1939 Free Press

January 6th 

Eisteddfod Winner
Sylvia Jones, the 10 year old daughter of Mr & Mrs Jones of Llwycelyn Bungalow Goytre won 4 prizes ( 2 firsts and 2 seconds) at the Eisteddfod at Llanvihangel Gobion, Abergavenny.
Sylvia is taught be her mother who was a national Eisteddfod winner at Pontypool in 1924.

March 31st – Obituary Goytrey

The death occurred on Tuesday after a short illness of Mrs Tom Morgan, Pwll Meyric Goytrey in her 80th year.
A few years ago Mr & Mrs Morgan celebrated their Golden Wedding which was reported in the Free Press.
The funeral, on Sunday afternoon at Saron will be reported next week.
(A verdict of accidental death is listed under inquests)

April 7th – An Appreciation

By the death of Mrs Morgan, Goytrey has lost one of it’s oldest inhabitants.
As a young girl she came to reside with the late Mr & Mrs Morgan, The Wern Farm and after spending a few years there she took up a situation in London but always spent her holidays in Goytrey.
The second son of the Wern, Tom, after spending some time in Canada came home and after a long friendship ripened into courtship, they were married at Goytrey Parish Church and spent 56 years happily married.
4 sons and a daughter blessed their union. Two of the sons served through the Great War.
Mrs Morgan was a woman of shrewed common sense, endowed with a great energy and industry and a faithful member of Saron Baptist Church for 32 years.
She leaves 2 sons and a daughter to mourn their loss of an exemplary and devoted mother.
Much sympathy is felt for her sorrowing husband, Mr Tom Morgan who has reached his 86th year.

April 21st – Alleged Threats

Pontypool Bench Dismiss Goytrey Summons
“I have never heard a more absurd story” said Mr Harold Saunders, Pontypool, who, at Pontypool Petty Sessions on Saturday, defended Joseph Edwin Edgar, a Goytrey garage proprietor, on a summons for uttering threats against William John James, of Goytrey on April 2nd.
James told the court that he was going home on his bicycle from Goytrey towards Monkswood, Edgar passed him in his car and then pulled into a lane.
I heard the brakes go on and the car stop said James, then I heard tools rattling and I thought I knew what was coming.
As I passed the lane he rushed out at me with an iron bar two feet long and shouted, “I will have you”. He missed me and I rode on towards my house. He got in his car and came after me, but the car could not go as fast as my machine.

Afraid of Him
The Clerk (Mr Isca Bowen): are you afraid of him? – Yes when he has weapons in his hand.
Mr Saunders: Edgar had not spoken to you since twelve months ago when he forbade you to dig out fox cubs on his land. – That is right.
Mr Saunders: I have never heard a more absurd story. The parties had not spoken for twelve months because Edgar had forbidden James to dig on his land for fox cubs and sell them to the hunt.
Edgar, in the box, said he did not see James that day. He was out in his car but did not remember passing him and certainly did not stop in a lane.
In reply to one of the magistrates (Mr G Woodly), he said he did not carry such an iron bar with him in the car.
The Bench then dismissed the case.

April 21st – Obituary Mr W J Nicholas

The death occurred on Friday of Mr William John Nicholas of Ty Cooke, Goytrey, after a short illness at the age of 81.
Mr Nicholas was one of the oldest and best known agriculturists of the county. He had been a member of the Usk branch of the National Farmers Union since its inception.
He was a native of Goytrey and it was rather a coincidence that he should have returned to the district, to pass peacefully away after farming at Ty Cooke for close on 20 years.
Mr Nicolas was of a quiet, genial and kindly disposition and never sought public office, although approached on many occasions.
He was however a Churchwarden at Goytrey. He married a daughter of the late Mr Isaac Williams a well respected Usk family.
He is survived by a widow, two sons and six daughters. He has a brother living in California and a sister Mrs W Moore Haines, living at the Bryn Penpergwm.
The funeral took place at Mamhilad on Tuesday.

April 28th –  Mr Albert Gough

On April 25th 1939, at 29, New Houses, Pantygasseg, Albert Edward Gough, dearly beloved husband of Louisa Gough.
Funeral Saturday, for Goytrey 2pm (Private)

Accidental Death – Young Airman Killed While Flying Secret Bomber

A young RAF pilot who lost his life near Hull last week whilst flying a “secret bomber”, was a nephew of Mrs C A Morris of Glanbaiden, Goytrey.
Pilot Officer Charles Jones was 27 years of age and stationed at Hemswell, Lincolnshire was out on a solo flight when he crashed into a dyke at Sunk Island, near Hull.

