1920 Free Press

January 2nd – New House, Goytrey

1.5 miles from Nantyderry Station and 5 miles from either Pontypool or Abergavenny.

Rennie & Jones have been favoured with instructions from Mr T Morgan, who is leaving, to SELL by AUCTION on the premises as above, on Monday, January 12th 1920 the following:

LIVE and DEAD STOCK, comprising:

Young Hereford cow in full profit, due in June
Shorthorn Cow, in full profit with a fat heifer calf
Bay Cob Mare, 15 hands, good worker
Implements, harness, dairy utensils, &c including market cart, nearly new market cart, nearly new spring cart with ripples and set, cider cask, various farm and garden tools, pikes and haul rakes, several G I sheets, set of harrows, dressing hooks, pig net, two knife chaff cutters, wooden corn bin, crushing and other chains, two complete sets of B.M. trap harnesses, bacon rack, barrel churn, butter tub and prints, milk coolers, cheese vats, steelyards &c.
About 3.5 tons of prime hay

Sale at 1.30 prompt – further particulars may be obtained from the auctioneer Newport, Monmouth.

Death of Rev. Joseph Davies – (In Obituaries)

January 23rd – Nantyderry

The best all-round trade for agricultural sales for some months past conducted by Messrs Rennie and Jones was experienced by this firm on behalf of Mr Roger Morgan, Ty Isha, Nantyderry.
There was an exceptionally large company and bidding was so brisk that the sale was concluded in about two and a half hours. The dairy cows included good milking animals of size and colour but they were very short of condition.

January 30th – Alleged stabbing affray at Goytre.

A Serious Knife Wound

On Friday night an elderly haulage contractor named Lewis Morgan, of Goytrey, near Pontypool, was admitted to the Pontypool & District Hospital with a serious knife would on the ear. Francis Prosser, a small holder, also an elderly man, of Goytrey, was on Saturday arrested at Abersychan by P S Powell in connection with the affair.
It was alleged that there had ben ill feeling between the two families for some time and that this was due in some measure to Prosser’s daughter not being appointed organist at Aaron Baptist Chapel, Goytrey, at which Mr Morgan;s son is superintendent of the Sunday school.
On Friday members of the two families are said to have met at the Old Stores, Goytre, where, during a quarrel, Prosser is alleged to have stabbed Morgan with his pocket knife.
Morgan was taken in a motor car to Dr McAlen’s surgery, Pontypool and when the wound had been dressed, to the hospital where he was attended by Dr R W Haslett and detained in a serious condition, having lost a large quantity of blood.

Accused Remanded in Custody.
At Pontypool Police Court on Monday Prosser was brought up before Messrs J Harmeston and J Rosie on a charge of “wilfully and maliciously wounding with a knife one Lewis Morgan, with intent to do him grievious bodily harm, in Goytre, on January 23rd.”
Mr W J Everett, solicitor, Pontypool, appeared for the prosecution and Mr T P Holmes Watkins, Pontypool watched the case on behalf of Prosser.
The only witness called was PS Powell who stated that on Saturday last at Abersychan he arrested and cautioned Prosser, who replied “What I did was in self-defence”. Lewis Morgan, continued witness, is in Pontypool and District Hospital and I produce a certificate from Dr McAllen, who has seen him this morning.
The clerk, (Mr A E Bowen) read the certificate which stated that Morgan was suffering from a stab wound on the left ear, and, in his opinion, would not be out of danger for seven or eight days.
Mr Everett: In these circumstances I ask that Prosser be remanded in custody and kept at Pontypool if possible.
Prisoner was accordingly remanded until Saturday, the question of where he was to be kept in custody being left to the police.

Goytrey Stabbing Charge.
Prosser again remanded.
Francis Prosser was again brought before the Pontypool Magistrates (Col H D Griffiths and Mr F A Smith) on Saturday, charged with maliciously wounding Lewis Morgan, at Goytrey, on January 23rd.
Mr W J Everett appeared for the prosecution by Mr T P Holmes Watkins.
A certificate was put in signed by Dr T McAllen, who has seen the injured man that morning, stating that Morgan was now out of danger, but unable to attend the court.
Mr Watkins applied for a remand on bail. Prosser was a smallholder and had lived in Goytrey all his life. He asked the bench to make the recognizances as low as possible.
The clerk ( Mrs A E Bowen): What is the date for hearing? That is the question.
Mr Everett: Morgan will not be able to attend next Saturday. He will not be allowed to sit up yet.
The clerk: He cannot be remanded until after next Saturday. If necessary he can be remanded again.
Prosser was remanded until the following Saturday (tomorrow) bail being altered to two sureties of £20.

