Wm Williams – Pigs out for a Walk 1872

September 21st 1872 – Pigs out for a Walk

Before Col. Byrde & C J Parker esq.

William Williams was charged with allowing his pigs to stray on the highway, in the parish of Goytre. He said he knew nothing about it, as he was at home only once a week.

Mr Williams, surveyor to the Usk Highways Board, said he found the pigs on the highway near Penplenny, and Mrs Williams admitted they were hers; he had cautioned her about the same sort of thing before: this was the first case of the sort that he had brought forward at this court.

Col. Byrde said it was only right that people should have notice that they are liable to be summoned for this kind of trespass.

Defendant said he had not received such a caution; but he could not say whether his wife had.

Thomas Jenkins also of Goytre was similarly charged. He did not appear, and P C Williams proved service of the summons. The surveyor said this was a much worse case than the other, as Jenkins pigs were continually in the road.

Col. Byrde said that as these were the first cases of the sort, the Bench would require payment of the expenses only; 9s in the first case and 9s 6d in the other.


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