July 14th – Speeding

Goytrey Man Who Speeded
Thomas Gilgun of Sunnybank, Goytrey, was fined 10s at Usk Police Court for having exceeded the speed limit with a motor-cycle at Llangibby.
PC R Walbyoff, of the motor patrol, said that Gilgun’s speed was 38-40 mph. Gilgun wrote to the court pleading guilty.
His licence was endorsed.

August 4th – Martha Louisa Williams.

On August 1st 1939 at Woodland Cottage Goytrey, Martha Louisa, wife of Evan Williams.
Funeral Saturday, 3.30 from the house for Mamhilad Church.

August 11th – Mrs Williams Goytrey

The funeral took place at Mamhilad Churchyard on Saturday of Mrs Martha Louisa Williams, wife of Mr Evan Williams, of Woodland Cottage, Goytrey.
Mrs Williams was a member of Goytrey Church and was well known throughout the district. The Rev. R E Seaton officiated.
Floral tributes were sent by: Husband; Miss Elizabeth Williams and Mrs Roberts, sisters-in-law; Mr & Mrs Fred Williams and family; Mr & Mrs Callow and family; Mr & Mrs Arthur Williams and children; nephews and nieces; Mrs Gregory and Cyril; Mr & Mrs Ricketts and family; Mrs G Williams Caeton Glas; Mr & Mrs J Owen.

September 1st – Goytrey Dandies

The nicknames given to the inhabitants of different localities would form a curious list.
There are Abergavenny Bulldogs, Bristol Bugs, and Bristol Hogs, Builth traitors, Coleford wide awakes, Devonshire dumplings, GOYTREY DANDIES, Herefordshire white faces, Monmouth knives, Pirbright savages, Wiltshire moonrakers, and Usk butterflies.
An old ditty says “Pontypool is paved wi’ gool, Trosnant is lined with silver, and Pontypool doth stink with oil”.
“Blaenavon tobacco” means tobacco that is given away; and “Glascoed blacking” is the local name for mud – “The Usk Gleaner”.

October 13th – Obituary

Mr Thomas Morgan – Goytrey
The funeral took place on Wednesday of Mr Thomas Morgan of Pwll Meyric, Goytrey, who died on October 7th at the age of 86 years.
Mr Morgan, who was one of the oldest inhabitants of Goytrey, had been a member and deacon of Saron Baptist Church for the past thirty years.
Services at the house, church and graveside by the Rev.s Aubrey Rees, pastor and J. Simmonds, Chapel Ed.
The mourners were: Messrs David and Will Morgan, sons; Mr & Mrs D H Morgan and Mr & Mrs Louis Morgan, brothers and sister-in-law; Mr & Mrs Herbert Morgan (Castleton), Mr S Stratton, Pontypool and Mr H Morgan (Abersychan).
The bearers were Messrs W,C.R. and W. Morgan, grandsons.
Floral tributes were sent by:-
Ethel, Ernest and David; Will, Jennie and family; David and Ada; Louise and Hannah; Florrie and all at Pydew; Billie, Ruby and grandsons; Eileen, Elidyr and Joyce; Gladys and Margaret; Mary, Charles and Ellen; Mr & Mrs Litten; Mrs Williams and Harold; Mr & Mrs Whitney and family; Members of Saron.

November 10th – Straying Cow

A fine of 5/- was imposed on Edgar Thomas, a Goytrey farmer who pleaded guilty to allowing a cow to stray on the highway at Goytrey on October 22nd.
PC Purlow (motor patrol) said the cow was the cause of an accident.
Defendant said the cow was one of three which he bought from a neighbouring farmer and it broke through a good fence to get back home. He had been forced since to return it to the man he bought it from.

