the average for this week has been very good  
Apr-12 Admitted three children this morning, Miss Bowen takes sewing in the afternoon  
Apr-15 Attendance still continues very fair  
Apr-16 Ditto  
Apr-17 Francis Prosser ran home after being kept behind the other boys  
Apr-19 Very wet, attendance consequently low, made example of Francis Prosser for running home on Friday  
Apr-22 Same unfavourable weather and attendance is rather low  
Apr-24 Gave a half holiday, Mr Bright the previous master having come back to assist to put the registers straight and only being able to stay one day  
Apr-26 Admitted 5 children  
Apr-29 Admitted one child  
May-06 Engaged the children actively in the preparation of home lessons this week  
May-10 The school is steadily increasing and the average is very good  
May-16 Looked over the home lesson books and find that they are improving very much. I offer to buy the most creditably worked books when finished  
May-23 Half-holiday, the Rector having paid for the children to attend a tea-party in the neighbourhood  
May-30 Receive notice of the inspectors visit  
May-31 Admitted one child  
Jun-03 Gave a holiday, the school having wanted by a person who collects the land tithes  
Jun-04 Admitted two fresh boys  
Jun-10 Fresh desk for master and boys arrived, the average is remarkably fair – home lesson work proceeds nicely and several of the books are worked so carefully that I keep them by me as patterns for more careless children  
Jun-13 Examination – gave a holiday  
Jun-19 School not so full, hay harvest commencing  
Jun-24 Average for the week – 46, very fair considering the season  
Jun-28 Admitted 5 children  
Jul-01 School has been very low during the week owing to the hay harvest  
Jul-05 School still continues rather low – raining  
Jul-11 Admitted one child  
Jul-15 Broke up for five weeks  
Jul-19 Re-opened school – attendance very low on account of the harvest not being finished  
Aug-26 Attendance rather better than in the preceding week, admitted five children  
Sep-02 Called at the houses of several of the children, many have been absent on account of the weather, received the following report from H.M. Inspector of school  
Sep-06 “There is no special instruction in Form and Colour or on objects for the Infants: but a little gallery has been erected for them. Under the standards only eight children had attended the full number of times. Discipline is satisfactory, needlework creditable. Excellent new desks have been put up, new hat pegs supplied and a ventilator. In the wall to separate the approach to the offices, the opening should be closed by a door to be kept locked. No approved copy of a time-table was hanging up in the room.” More maps and Apparatus must be provided without delay.  
  Attendance continues rather low, admitted one child  
Sep-09 School very full this morning  
Sep-16 The average has been over 50 for this week  
Sep-20 Histories arrived for the boys and objects for the infants  
Sep-23 Very rough day – attendance consequently low  
Sep-27 A new school opens in an adjoining parish on 2nd October and several of the children leave this school on account of the distance  
Sep-30 Rather low school today, commence taking history as one of the special subjects  
Oct-07 Commence taking geography as another extra subject  
Oct-14 Speak to the Rector concerning the maps. The Rector orders a map of europe and another of the British Isles  
Oct-18 The average has not been very high for this week. I find that the 4th 5th and 6th standards especially are progressing fairly  
Oct-26 Weather still continues very unfavourably  
Oct-29 Admitted 4 children  
Nov-04 Commence finding copybooks, pen/pencil etc., for the children  
Nov-07 Admitted 4 children – one of the girls leaves the school on account of the distance, she being lame  
Nov-11 Admitted 7 children  
Nov-17 Very wet day – only 32 children present. Send a note after Jane Jones who has been absent for some time  
Nov-25 The average for the week rather low owing to the weather  
Nov-29 Francis Prosser and William Scammels were punished severely for stealing 6d off a little boy. I then refused to receive them into the school again until they brought 3d each. I gave half-holiday in the evening, the school being occupied by the tithes collector  
Dec-03 Francis Prosser came without the 3d and I therefore sent him home again.  
Dec-04 Francis Prosser again comes to school without bringing the 3d with him and is again sent home. William Scammel is admitted into school again after paying his share of the plunder.  
