1902 Free Press

January 10th – Saron Baptist church

Bachelors Tea – This event, in connection with the above place of worship took place on Christmas Day. As in the two previous years it proved a great success and the bachelors are to be heartily congratulated for the clever way in which they discharged the various duties pertaining to the tea.

The tables were waited on and presided over by the following;
Mr G H Harris, Bettws Farm; Mr D H Morgan, The Wern; Mr D H Humphries; Mr Alf Rogers, Mamhilad; Mr Will Whitney, Ty Cook; and Mrs J Shepardson, Llan Farm.
After the tea a most enjoyable programme was given by the young people and friends from other places of worship in the district; a notable feature, being a dialogue entitled “Who would be a bachelor,” by Mr Leonard Rowlands and party, Hanover.
Miss Margie Jones, Miss Isla Williams, Mr George Lewis and Mr Herbert Rowlands sustained the various characters extremely well whilst Mr L Rowlands as the tormented bachelor excelled.
Solos were rendered by Miss M Jones and the Rev. H I Jenkins; duets by Miss Whitney and Miss Jones, Miss Carpenter and Miss Jones. A dialogue by five of the Sunday school scholars entitled “Jealousy” also a few good recitations by the scholars; quartets and selections by the choir.
Mr D H Morgan as usual conducted whilst Miss Carpenter and Miss Lewis accompanied. The Rev H I Jenkins, pastor was the chairman and performed his duties in a pleasing manner. The proceeds were in aid of the Sunday school.
Prizes were to have been awarded to the scholars during the evening, but unfortunately they did not come to hand in time.

January 17th – Supper

On Saturday evening, January 4th some 50 to 60 persons, from the parish of Goytrey and surrounding parishes sat down to an enjoyable supper provided by Mr & Mrs Harris of the Carpenter’s Arms at the suggestion of a few friends.
Supper being over, toasts were given, speeches were made and many very excellent songs were sung in good style, the meeting being a social gathering of neighbour meeting neighbours and friends meeting friends.
At a few minutes to ten a vote of thanks was given to the president of the evening, Mr A M Williams of Mamhilad, who suitably responded, expressing himself as favourable to such friendly meetings.
A vote of thanks was next proposed and heartily given by the company, to Mr & Mrs Harris for their readiness to comply with the wishes of their friends and for the splendid way in which they carried out the whole of the arrangements.
The National Anthem was then sung and the company dispersed, feeling better for the coming together.

February 14th

Thomas Jones, farm labourer of Goytre fined 5/- for driving his cart without lights.

February 21st – Goytrey

Freehold Cottage for Sale by auction on March 3rd at the Three Salmons Hotel, Usk.
Known as “Nightingale Grove or Cottage
Situate on the roadside, at or near Penpedyrheol in the parish of Goytrey. Garden at the rear containing in the whole 9 perches (more or less) now in the occupation of Mr Albert Owen at a yearly rent of £7, the tenant paying the rates and taxes.
Included in the rent however are two gardens adjoining the property, of which the vendor is yearly tenant to the Marquis of Bute at a rental of £1 2s 6d per annum, which tenancy will be passed upon completion.
To view apply on the premises and for further particulars to;
Watkins Co., Club Chambers, Pontypool

March 7th

Found on March 1st in Pontypool market a ladies purse; owner can have same by giving description and contents to; Mrs Humphries, Penystair giving description and contents.

March 21st

For sale; stakes and timber in Nantyderry wood apply; D H Morgan

Poor rate summons: John Williams Tonmawr Blaenavon for £3 6s 6d and John Charles Morgan 6/10 due to the parish of Goytre.

April 18th

To Let on the 1st of May; house and garden at Pen-y-wern Goytre. Apply: Aulton Nantyderry

May 23rd – Goytre Parish Council

A special meeting of the Goytrey Parish Council was held on the 15th of May for purpose of considering what steps should be taken to celebrate Coronation Day.
Present: Messrs J Wilks, chairman; A Jones; W Walker; R Jenkins; M Jenkins; E Gwatkin (clerk)
A considerable amount of discussion took place as to whether it was advisable to levy a special rate or to solicit subscriptions from all those who live in the parish. The latter course was finally adopted, each member of the Council and also the clerk undertaking to canvas certain portion of the parish.
In addition it was suggested that Mr F Harris, Carpenter’s Arms; Mr Thomas Nantyderry Refreshment Rooms; and Mr Sawyer, Station Master, should be requested to take books for the same purpose.
The meeting was then adjourned until the following Thursday when the form the celebration shall be decided.

May 30th – Jeremiah

Death on May 21st, at Royal Oak Cottage aged nine years and three months the beloved son of William and Matilda Jeremiah – deeply regretted.

May 30th – Ann Jenkins Deceased

Re the death of Ann Jenkins widow, Rose Cottage Goytrey, who died on the 23rd day of February 1902. Probate granted on the 11th day of March 1902 to Ann and Elizabeth James. Any person having claim on the estate to do so on or before the 2nd of July next.
Bythway & Sons, Pontypool.

