Cae Susanna

Cae Susanna – 665 on the 1841 Tithe Map.

15 acres 15 roods 14 perches.

Tire Susanna, owned by the Earl of Abergavenny was mentioned in the Latin leases of 1673 when it was rented by Jacob Harris and lately of Watkin Treharne and pays 4s per annum.

The next mention in 1733 is Henry Bosville of Llanellen (also the owner of Goytre House) when he is renting Cae Susanna for 4s, this changed in 1792 when Edward Jones was renting about 18 acres of rough pasture.

In indenture 1792 for the lives of Dr Hobbs, physic of Monmouth aged 35, his wife Elizabeth 42, and William Morgan, son of William Morgan Llanover. Dr Hobbs was still renting Cae Susanna in 1821.

This had changed by 1829 to Elizabeth Lewis.

By 1861 Col Bird is now holding the lease number 87 for Cae Susanna. A house was built at some time but I don’t have any details.

On the 1891 census William Lewis is the tenant of Cae Susanna he is aged 60 and a general labourer and was born in Goytre. He stays there and again is the occupier in 1901 when he is a woodcutter. The electoral roll of 1905 says a dwelling house called Cae Susanna.

In 1920 the Earl of Abergavenny held a sale of property, Cae Susanna being included, in which it says the freehold land of the Duke of Connaught, 15a 1r 14p, rent 4s and tithe £1 3s 10d. It was sold to Edwin Edgar for £470.


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