Prosser, Gertrude – 1899

April 7th 1899
Sad Drowning Fatality at Chain Bridge

A very sad case of drowning at the Chain Bridge near Pontypool on Thursday.
It appears that a little girl, Gertrude Prosser, aged 10, with her little brother, a year older, children of the collector of the bridge tolls, were picking primroses at the top of a steep bank of the river above the bridge, called the rock pool, when suddenly the little girl slipped and rolled down the bank and into the pool which is about 15ft deep.
The little brother, who of course was very much frightened, ran down to the toll house and told his mother.
A water bailiff called Parker, who happened to be near, immediately ran to a place where a boat is kept higher up the river and he, with the assistance of General Gillespie of Brynderwen eventually got the body out of the water after it had been immersed for about an hour and a half.
The funeral took place at Bettws Newydd Church on Easter Monday.
Deep sympathy is felt for Mrs Prosser, whose husband has only died lately.


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