Williams, Mrs Edith – 1932

Mrs E Williams

Funeral of Goytrey Farmer’s Wife

The funeral took place on Tuesday week of Mrs Edith Williams who died on September 30th at the age of 26 years. She was the wife of Mr Stanley Williams, Pentre Farm, Goytrey and daughter of Mr and Mrs H. James.

The interment was at Goytrey Church the Rev. H.C.P. Belcher [vicar] and the Rev. C.A. Rees [Saron Chapel] officiating.

The bearers were: Messrs Frank Jones, Morgan Jones, Clifford James and Edward Williams.

Floral tributes were sent by: Husband; Mam Dad and family; Uncle tom and family; Mildred, Bert and baby, [sister and brother in law]; Aunt Elizabeth and Annie, Tondu; Harold and Violet, cousins, Tondu; Beryl, Enid and Vera, cousins, Tondu; Mother in law and Cyril, Pontypool; Mr and Mrs J. James, Goytrey; Mr and Mrs William James and family; Mr and Mrs Frank Jones; Mr and Mrs J. Lewis and John; Mr and Mrs George Evans and family; Mr and Mrs Ball and Roy; Mrs Redwood; Mrs Litten; Mrs Lewis, Pentre Grange; Mr and Mrs Whitney and family; Mr and Mrs Gwatkin and family; Little Sylvia and Doreen ….ones; Mrs Ballinger, Tondu; Mr and Mrs D. Jones, Pontnewynydd; Mr and Mrs Shepardson, Monkswood; Mr and Mrs Archir James, llanover; Mr and Mrs I Jones, Mamhilad; Mr and Mrs Arthur James, Monkswood; and Mr and Mrs E. Williams, Monkswood.


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