Dec-10 Rev Evans calls and examines the first class in history  
Dec-16 Rev Evans again calls and takes the first class in the geography of North America  
Dec-17 Brake up for the Christmas holidays  
Dec-20 School opens, attendance rather low  
Jan-06 Average for the week about 41  
Jan-11 Very wet day attendance very fair notwithstanding  
Jan-13 Admitted one boy, attendance very low  
Jan-20 Obliged to give a holiday owing to the school being decked for a concert  
Jan-23 Gave notice of my intention to leave  
Jan-24 Attendance very low owing to the weather, snow having fallen  
Jan-30 Heavy fall of snow – the attendance has not been so low for the past 10 months  
Feb-03 Ditto  
Feb-07 Sewing mistress absent  
Feb-10 School full this day – the weather fine  
Feb-17 Average for the week, very fair  
Feb-21 Little work done this week owing to the school being very low  
Feb-28 Started the 4th standard in short division (weights and measures) sent word that if William Morris did not attend more regularly I should strike his name off the register  
Mar-03 Examined the 4th standard in long division and found them rather deficient  
Mar-10 Average attendance. The infants between 6-7 years of age have been taught simple addition  
Mar-14 Attendance not taken today owing to the small number present  
Mar-17 Weather still unfavourable and attendance low  
Mar-24 Kept about 20 children in for being late – gave them to understand that I should use corporal punishment if they were late next day  
Mar-26 Examined 1st and 2nd classes in mental arithmetic, result not satisfactory, I find that the children are beginning to stay at home with various excuses which are considered satisfactory at this time of the year such as setting potatoes. I have of late given up extra subjects the rector would prefer the ordinary subjects being attended to as this was against my wish as they are all well grounded in those subjects and have ample time for extra ones  
Apr-02 Gave notice of a holiday on the morrow, also Easter Monday  
Apr-10 Sent after 4 boys (brothers) to ask the reason of their absence. Each was engaged in farm work  
Apr-15 Admitted Elizabeth Heath, several of the children absent last week are present today  
Apr-21 Resigned charge of the school – Richard Henry Darlington  
Apr-24 Commenced my duties as master of this school today with only so few few in attendance at the commencement. I suppose my having taken charge at the end of the week has had some effect upon this, there were but 20 children in school at prayers, 9 girls, 11 boys. Alfred Fabian  
Apr-25 Monday commenced with rather better attendance this morning, 15 boys in the standards and 16 infants. I hope that these numbers will be increased very shortly, 36 were present in the afternoon. Received notice that the examinations would not take place until November.  
Apr 28th I think the examination having been put off until November will have but little effect upon the school either way. I find boys and girls are inclined to be disobedient and they do not seem to understand any other system of order than that produced by means of the rod and to this I shall be compelled to resort! I never had so much trouble in making children understand that when I say I will have no talking or playing that I actually mean this.  
Apr-29 To speak to the Rector concerning giving away quarterly prizes to those who excel in the home lessons as I think it may be an inducement for home lessons. Mrs Evans called in the afternoon with Mrs Barnard from Bristol. She expressed herself as particularly pleased with the order of the school  
Apr-30 Beautiful day but a very small attendance, many children are required by their parents for home work. In no place is the compulsory attendance act more needed than in this neighbourhood. But a very few girls in the afternoon. Children more than ever troublesome today  
May-01 Several girls absent  
May-02 A very wet day, as a consequence a very few children in attendance, only 11 were present, no sewing as the mistress did not come, gardening is still in full operation and this no doubt causes the slack numbers to a great extent.  
May-05 A rather better attendance today again especially in the lower classes. See April 2nd where it appears the late master Mr Darlington has made an entirely erroneous statement. The Rector gave no intimation whatsoever that extra subjects should be discontinued, it has always been his wish that the boys should be brought forward in these subjects, in short Mr Darlington’s statement is untrue, Thomas Evans, Rector.  
