Morris, Evan – 1946

Evan Morris – 1st February 1946

The death occurred at Bedfont of Evan Morris one of the oldest inhabitants of Goytrey at the age of 85. A native of Monkswood he lived all his life in the district except for a short period at Abergavenny.

A staunch churchman he was for many years a verger and sidesman and for 50 years a member of the choir.

He was employed by the GWR for 47 years and was pre-deceased by his wife 14 years ago. He is survived by his three sons and one daughter.

Funeral service at the house and church were conducted by Canon S G Morgan – Mr Merrick was at the organ.

Mourners: Edwin, Albert and Ernest, sons; J Garland grandson; Stewart Garland, son-in-law; J Jones, A. Probert, W. Trawford, J. Lewis, J Davies.

At the house: Florence, daughter; Melda, granddaughter, Win and Hattie, daughters-in-law; Mary, Gladys, and Clarice, nieces;

Bearers: M/s W. King, T. Jennings, J. Davies, A James, I. Dobbs and S. Haines.

Among the general public were:

M/s W. Morgan, senior; F. Morgan jnr; C. King; Reg Cupper; A. Preece; all of Abergavenny; J. Mugford; W.B. Warne; H. Reardon; A. Jones; F. Walters; W. Griffiths; G. Dobbs; P. Jones; I. Deaken; J. Taylor; Cpt Jones; C. Vaughan; A. Davies; G. Vaughan; H. Williams; G. Boyce; F. Bishop; W & G Cording; Mmes Haines, Vaughan, Merrick, and many others friends.

Flowers: The family; Melda and John; Marjorie, Beryl, John and Betty; Gladys, Alf and Jack; Kate and Clarice; GWR staff and engineering dept Abergavenny district; Neighbours Newtown; Mrs Thomas; Mrs Davies and all at Ty Hir; All at Tillbach Mamhilad; Mr & Mrs Whitney and family; G & M Boyce, Berllan; Mrs E Garland and family Griffithstown; Mr J. Lewis and family Llwyn Celyn

Morris, Mrs Jane – 1931

Mrs J. Morris – Goytrey

The funeral took place on Saturday of Mrs J Morris of Bedfont, Goytrey, a respected inhabitant of the district who passed away on the previous Tuesday at the advanced age of 76 years.

Mrs Morris was the daughter of the late Mr John Jones clerk to the parish of Goytrey, she leaves a daughter and three sons.

The Rev. H C Belcher officiated at the House, Church and Grave, a gathering of over 100 people sang the hymns ‘Lead us Heavenly Father’, Rock of Ages’ and ‘O God my Father While I Stray’.

The Mourners Were:

Messrs E Morris, husband; Ted, Bert and Ernie, sons; Stuart, [son in law]; Harry [Swindon] [nephew]; John, [grandson]; E Boyce, A. Probert, P. Griffiths, J. Jones, J. George, W. Tramford and A. James, [cousins];

The Bearers were: Messrs C. Vaughan, A. Davies, H. Dowell junior and F. Watkins.

Floral tributes were sent by: Husband and family, Emily and Harry, [sister and brother in law]; John and Lizzie, [brother and sister in law], Edith, [sister in law], Harry, Bernard, Ernest and Reg, [nephews]; all at Bourne [cousins]; All at Church Cottage, [cousins]; Emily and family, [cousins]; Mamie and Jim, [niece and nephew]; Gladys and Alf, Menil; Hetty, Percy and uncle, Brecon, Kate, Charlie, Will and Clarice, Abercarn; Mrs & Mrs I V Garland & family; Millie and Archie, [Newport]; Mrs Gardner, [Abersychan]; Mr & Mrs Harman; Miss Williams, Miss R Wilks; Miss Aggie Wilks; Mr RJ & L Rosser; Mrs & the Misses’s Harris’s; Mrs Hutchinson; Mr O. Court & family; W A and D Jackson; Mr & Mrs Whitney & family; All at the Pudda; Mrs Ellaway; All at Ty Hir; Mr & Mrs Thomas, Old Stores; Mr & Mrs Stichcombe; E & J Cornish; All at the Goytrey Arms; Mr & Mrs D W Price; Fred, Polly and Robbie; all at Ty Goytrey Farm; T & A Messenger and family; G C and Percy Jones; Martha, Dolly and Charlie Merrick; Mr & Mrs Titcombe; Mr & Mrs R Jenkins; Mr & Mrs C Messenger; G and M Boyce; Mr & Mrs Leworthy, [Little Mill]; Mr & Mrs George and Verley, [Pontypool]; Mr & Misses Thomas, [Monmouth]; Mrs Clemo and Tony,[Griffithstown]; Horace Meredith, [Abergavenny]; Mr & Mrs Jenkins & Harry, Staff & Engineering Co; Wilfred; Mr & Mrs Griffiths, [Croesnypant]; Mrs Probert, [Newport].