February 20th – Death in Edmonton Canada of Richard John (Jack) Humphries

son of the late Edward of Penystair

March 5th – New Rector of Goytre.

On Wednesday afternoon he Bishop of Llandaff inducted the Rev HCP Belcher to the living of Goytre.
The new incumbent, who will begin his work in the parish next week, was in charge of the parish of Llanmaes, Glamorgan and had previously held curacies at Abergavenny and Blaina.
During the past eight months the Rev H J Fish, rector of Llanvair Kilgeddin, has regularly conducted services at Goytre in addition to carrying out his own parish work.
After next Sunday the new rector will officiate.

March 19th – Mr & Mrs Rufus Evans Honoured.

Mr A Densley, chairman of Pontypool Urban District Council, presided at a social gathering held at the Carpenter’s Arms Goytrey, on Wednesday evening week, when the former licensee, Mr Rufus Evans, was presented by the chairman with a handsome silver-mounted walking stick and Mrs Evans with a beautiful gold broach.
They should not, said Mr Densley let the occasion pass of Mr and Mrs Evans departure from the Carpenter’s Arms without recognising their devoted hospitality on all occasions.
The esteem and regard in which Mr Evans was held was shown last April when he was elected a member of the Goytrey Parish Council. Mr Evans had always been ready to do anything for the good of the district.
On behalf of the local Comrades of the Great War Mr Guppy presented Mr & Mrs Evans with a silver cake stand in recognition of their services.
Mr Evans briefly replied and said it had always given him great pleasure to do all he could for the Comrades. He was sure that in his successor, Cpt J M Cope (Pontypool) they would find a man who would look after their interests and do the best for the district at all times.
The gathering gave a vast arousing welcome to Captain Cope, whose health was drunk with musical honours.
During the evening a splendid musical programme was contributed by Messrs Val Morris, Tom Messenger, Walton G Dobbs, Albert Thomas Andrews, Wm Lewis, Wm Charles Williams, E Morris and A Thomas. Mr Evans was the accompanist.

April 16th – For sale.

Rhode Island Red and other poultry apply Jones, Haymeadow, Goytrey.

April 30th – A Goytrey Assault.

John Guppy (Royal Oak Cottage) summoned for assaulting Edwin Edgar, farmer, Goytrey on April 14th. Mr Harold Saunders prosecuted and Mr W J Everett defended. – Complainant stated that notwithstanding the fact that he told the defendant to go away and leave him in peace he rushed at him and hit him left and right on both sides of the face. The defendant knocked him down and afterwards punched him for about ten minutes.
He had done no work since the assault. The struggle took place in a small pantry and after the assault the complainant’s face was like a small bucket.
Answering Mr Everett, complainant denied he had attempted to strike Guppy with a shovel; in fact he did not do anything.
Mr Everett: You knew that he was a disabled soldier?
Complainant: Yes, and I have been good to him many times.
Abraham Roger, Horseshoe Inn, Mamhilad, said he heard an argument and a scuffle, but he did not know what transpired.
Mr Everett (to the witness): Were you acting as time keeper or referee? (Laughter)
John Knipe said he heard high talk but did not see the fight, there was evidence of it in blood.
PC Taylor said complainant bore evidence of having been badly knocked about. Defendant (of Royal Oak Cottage, Goytrey, who said he was in receipt of a 70 per cent disablement pension, said he spoke to complainant about some wheels which he (defendant ) had bought from the tenant.
Complainant told witness that he could have them, but when he went to fetch them Edgar threatened him with a shovel. They afterwards had a square fight.
The complainant did fall to the ground but witness did not strike him then.
The Chairman said the Bench were of the opinion that an assault had been committed and defendant would be fined 10s.

May 7th – Further Threats at Goytrey.

John Guppy, farmer, Goytrey was summoned for using threats towards Joseph Edwin Edgar at Goytrey on the 27th April.
Mr Harold Saunders prosecuted.
Defendant asked for a fortnight’s adjournment of the case to enable him to prove counter threats.
The Bench proceeded with the case.
Complainant alleged that Guppy threatened him with what he believed was a revolver, defendant saying that he had five cartridges and intended to get witness out of the way.
Witness had not previously been afraid of the defendant but on this occasion he became alarmed and got over the hedge into a field where his father was working.
Guppy denied the evidence and stated that Edgar has similarly threatened him by letting a gun off in a field. Edgar was always sneering about witness and his pension.
The Clerk: Are you content to be bound over?
Guppy: what is the alternative?
The Clerk: one you don’t want to face, it takes two fools to make a quarrel so don’t you be one.
Guppy subsequently consented to be bound over in the sum of £5 for six months and was ordered to pay costs. He expressed his intention of summoning Edgar.