May-07 No better attendance today  
May-08 A very poor attendance today, several children having put in an appearance who have been absent for the three or four weeks. Admitted Clara and John Pritchard aged 9 and 7  
May-12 No schooling in the afternoon as the room required preparation for a concert which was given by the church choir. The attendance still keeps very irregular, caused, I presume by the parents requiring assistance of their children in garden at this time of the year  
May-15 Their knowledge of geography is barely superficial  
May-16 Admitted Maretta Griffiths aged 10 years and re-admitted John Deakin after considerable time absent, many children came late. There were 20 children in the lower classes this morning, this is the highest attendance for a Monday morning  
May-19 Admitted Rose Pritchard aged 13, this is the first time she has attended school and she is deplorably ignorant  
May-20 Children attended the Nantyderry picnic party today having been kindly treated to the same through the liberty of the Rector and his Lady  
May-22 Re-admitted Wm Williams to the 2nd class after a lengthened absence and admitted Sydney Hammonds to the infants class  
May-26 A showery day and reduced attendance as a consequence. The weather is unusually severe for the time of year  
May-27 First and second class wrote some songs in their exercise books for learning at home prior to singing the same at the school. John Waite punished for sticking pins into Joseph Hook. Mrs Price called concerning conduct of same John Waite  
May-28 Whit Monday, no holiday as the school will be required on Wednesday by the person who collects the tithes. Sent some specimens of the boys drawings to the Rector for mrs Evans to decide which was the best as I promised one who did the best work that I would give him a prize  
Jun-02 Admitted Thomas and Josiah Lewis to the 3rd class, neither of the lads know their age. A very wet morning, raining in torrents, only 28 present  
Jun-03 No schooling in the afternoon,  
Jun-05 This weeks attendance has been the most irregular that has occurred since I took charge of the school. Spoke to the Rector concerning the bad conduct of the Waites  
Jun-06 Admitted Lewis Lewis and John Havard  
Jun-09 Several children away but satisfactory reasons  
Jun-10 The Rector called and examined the children, there were only 30 present  
Jun-12 Monday, several children again absent, some are engaged in farm work  
Jun-16 The Rector called again the in morning  
Jun-18 Very wet day and a low attendance, only 17 in the morning  
Jun-19 Admitted Annie Rosser aged 8 & 9 and Rachel Rosser aged 6 years. The first class nearly empty, only two present in the morning. Joseph Charles and George Jones are absent, engaged in farm work  
Jun-23 Charles Rosser returned this morning after being absent about three or four weeks, engaged in garden work, Joseph Charles also returned. Wet morning only 11 at prayers  
Jun-24 Complaints have been made that the boys have been robbing the Railway station master of his strawberries from his garden. I warned the boys of the same and I only hope the station master will take the law into his own hands  
Jun-25 This weeks average is in excess of last weeks. Haymaking has now commenced  
Jun-27 Commenced with a fair attendance there being 33 present in the morning  
Jun-30 Examination on paper as usual this morning, I have noticed a marked improvement for some weeks past, Joseph Charles especially doing his work in a most creditable manner.  
Jul-01 Commenced this week with an attendance of 12, no scholar present in the first class and only 4 in the second. I presume this fine day has caused the parents to keep their eldest children at home gathering in the hay  
Jul-07 Attendance improving in fast in 1st and 2nd, there were 15 in those classes today as compared with 4 last Monday, one girl Anne Williams has left having to go to the school of the parish she is living in, her parents living at Bettws  
Jul-14 All the 1st class boys are again absent taking advantage, I presume of the few fine days helping their parents carry their hay crops, only 22 attendance today  
Jul-17 Commenced harvest holidays. This weeks attendance has been very low, from 24th July to Sept 1st harvest holidays  
Jul-24 Commenced school after 5 weeks holiday with an attendance of only 12. The harvest is not half over as the weather has been so unfavourable for the same  
Sep-01 Better attendance today, 30 present, many however still away and harvest far from finished owing to the wet and unfavourable state of the weather  
Sep-08 Mrs Evans has now fixed the annual school treat for Thursday next, Sept 11th. Admitted Arthur James aged 8.9, probably drawn hither by report of school treat  
Sep-09 Annual school treat at Nantyderry, 50 children present  
Sep-11 A few children returned from harvest work, many however still absent  
Sep-15 We have again commenced sewing with the girls during this week, the first time since the holidays as so many have been absent  
Sep-19 Admitted two children, Fanny Lawrence aged 8 and Edward Lawrence aged 5.3  
Sep-22 Abergavenny pleasure fair taking place today causes many absentees  
Sep-25 This week’s attendance better than that of last week  
Sep-26 James Rosser returned today after being absent 9 weeks, Francis Prosser also returned  
Sep-29 Slight improvement in attendance, suffering from a bad face and eye and as a consequence unable to properly attend to the school works  
Oct-06 Yesterday and today being wet attendance very thin, there were only 7 in the lower class out of an average of 22  
Oct-10 Charles Jones, Wm Price, Josiah Lewis & Thomas Lewis returned today after an absence of 9 or 10 weeks. Admitted George James aged 6 years and 4 months  
Oct-13 Attendance slowly improving as one or two old scholars return.  
