Cecill Griffith 1707

This Indenture made the first day of May in the sixth yeare of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lady Anne by the Grace of God Queen of Greate Brittaine France and Ireland defender of the faith &c Anno Dni 1707 betweene the Right Honourable George Lord Bergavenny of the one parte and Cecill Griffith of the parish of Goytrey in the County of Monmouth widdow of the other parte. Wittnesseth that the said Lord Bergavenny for and in consideracon of the rents and covenants on the lessees parte and behalfe herein after menconed to be payd done and performed he the sayd Lord Bergavenny hath demised graunted and to farme letten and by these p’sents doth demise graunt and to farme lett unto the sayd Cecill Griffith all that two decayed houses and six acres of land whereof four acres are inclosed and two to be inclosed in two parcells the four acres adjoyneing to the highway leadeing from Usk to Bergavenny on the west and to the wast there on all partes and sides and the two acres adjoyneing to the freehold of William Morgan of Goytrey on the north and to other leasehold land in the possession of William Griffith and on all other partes to the wast (except of this p’sent demise all mines and quarries &c to have and to hold the sayd p’misses with theire appurtences unto the said Cecill Griffith her heires and assigns for and dureing the respective lives of James Griffith, Richard Griffith and John Griffith three sons of the sayd Cecill and the life of the longest liver of them yeilding and paying therefore yearly and every yeare unto the said Lord Bergavenny …………………… shillings and six pence of lawfull English money ………………………….. the feast of Saint …………………………… the feast day of the Virgin Mary ………………………………… in the ……………. of a herriott ………. of every person dieing seized or alienacen of the p’misses ………………………. yearly and doeing suite to the Courte of the sayd Lord Bergavenny to be held for the Lordshipp when thereto required and shall nor will not doe nor suffer to be done on the p’misses hereby demised any act project or contrivance whereby any other of the estate of the sayd Lord Bergavenny his heires or assigns or theire tenants may be prejudiced or lessened in the yearly value and if itt shall happen the sayd yearly rent of three shillings and sixpence and other acknowledgements herein before menconed or any parte thereof to be behind and unpaid by the space of fifteen days next after any of the said feast days on which the same ought to be payd being lawfull demanded or breach of any the covenants or agreements aforesayd on the lessees parte to be done and suffered that then itt shall and may be lawfull to and for the sayd Lord Bergavenny his heires and assigns into the sayd p’misses to reenter the same to have againe repossess and enjoy as in his or theire former right any thing herein contained to the contrary notwithstanding and the sayd Lord Bergavenny doth hereby authorize and in his place putt Robert Harries; William Davies they or either of them to be his true and law full attorney or attorneys joyntly or severally for him and in his name and stead to enter rpor the p’misses or any parte thereof in the name of the whole and to give livery and possession thereof unto the sayd Cecill Griffith ratifieing allowing and confirmeing all and whatsoever my sayd attorneys or either of them shall lawfully doe on the p’misses as if his Lordshipp were actually p’sent att the doeing thereof. In wittness whereof the sayd parties to these p’sents have hereunto interchangeably sett theire hands and seales the day, month and yeare first above written. The mke of Cecill Griffith

On the cover of the document:-

Cecill Griffith of Goytrey. Counter pte 1707

Sealed and delivered? In the p’sence of Robt Harries; John Morse

Lease to Cecil Griffith widow for land in Goytrey for 3 lives. Rent 3s 6d and one fatt hen ann hariot 2s 6d

Counterpart dat 1 May 1707

Md June 16 1718 examined & agrees wth ye original. All ye lives in being

NOTE: There are several large holes in this document. DW


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