November 10th – Paid Pretty Dearly

Motor-cyclists Bad Driving at Goytrey
Horace Jenkins, 21 a Bwlch insurance agent was summoned at Pontypool Petty Sessions on Saturday for driving a motor-cycle without due car and attention and without reasonable consideration.
Thomas James Boyt, an Abergavenny bus driver, said he saw defendant try to overtake a car on his motor-cycle at Goytrey. The next thing he saw was that the motor-cycle had collided with a car coming in the opposite direction. The oncoming car seemed to be out of control; a tyre burst and narrowly missed witness.
(Full story in Free Press)

November 24th – Obituary

Mrs M M Harris, Goytrey
The death occurred at Maesderwen, Goytrey on November 13th of Mrs Mary Margaretta Harris, widow of Mr Franklyn James Harris. She was a native of Goytrey and had resided there all her life.
For some time she had been in failing health, but her death came as a shock to many. She is survived by two daughters.
The funeral took place on Thursday at St Peter’s Church, Goytrey. The Rev Canon Morgan officiated and Mr Charles Meyrick presided at the organ.
The mourners were: The Misses Mary and Irene Harris, daughters; Mr John Jeremiah, brother; Mr Abraham Jeremiah, cousin; Mrs J Davies, sister-in-law; Mrs Levo, cousin; Mrs W Swinnerton and Mrs T Walker, nieces; Messrs G Harris, Arnold Walker, nephews; and Mr W Evans.
The bearers were Messrs J & H Owen, W Griffiths and R J Rosser.
The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr W Jackson, Goytrey.

December 22nd – Obituary

Mr R Prosser, Goytrey
Ex-police constable, Reece Prosser, of Court-y-Monos, Goytrey, whose family have lived at Goytrey for generations, died at his home on Saturday December 9th.
Mr Prosser, a 75 year old widower, served in the Monmouthshire constabulary and amongst other places was stationed at Blaenavon.
He saw service in the Rhymney Valley during the Tonypandy riots. He is survived by two sons, Messrs AE Prosser and Redvers Prosser, Griffithstown and a daughter Mrs E Phillips of Australia.
He was buried at Saron Baptist churchyard on Wednesday week, the officiating minister being the pastor, the Rev A Rees.
The chief mourners were: Messrs Ernest Prosser and Redvers Prosser, sons; Frank Prosser and Levi Prosser, brothers; Horace and Harold Prosser, nephews.
Superintendent Edward Casey, Pontypool and members of the Monmouthshire Constabulary were bearers.
Wreaths were sent by: Ern, Gert and Elsie; Redvers, Dolly and children; Frank and family: Levi and Ellen; Arthur and Dot; Workmen (sheet section) Baldwin’s Ltd Panteg; Mon Police pensioners association;  Superintendent, Sergeants and Constables, Monmouthshire; Mr & Mrs W J Jenkins and Stan; Mrs O Court, Arthur and Lou; Mr & Mrs I Dobbs and children: Mr & Mrs E J Morris (Vine Tree).

December 22nd – Assaulted His Sister

Nantyderry Man Must find Another Home
Richard Harding a 57 year old Nantyderry unemployed man was bound over for a year at Pontypool on Saturday when he was summoned by his sister, Gertrud Harding for assault. Harding was also ordered to leave the house in which he was living with his sister within a fortnight.
Mr KGS Gunn, Pontypool for the sister, said she was looking after an aged father. On December 17th Harding held his sister on the setee and shook her furiously. She was saved from further injury by the intervention of another brother.
Gertrude Harding, of The Cottage, Nantyderry, said she was preparing to go out to the Sunday afternoon service when the assault took place. He said he was not having her “slamming about the house”.
When she returned to the house in the evening the doors and windows locked and she had to spend the night at her sister’s.
Her brother had been “troublesome” before.
Harry Harding of Abergavenny, corroborated his sister’s evidence.
The chairman said it was clear that Harding could not remain in the house making disturbances.

December 22nd – Diamond Wedding

Mr & Mrs W Stinchcombe of Goytrey
Mr & Mrs W T Stinchcombe of Goytrey recently celebrated their diamond wedding. Four of their eight children survive; they have 19 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
Their eldest surviving daughter, Mrs R E Evans has been postmistress of Brynwern Post Office, Pontypool for 26 years.
They were married at Frogmore Baptist Church, Abergavenny, on December 29th 1879. Both are members of Glascoed Baptist Chapel.
Mr Stinchcombe was born at Chapel Farm Monkswood, eighty six years ago. All his life he has been engaged in farm work. He has always been an earnest Sunday school worker and lay preacher.
He has often walked many miles to preach, yet never would he accept any remuneration. Often he has taken the service at a moment’s notice when a preacher failed to arrive. In his younger days he was a keen politician of the radical school.
Mrs Stinchcombe was formerly Miss Bressington, of Abergavenny, was born eighty years ago. For many years she was a familiar figure at her stall in Pontypool Market, where she sold fruit and vegetables, the produce of their smallholding at Goytrey. It was her proud boast that she had not missed one market for forty years.
Considering their ages, the couple are fairly well in health.


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