Lewis, Mrs Alice – 1946

January 11th – Funeral of Mrs A Lewis

The funeral took place at St Mathews Church, Monkswood, of Mrs. Alice Lewis, aged 66 of Llwyncelyn Farm. She had been in business at Pontypool market for over 40 years and was very well known and esteemed. The Rev C A Rees (Saron Baptist Chapel) and the Rev. Howell Witt (curate of Monkswood) officiated.

Mourners: Husband; Harry Florrie and Harold, Lilly and Will, Mabel and Archie, daughters and sons-in-law; Roy Ball; Sylvia, Doreen and Peter Jones, Doris Pitt, Bert, Archie and Harry James, Mary Gratton, grandchildren. Mrs F Pitt, sister. Mr A Pardoe, brother; Mrs C Pardoe, Sheffield, sister-in-law; Irene and Ted Williams, Cliff and Dai James, Mrs E Foster (Birmingham), Mrs H Bridgeman, (Caldicot), Mr J Shepherdson, Mr & Mrs W Summers, Mrs E Orman, Mrs V Smith, Mr T Pitt, Mr & Mrs I Pitt, Charlie, Jack and Ivor Shepherdson, Mrs T Price, Mrs B West, nephews and nieces; Mr R Perrot, Mrs A Scott, Mr T Powell, (Newport), cousins.
Nephews and grandsons acted as bearers.
Flowers: Husband; Annie, Sylvia, Doreen and Peter; Florrie and Harold; John, Melda and children; Lily, Will and family; Mabel and Archie; Roy and Mary; Mabel and Cedric (Rochdale); all the grandchildren at Byrgym Bach; Hetta, Dai and Cliff; Irene and Ted; sister Flo and family; Arthur Hilda and family; ann, Jack and boys; Charlie, Flo and Peter; Annie, Eva and Fred (Sheffield); Jane, (Caldicot); Will and Maud; Flo and Tom (Newport);Alice and Percy; Ivor and May; Ada, Harold and Lilly (Sheffield); Olive, Tom and family (Pontnewynydd); Bessie and family (Pontypool); Mr & Mrs Thompson (Pentre Grange); Mr & Mrs H James and family (Pentre Farm); Mr M Roberts and children (The Cwm); Mr & Mrs Nicholas and family (Brynderwen); Mr & Mrs J Howells (The Brook); Mrs Prosser and family; Mrs Walton and Sidney; Miss & Mrs Rogers (The Horseshoe); The family of the late Mrs Jones, The Knoll; Mrs Radmore and Lilly; Mr E Morris and Mr & Mrs E J Morris; Mrs G Williams and family (Caeton Glas); Mrs Jones and family; Mrs Morris and family; Mr & Mrs Gratton, Ernie and Ray; Mrs J Williams and Mr & Mrs Rees, Saron Baptist Chapel.


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