Oct-20 John Jones, after an absence of 3 months returned to school again today  
Oct-27 Severe frosts having occurred during the past week I presume have caused the attendance to be much lower during the same  
28/10/29 Many children absent today, very wet. John Jones again gone to work. Spoke to children about their irregular attendance, sent notes to most of parents of same  
Oct-30 Expelled Susan and William Scammel for bringing a very insolent message from their mother. These children receive perhaps more kindness than any other of the school children and this the result  
Nov-04 Very bad attendance again today  
Nov-06 Admitted Thomas John and John Thomas Reed aged 6.8 and 5.4 respectively from the British School. Finding the children to be most backward in their arithmetic  
Nov-10 Weekly average a little better. Children still away apple picking, four of one family and three of another so employed  
Nov-15 No school today, the person who collects the tithes requires the school room  
Nov-19 Admitted John Lewis aged 10 years and Thomas Pardoe aged 8 years  
Nov-24 John Pardoe was admitted this morning. Received notice from the parents of Josiah and Thomas Lewis that the children will be unable to attend the school during the winter months as they have to come from the mountain side, a distance of quite 3 miles. Nothing preventing they will attend again in the spring. The parents of Rachel Prosser made a complaint against John Jones of pushing the former child down on their way from school on Friday evening last  
Dec-01 School inspected today by Mr Waddington Esq., and his assistant Mr Meggs, number present 51, presented for examination, 37, the children seem to pass a very fair examination  
Dec-02 I gave notice yesterday that the “Act regulating the attendance of children in agricultural districts will come into force next month and it will be strictly enforced.”  
Dec-05 Susan Scammel returned to school after being expelled from the same  
Dec-08 A very cold day and many children absent. Commenced teaching geography again as an extra subject  
Dec-18 The attendance still keep very fair  
Dec-15 Commenced holidays for Christmas on Friday last  
Dec-22 Commenced school after Christmas holidays with very poor attendance, sickness being very general amongst the children of the parish, not any attendance marked as a consequence  
Jan-12 A slightly better attendance but many still absent  
Jan-19 The children did drawing today  
Jan-26 The average for the week is much better but the amount of sickness is still large  
Jan-30 The Griffiths children returned to school again today having been absent since Christmas  
Feb-02 School was conducted by Mrs Fabian for two hours today  
Feb-03 A few other absentees returned today, Oliver Charles amongst them  
Feb-09 Children came in at 1.30 and left at 3.30 in order to prepare the room or a concert in the evening  
Feb-16 This weeks average much better  
Feb-20 Commenced with an attendance of 10 in the 1st class and in the second the highest numbers in these classes since Christmas. Many infants still absent owing to sickness  
Feb-23 Children came more regularly than usual  
Feb-27 The report of HMI came today this is a copy: Reading and spelling very fair except in the 1st standard. Arithmetic is imperfect throughout the school. The infants are fairly taught in the elements of reading, writing and numbers but scarcely of form and colours.  
Mar-03 Gave the children a small prize for drawing. C Jones and O Charles obtained it Finish full article
Mar-31 Commenced Easter holidays of 1 week today  
Apr-02 Paper examination as usual today in the upper class  
Apr-17 I had concern to speak to the children today concerning their pence  
Apr-20 Gave an extra half hour to examinate today as the attendance was better  
Apr-24 Drawing today I gave one who did the best a small prize. H Mathew gained it  
Apr-30 Attendance rather low again, especially in the lower classes  
May-04 The Rector and Mrs Evans called this morning, I gave them a list of absentees  
May-07 The Rector gave notice to parents of the children concerning irregular attendance, this was given out before sermon yesterday and the result was 8 absentees returned this morning  
May-11 Pence very badly brought by the scholars  
May-25 Holiday for the Whitsun week  
May-29 Highest attendance today for a long period  
Jun-01 The room was required by the tithes collector  
Jun-02 No attendance made as the children were treated to the annual picnic at Nantyderry Station  
Jun-04 Everything as usual as regards school but pence was badly brought  
Jun-08 Examination on paper today, arithmetic shows an improvement  
Jun-12 During this week the attendance has been more regular and notwithstanding the splendid weather we are having for the haymaking the attendance on the whole was very fair  
Jun-19 The Rector called yesterday and examined the writing of the children  
Jun-26 The attendance for this week was much lower than last as haymaking and much picking are engaging the children  
Jul-03 The Rector called this morning, there were very few in attendance today as quite half the children were engaged in fruit picking for tomorrow’s market  
