Thomas ap Owen 1607

NLW Ref: LL/1607/5

In the name of God Amen the laste daie of December 1607 I Thomas ap Owen of the pishe of goitre wthin the Countei of Monnthe and dioces of Landaffe du make and ordaine my laste will and testament in maner and forme folowinge.

First I geve and bequethe my sowlle to the allmighti God my onlly maker and redemer.

Item I geve and bequethe my body to be buride wthin the   churcheyard of Goitre aforeseid.

Item I geve and bequethe to the Cathedrall Churche of Landaffe vid.

Item I geve and bequethe to the pson of Goitre for my forgoten tithes xiid

Item to the Curatt of the pishe aforeseid for the like xiid.

Item I geve and bequethe to Margarett Richard my wedded wiffe all those parcells of landes and my nowe howse there on bilded for terme of her true widowehod.

Item I geve and bequethe the foreseid howse and landes after the decsse of my seide wiffe to my nefew Thomas ap John to him and to his heres for ever.

Item I geve and bequethe to my foreseid wiffe all my howses landes and bildinges wch I howlde by lese for termes of yeres of Thomas John Morgan for and duringe of her true widowhod and after her decess to the foreseide Thomas ap John my nefew during the reste of the yeres that shalbe then unexpired.

Item I geve and bequethe unto my executors hereafter to be named ii stires of iii yeres of age.

Item I geve and bequethe to the seide executors one stire of ii yere owllde

Item I bequethe to the executor’s aforeseid xls and iii bushells of wheate towardes the payment of my deptes.

Item I geve and bequethe to Margarett my wife one heifear and all my swine and my leser standinge bed wth all his furniture wth my couburd wth iii chestes one fate ii standers one brasen pote ii yoron possnetts one kitel i candellstike one morter wth the one hallfe my pewter vesshelles and my harans and the reste pertaininge to husbandri to the uses aforeseid that ys for terme of her true widowhod and after to my seide nephewe Thomas ap John for ever.

Item I geve and bequethe to Allse Richard one yewe and lamme.

Item I geve and bequethe unto my sister Maude ap Owen one yewe and lamme.

Item I geve to the seide Maude one tresshinge lode that is in bake howse one candellstike.

Item I geve the residew of all my sheepe to my wiffe and my nephew as afore seide.

Item to my sister aforeseid one cofer that ys wthin my bake howse.

Item to my wiffe iii tablle bowrdes one cheire? wth the rest of s… bowrdes. I dow nominate and apointe my wedded wife Margarett and William David to be my executors and overseers of this my will Thomas John Morgan and Sara Reese.

Deptes du unto the testator:

Mr David Watkins xs?.

Item to Mr David Moris? xviiis.

Item Harri Edwardes £x. Item to Morgan David xxs.

Item to Andrw? Waine vs.

Item to Mr Morgan xxis,

to Rinalld Phe xiid,

to Watkins

Mr vid Mathew

Mr vs viiid,

to Mathew Lewis xiiiis

Deptes du upon the testator:

to Jenkin John Thomas £iii vis,

to Anne James Harri xx,

to John Yorothe xxvis viiid,

to Griffin Thomas xxs,

to Jevan Rese ixs

Seled and delivered in the pr’ses of:

Thomas John Morgan

David Watkin

Harry Reese

Katringe vh Richard

Ales Richard.

I geve my beste clocke to my brother Griffin Thomas…. one peece of raise clothe … beste hatte and one band my beste dowblete a paire of whitte stokins. Item to Morgan ap Owen my brother one dowbllet i girkin one paire of briches one paire of yellowe stokins one shirte one hatte. Item to Mr Dannl? Moris a girkin and a payre of briches of the rawe? Clothe that is nowe in my howse


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