Inquiry at Goytre on 19th March 1887

Following the death of the Rev. Thomas Evans a new Rector was chosen who could not speak welsh, this was not acceptable to the parishioners of Goytre who wrote to the Bishop of Llandaff requesting a welsh speaking vicar.

The following were called as witnesses on behalf of the welsh speaking inhabitants.

  1. Mary Evans of Capel Hedd
  2. Abraham Williams, Cefn
  3. Aaron Rosser, Kill Farm
  4. Mordecai Jones, Court Robin
  5. Thomas Morgan, Old Stores
  6. William Pugh, Upper Hendre
  7. David Thomas, Goytre House
  8. Evan Phillips, Trwydden Farm
  9. Thomas Jenkin, New Barn
  10. Edward Chapman, New Barn
  11. Joseph Morgan, Ty Ffynon
  12. John Jones, Abergwefflog
  13. Morgan Davies, Tyr Eros
  14. Thomas Davies, Upper Goytre
  15. Richard Morgan, The Penty
  16. William Walters, Penyrhiw
  17. John Harris, Lapstone Cottage
  18. Hy Jones, Penty
  19. George Watkins, ty Yew
  20. Ann Morgan, Penyrhoel
  21. Sarah Jenkins, Ty Nant
  22. Robert Bassett, Pengroesoped
  23. John Moses, Brynstyfrd
  24. Thomas Evans, Gwesty
  25. Rev David Davies, Rhydd-y-merch
  26. Dafydd Williams, Ty Eros Coedd
  27. David Compton, Road repairer

All the above appeared at the examination held at Ty Eros Y Coed on Monday 14th March 1887

The following gave evidence at the enquiry in November 1886 in favour of a welsh speaking clergyman but did not appear at the above examination

  1. William Roberts, Goitre House Farm
  2. Merrick Jenkins, Velin y coed House
  3. Thomas Thomas, Penywern
  4. John Jones, Penywern Cottages
  5. Edward Evans, Goiytre Church Farm
  6. William Williams, Penperllenny
  7. Elizabeth Rosser, Kill Farm
  8. John Evans, Saron Cottage
  9. William Price, Ty Cook
  10. William Lewis, Pencroesybeth
  11. William reece, Black Beech
  12. William Jones, Rose Cottage
  13. James Ralph, Nantyderry Station
  14. John Harding, Gardeners Cottage
  15. Rev. J H Powell, Curate in charge
  16. Joseph Williams


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