Jul-10 The state of the weather which causes so many absentees and which will cause a very early corn harvest thus bringing the hat and corn harvest together, will, I think necessitate our having our harvest holidays earlier than last year and I think we shall be compelled to commence this week. I also have been compelled to give up singing for arithmetic  
Jul-13 Commenced school today after 6 weeks harvest holiday – very poor attendance. The school treat is fixed for Thursday week next, Sept 3rd 1874  
Aug-24 Rector called in the morning  
Aug-26 Rector called and examined copy books. Attendance still keeps small as the harvest is not yet over, Charles Jones returned today  
Sep-01 Today the children had the annual school treat at Nantyderry. It was a very wet day and only about 20 children came and a very few parents, so those that came had tea and were told to come again on Monday  
Sep-03 Today the children again met and though towards evening it rained slightly yet not sufficient to mar the sports which were concluded with friends  
Sep-07 Today we commenced with a better attendance for a Monday, than for a long time past  
Sep-11 The paper examination was a trifle better this morning  
Sep-18 I have given up drawing until after the examination as the children are so often engaged in garden work &c that it is more than I can manage to keep them up to the ordinary subjects of reading, writing and arithmetic  
Sep-25 Several absentees sent after today, the old tale returned, must help in garden  
Sep-28 Find a slight improvement in the 2nd standard especially in their taking down numbers. Reece Prosser in particular has much improved  
Oct-02 Only 6 brought as priced this morning  
Oct-05 I gave the children an extra half hour in music this afternoon as I have been compelled during this past week or two to depart slightly from the timetable in order to work up those who have been irregular in their attendance  
Oct-09 The usual school work during the past week. Fair attendance  
Oct-16 John Williams, an old scholar, has returned to the school after an absence of 10 months at Llanover school  
Oct-23 Paper examination was omitted today and the children had an extra half hour in singing in the afternoon  
Oct-30 Received notice of the intended visit of H M Inspector for Friday Nov 13th at 9.30  
Nov-02 Paper examination omitted today, also copy book writing  
Nov-06 The Rector called in the morning and informed the master that H M Inspector visit was altered from Friday Nov 13th to Thursday Nov 12th at 2.30. Attendance slightly better  
Nov-09 Today the school was inspected by H Waddington Esq., inspector of schools for the district and his assistant Mr Meggs: 33 were present, several were away owing to sickness  
Nov-12 The weekly average is improving but many are still attending very irregularly  
Nov-20 Wm Price went home from the playground this morning owing to some dispute with another boy. A more quarrelsome set of children it has never been my lot to have in any school than the children of this parish. The children bid fair to keep up the reputation of the parish in that respect – when the said Wm Price returns I shall certainly give him a slight remembrance of his return journey  
Nov-23 Wm Price returned and had his remembrance. Lewis Lewis returned after an absence of several weeks  
Nov-24 A heavy fall of snow having occurred in the night only 3 children came to school in the morning so I did not commence school until 10.15 as it was not worthwhile making the registers for so small numbers of children  
Nov-26 Commenced this morning with a number of children  
Dec-03 No examination on paper today  
Dec-06 The usual school work was done this week, the attendance, being for the time of the year very good  
Dec-11 Pence badly brought. The price being so low there should be no difficulty in the matter  
Dec-14 A heavy fall of snow having taken place during the night, covering the ground to the depth of 5 or 6 inches, there was no schooling as only 2 came  
Dec-16 Snow still deep and consequently broke up for Christmas holidays  
Dec-17 Commenced school today after three weeks holidays caused by very severe weather. A very few children were in attendance  
Jan-11 This week there was a better attendance, 21 having put in an appearance at prayer time
Jan-18 Rev T Evans called this morning and examined the children in reading and writing  
Jan-19 Paper examination this morning, very fairly done  
Jan-22 Yesterday was a very wet day, to that but a few came  
Jan-26 Only 7 children were present at prayers this morning, the worst attendance for a very long time and considering it was a very fine morning I thought to have mentioned that on this day last wee. The Rector received a communication from the committee of Council on Education  
Jan-28 Rector called this morning and examined the children in arithmetic complete letter
Feb-01 Wm Morris returned this morning after an absence of several weeks, many children are still away however and their parents seem to take no notice of the notes I sen requesting the attendance of the children. Spoke to the rector about leaving this school as the salary is not sufficient  
Feb-02 There was about the usual Monday attendance today, we did not have our annual paper examination on Friday as there was no foolscap paper at hand  
Feb-08 Attendance very irregular, cold weather again setting in, it has been the cause I propose. I shall this week depart a little from the time table as regards secular subjects  