July 11th – A Mean Theft

George James, labourer, was charged with stealing a fowl  at Goytre, the property of David Williams on June 26th.
Prosecutor stated that he had left home on the date named leaving his fowl properly locked up. When he returned he found one missing and a quantity of feathers lying around. Just inside the coup he found a bloodstained handkerchief. He valued the bird at 10s.
Joseph Goff spoke in lending the defendant the handkerchief when they were out for a drive one day.
PC A Jones stated that, when he charged defendant, he replied that it was “all right” and added, “I had the fowl but the handkerchief must have dropped out of my pocket when I was after it. I was drunk and didn’t know what I was doing.”
Supt. James said the people in the country and especially in the Goytre district had suffered a great deal from robberies of that kind.
The chairman said it was a very mean thing for a man to steal a poor man’s fowl and defendant was lucky that he escaped imprisonment.
He was fined 40s.

August 22nd – Valuable Freehold Farm

For sale Goytre Farm Nantyderry in occupation of W E Thomas.
58a 0r 37p of fertile Arable, Meadow and Pasture land in a good state of cultivation, together with farm house and usual farm buildings.
The property is I a ring fence and is almost surrounded by good parish roads and the Great Western Railway and is situate close to Nantyderry Station (GWR) and near the estate of the trustees of the Right Hon. Lady Llanover, John Capel Hanbury, Esq., Codrington F Crawshay esq., and Mr Allton and forms a most small compact estate, with the choices of numerous excellent Sites for erection of a Country Residence.
Particulars of sale and plans may be obtained of the Auctioneers at Abergavenny, or at Bythway & So, Pontypool.

August 29th – Coronation Fete Committee

The Final meeting of the Coronation Fete Committee is Goytrey was held in the schoolroom on Friday evening, the 22nd inst.
Present: Messrs J Wilks, (treasurer) W J Croot, (secretary) W Walker, W Morgan, W Jones, G Jones, Shepherdson, E Owen and W Lewis, jnr.
The collection books showed that the sum of £32 16s 4d had been collected, whilst the expenses amounted to £30 19s 1d, leaving a balance in hand of £1 17s 5d.
This balance was handed over to Mr W Morgan for the purpose of conveying it to Miss Evans, Nantyderry House. When the disastrous news of his Majesty’s illness threatened to upset the arrangements for the June 26th celebrations, the Misses Evans of Nantyderry House and Mr & Mrs Williams of Goytrey Hall expressed a wish that the programme be carried out as previously arranged, intimating at the same time, that should the state of affairs become more favourable, the festivities would be repeated on a larger and grander scale, at their own expense. This promise was amply redeemed on August 11th when the beautiful grounds of Nantyderry House were thrown open to the public and in addition to the tea and sports, Mr Roderick’s Band was engaged and various amusements had been provided to add to the pleasure of the people.
The parishioners of Goytrey feel deeply indebted to Mr & Mrs Williams in providing this entertainment.
A vote of thanks is also due to the ladies who provided over the tea tables and the members of the Fete Committee for the admirable arrangements, which were made for the occasion.

August 29th

Monmouthshire Baptist Association meeting at Saron Chapel Goytre.

October 3rd – £10 reward:

Lost on Wednesday the 17th October in Goytre Parish a small Fox Terrier dog colour white, ears partly lemon; answers to the name of  “Spring.”
The above reward will be paid on bringing dog to Station Master, Nantyderry. No further reward will be offered.

October 10th – Kiln Farm, Goytre

Sale of a Small but most useful collection of Live and Dead Stock and Effects, comprising:-
11 Cross Bred Cattle – 3 valuable 3 and 4 year old cows in calf and full profit, 2, 2 year old heifers in calf, yearling heifer and 5 choice steer and heifer calves.
10 Grand Black Faced Ewes and 9 ewe lambs
15 couples of fowls
Implements and dairy utensils include: N.W. tip cart, beam scales and weights, pulper, shaft cutter, saddles, drags, tubs, casks, grindstone, tools, buckets, set trap harness, sundry, ditto, Burreal’s churn, 13 tin milk coolers, prints & c, Also the
Household Furniture
Amongst which is a well made oak mahogany bureau and chest of drawers combined, tables, 2 sets of drawers, bedsteads and bedding, chairs, ware, fire tools, &c, &c.; the whole of which
John H Rennie has been favoured with instructions from Mr Daniel Davies (who is leaving the farm in consequence of his ill-health) to conduct on the premises on Monday, October 13th 1902 at 2 p.m. Prompt.

October 24th – For sale

14 acres of coppice wood situated at Penpederhoel, in the parish of Goytrey, one mile from Little Mill Station and near the main road, consisting of Pit and Cordwood, Hoop, Hurdle and Turning Stuff. (Sold by Lump)
Apply Mr A James, Penpederhoel Farm

December 5th

In ever loving memory of our dear daughter Gertrude E Morris of Penwern Cottage, Goytre, died 30th November 1901.


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