1763 – Goytre in the Diocese of Llandaff

The following statement was made by William Mathew and James Rosser, churchwardens.

  1.  Exclusive of cotts we have about 25 families that pay church and poor but most of ’em are very small farms. None of those are dissenters, nor is there any dissenting meeting house here.
  2. No public or charity school endowed or maintained in our parish etc.
  3. No almshouse, hospital or other charitable endowment, no lands or tenements left for the repair of the church or any pious use etc.
  4. In the absence of our rector, we, the churchwardens humbly beg leave to acquaint your Lordship that there is no house here for the Minister. Mr Hopton Williams Webb, our said Rector, lives in Devonshire at a place called Chumleigh and the reason of his non-residence as we apprehend is the incompetency and smallness of this living and also his not being to discharge the Welch duty.
  5. We have a Curate who resides conveniently, though not in the parish, whose place of residence is a computed mile from our Church. His name is Eli Williams, we believe him duly qualified according to the Canons in that behalf. No parsonage house here. We think this stipend is to be £12 per annum.
  6. We think our Rector does deserve another Church etc., Vid. quer 4th.
  7. We have Devine service and a sermon every Lords day, but not twice, that requiring a whole man for which the stipend is incomplete.
  8. We have the Holy Sacrament here twice monthly.
  9. We think there may be about thirty communicants or upwards and that some few short of that number pretty frequently receive.
  10. Our catechising is here in the spring of the year as often as they appear for that purpose. Many are negligent in sending their children and servants in that account.
  11. We have no Chapel for divine worship in our parish.


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