May 14th – Mrs Humphries late of Penystair laid to rest at Saron (In Obituaries).

May 21st – Late Mr Edward Bowen (In Obituaries).

June 4th – Goytre Parish Council meeting

At the parish meeting of the Goytrey Parish Council held in Penpellenny School recently there were present Messrs R Logan (chairman), Rufus Evans, Roger Morgan, D H Morgan, F G Harris, W Knipe, T Jenkins, T Davies and the clerk.
A reply was received from the District Council re tar-spraying the main road at Penpellenny. The District Council agreed to carry out this work as soon as the necessary labour is available. – It was proposed by Mr D H Morgan and seconded by Mr T Jenkins that the “Ton” now leased to Mr Rufus Evans, be advertised for sale as a building site. Mr Evans, being in agreement, the motion was carried unanimously.
The clerk was instructed to write the Great Western Railway calling their attention to the congested state of the siding accommodation at Nantyderry Station and asking for increased facilities forthwith.
The Council considered an application from the Assistant Overseer for an increase of salary. It was decided to write to the Ministry of Health for the scale at present in force.
It was agreed to distribute the charity held by the Council among the necessitous poor of the parish, and a cheque was drawn for this object.

June 4th – Late Mr Evi Harpur (In Obituaries).

June 11th – For Sale by Tender.

Desirable Building Site. Estimated area 1 acre 33 perches, known as the “Common” or “Ton” near Ty Cook, Goytre. All tenders should be sent before June 16th next to the clerk of the Council, Bwrgwm Mawr, Goytre, near Abergavenny.

July 9th – Goytre Church Fete.

The annual sport and fete in connection with St Peter’s Church, Goytre, were held on Tuesday, having been postponed from the previous Thursday on account of bad weather. Tuesday, after a wet morning, turned out beautifully fine and a large number of people took part in what proved a very pleasant gathering.
Tea was served in the schools and the remainder of the programme took place in a field kindly lent by Mr Dowell of Ty Goytre.
The Little Mill brass band played selections and there were numerous side attractions, including an Aunt Sally baby, rings and so on. These were under the supervision of Miss Doris Jackson, Messrs C Cornish, J & H Owen, J Rosser, H Morgan, and H Gwatkin.
The ladies had a number of stalls on which flowers, sweets and confectionary, useful articles and other tempting commodities were offered for sale.
Those in charge here were Mrs Whitehead, Mrs Harris, Mrs Jones, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Belcher, Misses Bird, M Harris, Finger Jenkins, Williams, Wilks, Gimblett Hobbis, M J Evans, Jenkins (The Mill) and Banfield.
Mrs R Jenkins and Mrs W Jenkins superintended the tea, assisted by other ladies, whilst Miss Mary Harris carried out the duties of the general secretary.
The sports were held in the evening. Captain L D Whitehead acted as judge; Mr E Spencer as handicapper; Mr H Powell as starter; and Messrs C Merrick and C Tedman Jones were sports secretary and treasurer respectively.
Prizes were given and apart from these inducements keen interest was shown in the evening, some of which provided a good deal of fun.

September 17th – Nantyderry.

The members of the Newport Angling Association, held their annual fishing match at Nantyderry on Saturday, but owing to the unfavourable weather, only about half the usual members took part.
The weather cleared about noon and it was decided that the secretary should peg out the ground, each member being allowed about 20 yards to fish in for four hours.
The take of fish was exceptionally small, but those who took part thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
1. Mr J Dowding 1lb
2. Mr W Houchin 12ozs
3. Mr A Long 11ozs
4. Mr I Hillier 10ozs
No other fish were caught and the remainder of the prizes were held over.

October 13th – Pantglas, Pengroesoped.