The undertaker was Mr W Jackson, Goytrey.

Williams, Elizabeth – 1882

Goytrey Sad Death – 18th February 1882 Monmouthshire County Observer

On Wednesday morning an inquest was held at Penwern Cottage Goytrey, before E D Batt Esq., coroner and a jury composed of the following gentleman:-

Messrs A R Garrett (foreman) John Jones, David Evans, William Wilks, Robert Feltham, – Watkins, James Ralph, Isaac Wilks, Thomas Reece, George Gwatkin, John Price and William Evans, touching the death of Elizabeth Williams aged fifty, which took place on Saturday last under distressing circumstances.

The only witness called was James Jenkins, brother of deceased who deposed that he saw her alive on Saturday morning before he went to work.

When he came home in the evening he found she was out, but thinking she had gone to pay a visit to one of her brothers, did not go in search of her till it became dark; he then became uneasy and went in search of her, but did not find her until Sunday morning when he discovered her death in a brook.

She had been in a weak state of health some time and under medical treatment. She was seen going from home by her neighbours between twelve and one on Saturday.

The jury were unanimously of opinion that deceased must have wandered through a wood near her home and by trying to cross the brook into a field, fell in, and by falling struck her head against a stone and became stunned.

The jury returned a verdict of “Found Drowned.”

Deceased had been in the habit of going into this wood for a few dried sticks.

Boyce, Abraham – 1930

Aged Farmers Death at Goytrey

The death of Mr Abraham Boyce Berllan Farm, Goytrey, has removed from the district on of its oldest inhabitants.

The deceased was in his 82nd year.  A native of Common Coed-y-paen he had resided at Berllan for over 40 years.  In his younger days Mr Boyce spent some years in California.  On his return he bought the Berllan and farmed it with the aid of his family until his death. He was preceded by his wife a couple of years ago.  He leaves three sons and two daughters.

The two eldest sons, Stanley and Alfred have been resident in U.S.A. for seventeen years.

The interment took place at Goytrey on Wednesday the 20th inst.

The Rev H C P Belcher officiated at a short service at the house and at the church.  Mr C Merrick presided at the organ.

The bearers were Messrs J. Stichcombe, A. Griffiths, W. Pritchard and E Owen.

The mourners present included Mr Chas. Boyce brother, Mr Godfrey Boyce son, Mr C. B. Lewis son in law, Mr W. Crowe brother in law, Messrs W. R. H. and E Crowe, Ernest and Robert Boyce,  Fred H. and Richard H. Phillips, Anthony Taylor, and Arthur Boyce nephews, Messrs H. Harvey and D. James, S. Stichcombe and E. Morris.

Floral Tributes were sent by:- Margaret, Alfred, Stanley and Godfrey children; Kate and Charlie daughter and son in law; Roger grandson; brother Charlie and Maggie; sister Emma and children, Griffithstown; Aunt Maggie, uncle, nephews and nieces; Bob, Kate & family; Fred & Maggie; A.A, J.M.& M.J. Pugh cousins; Anthony & family; Nephews & Nieces, Ynysybwl; Mrs Pritchard & family, Pentwyn; Mr & Mrs Griffiths Pantypwdyn; Mr & Mrs T. Pitt & family; Mr Mathews, Gertie & Elsie; Albert Owen & family; Mr & Mrs Stinchcombe & family; Mrs Maddocks & family; Mr & Mrs E. Morris.