Feb-10 Half holiday on account of a concert in the school room which requires cleaning. Attendance very slack again  
Feb-15 Mr Pape called concerning the re-admission of his son Henry who has been absent since I commenced my duties here having left with the late master. He is to come as a commercial class boy  
Feb-16 Snow again upon the ground and as a consequence a very slack attendance. Re-admitted Henry Pape after an absence of nearly two years  
Feb-22 Attendance today the lowest for some time as a fresh fall of snow took place early in the morning. There were only 10 present at prayers in the morning station masters son
Feb-24 Snowing still and every prospect of a continuance of same, so this weeks average will be very low  
Mar-01 Sent in my resignation as master of this school. Rector away and no paper for weekly examination at hand in so compelled to do without same  
Mar-03 Received a reply from the Rector accepting my resignation and also a communication from the Education department respecting the incorrect entries  
Mar-08 Attendance keeps both slack and irregular. Sickness is very prevelant out of the small number on the register about 12 or 15 are absent from that cause  
Mar-10 Weekly examination as usual, writing of late has much improved  
Mar-12 Fair attendance, every thing conducted as there were 28  
Mar-15 Attendance has again been most irregular as on no day since Monday has it come up to 29 although the total number in attendance is in excess of that  
Mar-19 John Reed returned after an absence of 4 weeks  
Mar-22 Susan Scammel returned after being absent three weeks, sickness still keeps many away from school although the weather is all that can be denied. The three Mathews are absent, three Rosser’s and many others  
Mar-23 Commenced holiday one week for Easter tide  
Mar-25 School commenced today after easter holidays with an with an attendance of 12  
Apr-05 Several absent at work in the garden 25 present today  
Apr-07 Weather very favourable, poor attendance  
Apr-09 The Rosser’s are away working in the garden and three of the Mathews are absent  
Apr-12 The three Morgan’s and the three Prichard’s are also away  
Apr-14 James Rosser again returned after a prolonged absence & deplorably ignorant  
Apr-19 Rector sent concerning delay in report  
Apr-20 Slight improvement in the attendance but great irregularity still prevails. In three families with a number of 8 of an age to attend only one is present and in other families it is as bad  
Apr-27 Admitted Rachel Williams aged 6 years to the infants class  
May-03 Very few children present (only 14) so gave them arithmetic best part of afternoon  
Mar-06 The report arrived but have not yet seen it  
Mar-11 Commercial holiday (Whitsun) for one week  
May-14 No schooling as tithes will be taken in the schoolroom.

Copy of HMI report for year ending October 31st 1874:
The infants did fairly in reading and writing, but were imperfect in knowledge of number, objects and form and colour, under the standards and spelling in the fist and second standards. Arithmetic is a failure, only one scholar passing in it.
The discipline was fair, some object cards are needed. The singing was bad

Report 93
May-24 Commenced with an attendance of 14, admitted Wm Edgar aged 7 years  
May-25 A heavy thunderstorm having occurred about the time most of the children would start to school prevented them from coming, there were but 4 present in the morning  
May-28 Slight improvement in the attendance, James Rosser again at school, this is how things have been going on, one set of scholars are here one week then another set comes the following week and so it is a continuous scrabble to keep the children from falling back, there’s no chance to work them up. The Morgan family are here on average about 1 day in the week and the same with many others  
May-31 There was such a poor attendance in the 1st & 2nd classes that I did not give them a paper examination today  
Jun-04 A wet morning and small attendance as a consequence  
Jun 07 Charles Jones returned to school today after an absence of 15 weeks during which time he has been engaged at farm work. The 3 Morgan’s, 3 Mathews and 2 of the Reeds are away agin this week  
Jun-08 A whole holiday as I met Mr Evans in Abergavenny to settle a/c’s between us, not a very friendly meeting, but on the contrary a stormy one  
Jun-09 Only 3 children present this morning, a very wet and miserable day  
Jun-14 Received a letter from the Rector of Goytrey enclosing copy of one rec’d by him from “My Lords” and in which I e my sentence for my share in the affair of the registers  
Jun-18 The annual picnic at the Refreshment rooms Nantyderry, many away at the same. Nothing has been said about the children going to same this year so I suppose the Rector does not treating them there  
Jun-21 A very irregular attendance this week. Hay making in full operation  
Jun-25 A wet morning and a few children in attendance, only one girl present in the afternoon  
Jun-28 Sent to the Rector asking to his plan with regards to the school after I leave so I may know something as to the share of grant falling to me. His reply was that he proposed keeping the school on and that my portion of the grant when made should be duly forwarded to me.  
Jun-29 Resigned charge today – A Fabian  


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