J Straker son & Chadwick have received instruction from Mr D Walter (who is leaving) to conduct a sale of:
Live and Dead Stock & C.
Shorthorn Dairy Cow in full milk; Crossbred Calf; Bay Gelding, 8 years, 14.8 (good worker); Pony aged 12.2; Filly Foal; 5 Young Pegigree Gloucester Old Spot Sows; 40 RIR and Black Leghorn Fowls; 3 Indian Runner Drakes;
10 Tons of excellent Hay (to go off)
Agricultural and Outdoor Effects; Dairy Utensils; Antique and Modern Furniture:
On Thursday October 21st 1920 – sale to commence at 2 o’clock

October 22nd – Concert and presentation at Saron Goytre.

November 5th – Cruelty To A Horse.

Alfred James Harold Ball was summoned for cruelty to a horse by working it in an unfit state at Pontypool on 25th October.
PC Morgan said the defendant was was driving a small bay pony attached to a milk float. Witness noticed that the pony was pulling on one side and he stopped the defendant to examine the animal. He discovered an old wound rubbed raw to the to the size of a half crown. On the harness was a quantity of blood.
Defendant said the horse was all right when he left Goytre in the morning. He had only had the animal a few days and was not obliged to have worked it because there were three other horses available.
PS Davies gave corroborative evidence. Supt Barry also spoke to seeing the raw wound.
James Ball, father of the defendant, said the horse was all right when he harnessed it I the morning, “I love a horse as well as I love myself” said the witness, and what I don’t know about horses is hardly worth learning. If there had been anything wrong with the animal my son should not have taken it out. I would not have a horse cruelly treated on any account.
The Bench considered the case proved and fined defendant £1.

November 26th – Memorial Service Chapel Ed.

A Memorial Service was held at Chapel Ed, Goytre, on Wednesday last week when a tablet was unveiled to the memory of Lieut Llewelyn Richards, son of Mrs Richards, Gwynedd, Goytre, who was killed in action at Bapaume.
Mr John Wilks, Little Mill, opened the service by playing the “Dead March in Saul”, the audience standing meanwhile.
The tablet was unveiled by Miss A Wilks, Penpellenny, who made a few appropriate remarks, after which, a solo, “Sleep thy last sleep” was feelingly sung by Mrs J Wilks, Little Mill.
Addresses were then delivered by the Revs. Hussey, Baptist Minister, Aberystwyth and E Symons, Goytre.

November 26th – Presentation of a wristlet watch to Miss Annie Byrde of the Haven, Goytre who is leaving to live in Weston-Super-Mare.

November 26th –  Monmouthshire estate sale, Goytre.