Mr C. C. Pritchard of Pontypool was the undertaker.

Bevan, William – 1869

Drowned In the Canal – 6th February 1869

On Sunday two men named William James and Lewis Bevan while walking by the side of the canal between Mrs Summerfield’s public house and Mamhilad found the body of a man lying in the canal.

The deceased turned out to be a basket maker named as William Bevan about 80 years of age, who had lived in Goytrey. His hat still remained on his head and in his pocket were £1 in gold, £1 in silver and 51/2d . His bag containing groceries was found about 20 yards off.

The presumption is that in the darkness on Saturday night he walked into the canal and was accidentally drowned.

William Bevan lived at Coalbrook; he married Mary Williams at Llanover Church on the 9th June 1823. She died in 1865 they had at least 6 children, one of them being Mary who was a servant for Isaac Lewis, Glanusk. She was the young girl in the murdered baby case at Glanusk.

Objection to Lord Tredegar’s Plan 1868

May 16th 1868

Lord Tredegar decided to abolish the pack of Monmouthshire Foxhounds – opposition from the undersigned against this decision:
John Turner – farmer, Goytre
Samuel Franklin Harris – freeholder, Glanffrwd
Francis Davies – cottager, Goytre
William Walters – Goitre
Aaron Rosser – Pantglase farm, Goitre
Ferdinand Cox – Rose Cottage, Goytrey,  farmer
Benjamin Jeremiah – Goytrey, farmer
Thomas Evans – Nantyderry, Rector
Henry Owen – Goytrey, carpenter
John Williams – Velin-y-coed, Goytrey
John Williams – Penwern, Goytrey, farmer
George Gwatkins – Goytrey, farmer
John Ballard – Goytrey, freeholder
George Jones – Goitre, labourer
Mary Lewis – Ty Hir, Goytrey, farmer
John Lewis – Maes-y-berrin, Goitre, farmer
Henry C Byrde – Goytrey House
Edward Charles – Park-y-brain, Goitre, farmer
Francis Rowlands – Goitre, farmer
Thomas James – Goitre, farmer
Thomas Lewis – Llwyncellyn, Goytrey, farmer
William Nicholas – Yew Tree Farm, Goitre
Henry Crump – Goitre, farmer

Coachmans (belonging to Goytre House)

Coachman’s Cottage – 429 on the 1841 tithe

Coachman’s Cottage was built about 1863 as a coach house for Col. Byrde and renamed at a later stage. Lewis Edmund wrote in his diary on 4th Feb 1864 “at Col. Byrde, repairing the pantile on the new coach house.”

Further to this all I have is the information given on the 1891 and 1901 census when Albert Coleman was living there.

In the 1950’s is was two flats, my best friends sister lived there after her marriage so we visited occasionally.

James Parry – 1909

Evening Express August 20th 1909

James Parry, Black Beech Farm at Usk County Court on Thursday sued Edwin Baker, Ynys-y-Pwcca for claim to growing wheat.

Mr Hayward, Abergavenny, represented the plaintiff and Mr Everett, Pontypool, defended.

It was said the defendant’s cattle broke into the growing wheat in May and did a lot of damage. defendant suggested the damaged was caused by rabbits from the wood.

Several witnesses were called including Mr Montague Harris, valuer, Abergavenny, Mr Pitten, auctioneer and valuer, Pontypool.

His Honour gave judgement for £5 5s damages.

Fire at Nantyderry 1882

Cardiff Times May 20th 1882

Fire at Nantyderry
On Monday in a rick of hay belonging to Rev. Thomas Evans, rector of Goytre.
The Usk fire brigade took the engine to the spot but the supply of water being a long way off, very little effect was produced on the flames.
A great portion of the rick was destroyed. The loss was not covered by insurance.

William Jenkins – 1864

December 16th 1864
William Jenkins, parish of Goytrey, labourer deceased, who died 28th July 1864 at Goytrey aforesaid. Proved at Llandaff by the oath of Mary Ann Williams (wife of Abraham Williams, labourer) of Goytrey, aforesaid, the niece, the sole executor.