Hereford Times

Saturday 12th October 1850

John and Jenkin Rosser, Llanover, (Pantglas Farm Goytrey) were charged by Isaac Lewis of the same place, publican with violently assaulting and beating complainant and his wife, company being sworn stated:

On Saturday week John Rosser, Jenkin Rosser and John Mathews who were in my house drinking commenced making a disturbance; Mathews struck and kicked me and my wife; – they then began to quarrel amongst themselves, Mathews wanting to fight anybody.

I tried to quit them but he knocked me and threatened to kill my wife.

I went upstairs with some others to get out of the way but Mathews and the two Rosser’s followed us and to avoid being struck I was obliged to jump out through the window.

John Rosser threatened to shoot me. I saw him throw stones at me after I jumped out of the window.

Jenkin Rosser was with him at this time but he could not strike or threaten me – I suppose they have spite against me.

George Thomas, boiler maker, was called, stated he was present and described what passed corroborating the statement that was made.

John Moses, another witness for defendant: when I went into the house on the evening in question all was quiet, I shortly afterwards went into the parlour, when Mathews began to box with a man: they soon got into a quarrel and Mathews wanted to fight but the other man refused.

Another man then came in whom Mathews struck which commenced the row. I got out of the way. I saw no blows between the complainant and two defendants, I went upstairs. Complainant jumped out of the window but John Rosser did not jump after him.

William Proger, carpenter, was also called as witness on part of defendants, but they were convicted 2s each and costs or 2 weeks imprisonment – they paid.

(1851 census Isaac Lewis, Penceffyl, victualler)


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