Prosser’s land, adjoining Ty Newydd, 2a 4p let at £2, tithe 5s 8d – sold to the tenant, Mr Francis Prosser for £410.
New House, smallholding, 4a 3r 29p, freehold, subject to lives of 66 and 63 years, reserved rent 4d; tithe 18s 6d; sold to the leaseholder, D H Morgan for £250.
The Cider Mill, house and 3a 2r 29p, let at £10; tithe 6s 11d; land tax 2s 6d, sold to Mr James Ball, Goytre Farm £330.
Piece of pasture land adding Lot 1, 1a 2r 28p, let at £1 10s; tithe 2s 4d; sold to Mr Francis Prosser, tenant £60.
Pudda, smallholding, 5a 2r 23p, let at £25; tithe 15s 3d; land tax 3s 4d, sold to the tenant, Mr Henry Morgan, £910.
Pwll Meyrick, cottage, building and 4a 1r 23p, freehold subject to life of 64 years, reserved rent 2s; tithe 10s 3d; sold to James Ball, Goytre Farm £410.
Old garden, pasture and orchard, 22 12plet at £1; tithe 2s 10d – sold to Mr James Ball, £90.
Pasture land, 1a 2r 17p, let at £2; tithe 2s 5d, sold to Mr Francis Prosser, £110.
Small-holding, house and 5a 3r 22p freehold subject to life of 65, reserved rent 4s 6d; tithe 15s 4d ; withdrawn at £240.
Cottage and land, 3a 6r 6p, freehold subject to lease on life of 88 years, reserved rent 1s 3d; tithe 92 7d; sold to Mrs Treharne, Crumlin £340
Two piece of pasture land, 1a 2r 23p freehold subject to lease during life of 68 years, reserved rent 2s 3d; tithe 3s 10d, sold to Mrs D Jones, £140.
Foes-y-bach, pieces of pasture land, 5a 3r 7p, freehold subject to lease on life of 68 years, reserved rent 2s; tithe 4s; sold to Mr L R Bowen, Goytre, £260.
Parc Bach, pasture land, 3a 0r 13p, rent £2; tithe 5s 11d – sold to Mr Rufus Evans, Mamhilad £115.
Four pieces of pasture and arable land, 3a 1r 14p, rent £3; tithe 6s 1d; sold to Mrs Treherne, Crumlin, £235.
Gelli Cottage, buildings and 13a 3r 20p, freehold subject to lease during a life of 70 years, reserved rent 5s 6d; tithe £1 3s 10d; – sold to Mr D H Morgan, leaseholder, £350.
Ty-Twmpyn holding, 3a 2r 25p, let at £14; tithe 9s 11d – sold to Mrs Watts, Llandewi Rhydderch, £650.
Hay Meadow, small holding, 2a 3r 5p, let at £14; tithe 7s 11d – sold to Mr Purnell, Pontnewynydd.
Porth Gwyn, pair of cottages, outbuildings and 2a 2r 33p, rent £6; tithe 8s 9d; sold to the occupier, Mr Cornish, £400.
Block of pasture and arable land 12a 2r 24p, freehold subject to lease during life of the Duke of Connaught, aged 70 reserved rent 2s; tithe £1 1s 9d – sold to Mr R W Byrde £240.
Cae Susana, two pieces of land, 15a 1r 14p, freehold subject to lease during life of the Duke of Connaught, reserved rent 4s; tithe £1 3s 10d; – sold to Mr Edwin Edgar, Goytre, £470.
The Star Cottage, with land, 3a 1r 25p, rent £10; tithe 9s 4d; land tax 3s 9p; sold to the tenant, Mr William Stinchcombe, £180.
Elm Trees, smallholding, 3a 0r 35p, rent £7 7s; tithe 9s 3d; sold to Mrs Williams, Nash Road, Newport £305.
Residential property, Macs-y-bern, 10a 3r, rent £93; tithe £1 7s 6d; land tax 2s 6d; sold to Messrs Davies and Sons, Newport, for a client, £1,950.
Cottage, garden and arable land, 5a 1r 13p, rent £5; tithe 14s; land tax 1s 5d; sold to Mr Messenger £430.
Goytre Cottage and piece of land 39a 1r 13p, mostly freehold subject to lease during life of the Duke of Connaught – sold to Mr R W Byrde, £1,100.
Piece of pasture land, 5a 0r13p, rent £4 10s; tithe 6s 10d; sold to Mr R W Byrde £330.
Long house or Ty Her Farm, 14a 1r 2p; rent £19; tithe £1 14s 10d; land tax 6s 2d; sold to Mr W Vaughan, Pontypool, £1000.
Pen-y-wern Farm, Penpwllenny, 78a 3r, let at £100; tithe £3 12s 7d; land tax 19s 3d; sold to Mr G A Peel, Usk £2,000.
Hawthorn Cottage, Penpwllenny, 1r 5p, held on lease of 63 years from 1890 at £1 rent, sold to Mrs Wilks, £75.
Gable Cottage 24p, rent £6; tithe 10d; sold to tenant, Mr Edward Owen, £150.
Hollybush Cottage, 1a 27p, rent £6; tithe 6s 6d; land tax 3s; sold to tenant, Mr William Weeks, £180.
Piece of pasture land 2r 14p, on lease of 63 years from 1890, rent £1 sold to Mrs Wilks, £30.
Pasture land 3a 2r 2p, rent £4; tithe 5s 10d; sold to Mrs Wilks £290.
Building site, 3r 37p, rent £2; tithe 3s 11d; sold to tenant Mr W Weeks, £130.
Bedgoite (as written) 1r 36p rent £1; tithe 1s 9d; sold to Mr Owen, Goytre, £105.
Ground rent of £3 per annum on land at Penpwllenny on which are three new houses, lease 99 years, from 1912, sold to Mrs Wilks, £60.
Piece of land 2r 5p, with house and smith’s shop, rent £6; tithe 2s 10d; sold to Mr R W Byrde £200.
Two houses at Penpwllenny and three pieces of pasture land, 4a 2r 1p on lease of 40 years from 1906 at £2 p.a.; tithe 13s 2d; sold to Mr R W Byrde £200.
Two pieces of pasture land, 3a 2p, freehold subject to lease during life of the Duke of Connaught at reserved rent of 5s; tithe 9s 6d; sold to Messrs Davies and Sons, Newport.
Coed-yr-alt, 51a 2r 22p, woodland: tithe £2 2s 3d; also piece of garden ground, 3r 5p, tithe 8d; sold to Mr W Lewis, Goytre £325.


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