1949 Free Press

January 14th

Goytre Parish and the Roads

The state of the roads in Goytre came under discussion at the monthly meeting of Goytre Parish Council.

Mr J Williams remarked that the patching of Star Road had proved useless. The patches had now been washed away, with the result that money and materials have been wasted; the road was now in a worse state than before.

Mr D W Phillips, (clerk): I cannot understand why the roads ate so much better in the Abergavenny rural area than in the Pontypool.

It was resolved to write to the County Council on the matter.

Mr W J Taylor complained of an acute water shortage at Little Mill. On Boxing Day not a drop was to be had from 11am to 8pm. The Council decided to write to the RDC.

Questioned about the proposed street lamp for the village, the Clerk said he was waiting for the permission of the Ministry of Transport.

The Clerk reported that the distribution of 30 Christmas parcels had been carried out. Those who had distributed them were Councillors B V Thomas and H Stinchcombe and Messrs D W Phillips and E Williams.

Canon J Morgan, rector of Goytre, asked the cost of tapping the new pipe in the Penperlleni water scheme. Councillor H Stinchcombe promised to ask the Rural District Council about it by the next meeting.

Mr J Evans presided.

February 25th

Late Mrs L Byrde

Mrs Lesley Byrde, wife of the late Mr O A R Byrde MA JP died at her home Goytre Hall? (Goytre House) on Thursday last. She will be greatly missed by the people of Goytre, for she took an active part in the life of the village and was extremely generous.

It was largely through the efforts of her husband that the Village Hall was built. On several occasions she lent the grounds of her house for the annual fete.

The family returned to Mr Byrde’s home (which had been in his family for many generations) in 1935, on his retirement as headmaster of Heath School, Halifax. My Byrde died three years ago.

Three children survive: Mr C G Byrde (London).. Mrs W Murray (Inverness) and Mrs B Greenwood (Clitheroe, Lancs.) Another son R G de F Byrde was killed in the war while serving with the Welch Regiment.

She Loved Flowers

Mrs Byrde has a very special interest in flowers and was a vice-president of the Abergavenny, Pontypool and Usk flower shows and president of Goytre flower show. She was also president of Goytre and Little Mill women’s Unionist Association and was elected the first president of the newly formed Goytre Women’s Institute last week.

Among other organisations that benefited from Mrs Byrde’s attention were the Nantyderry home and St Peter’s Church.

The funeral which was largely attended was held at St Peter’s on Monday. The Rev E P Evans (Bishop’s Messenger and son of Mrs Luther Evans who lived with Mrs Byrde) officiated.

March 11th

Mr A Owen, Goytre

The funeral took place at St Peter’s Church, Goytre, of Mr Albert Owen, aged 76 of Nightingale Grove, Goytre. The Rev W L Richards (Llanover) officiated, Mr C Meyrick was organist.

Mourners: Eddie, Bill, Dai, sons; John, grandson; Ivor, son- in-law; Joe and Harry, brothers Ada, sister; Lydia and Edith, sisters–in–law; Reg, nephew; Eileen, niece; Scott, Ivor Jones and Jack Palmer, nephews; Austin Wolfe and Frank Averille, brothers in law; Harding, cousin.

At the house: Annie, Winn and Gwladys, daughters; Hilda, Phyllis, daughters-in-law; Patti, sister-in-law.

Bearers: Messrs W James, W Mathews, W Williams, A Vaughan.

Flowers: Anne; Gwladys and Dai; Eddie Hilda and boys; Bill, Phyllis and Graham; Winn, Ivor, Roy and Jeff; Joe, Harry and family; Ada and Frank and all at Wrexham; Ann Polly, Patti and Austin; Mr and Mrs Probert, Pentwyn; Raymond; Floss, Ivor and Marge; Cousins from Nantyderry and Saron; James Powell.

April 1st

Goytre Mon Sale

Household furniture and Effects at Goytre Rectory (near Nantyderry Station)

Including Oak and Satin Walnut Bedroom Suites, Washstands, Dressing Tables, Chests of Drawers, Oak and Brass Bedsteads, Polished Oak Extending Table, set of 4 Oak Dining Chairs, Oak Hall Stand, Mahogany Table, Side, Occasional and Kitchen Table, Kitchen Chairs, Meat Safe, Child’s Cot, Commode, Filing Cabinet, Overmantles, Curbs, Portable Organ, Bush All Mains Wireless, 3 Carpets, Stair Carpet, Pictures, Prints, Silver, China and Glassware, Kitchen Utensils, Garden Tools etc., etc.,

Which Messrs Bunning & Russell will offer for sale by Public Auction on the premises by direction of Mrs Morgan on Tuesday 5th April 1949 at 1 o’clock.

Goods on view Monday 10-4 and sale morning.

Convenient trains leave Pontypool Road Station at 11.20 and 12.20

April 15th

Goytre youngsters present two one-act plays

Two one-act plays were included as Goytre Dramatic Society’s first effort in a miscellaneous concert at Goytre on Thursday last. They were “Sunday Costs Five Pesos” by Josephine Knight and “Family Occasions” by Mabel Constanduros.

The producer Miss M F Mears is to be congratulated on the way she handled the casts, for the players were mainly school children, the oldest being only 18, casts:

Sunday Costs Five Pesos”, Fidel, Pam Fagg; Berta, Pat Powell; Salome, Pat Fagg; Tonia, Dorothy Hopkins; Celestina, Gwyneth Haynes.

“Family Occasion,” Cassie, Monica Sparrow; Janet, Pam Fagg; Alice, Grace Hopkins; Mrs Emerson, Olive Sparrow; Mary, Pat Fagg; Delia, Denise Harris; The stage manager was Barbara Hayden.

Brenda Merrick accompanied by Charles W Merrick gave delightful soprano renderings of “They call me Mimi” (La Boehme) “Throw open wide your window dear” the Waltz Song from “Tom Jones” and in addition she strode masterfully “Thro’ the Rye.”

Doreen Jones, Pam Fagg and Pat Fagg gave recitations and the chairman was Mr H Hatchley. Lighting arrangements were made by Mr S Haines.

April 15th

New Rector of Goytre

The Rev. Charles William Kelly BA, rector of Blaina, will succeed the late Canon S G Morgan as Rector of Goytre. The appointment was made by the Monmouth Diocesan Board of Patronage.

The new rector who is 61 was educated at St David’s college Lampeter and Phillips school and obtained his degree in 1922. In the same year he became a deacon and in 1923 was priested.

He held curacies at Tredegar and Risca before becoming vicar of Ynysddu in 1931.

In 1936 he was appointed to the Blaina incumbency.

April 29th

Obituary Mr G Mills

The funeral took place at Saron Baptist Chapel, Goytrey, of Mr George Mills, 74, of Saron Cottages Goytrey. He leaves his wife Elizabeth Mills, two sons and one daughter. The Rev. C A Reece officiated. Mrs Reece was the organist.

Mourners: Wife; Dan and Reece, sons; Myrtle, daughter; Bronwen, daughter-in-law; Tom, Dan, William, John and Isaac, cousins; Roger, nephew.

Bearers: Messrs. R Jones, J Williams, C Price and R Harvey.

Others present: Mrs Jones (Newport) Messrs. Gordon, Leslie, Harold and Dick Jones, (Newport.) S Fawdry, F Richards, Norman Jenkins, Rosser, Fleming, S Harding, I Dobbs, Kilroy, G Jones, C James, D James, D Davies, Challenger, J W James, W L Morgan, D F Davies, H W Gwatkin, F Howells, E Morris.

Flowers: sorrowing wife and Danny; Myrtle and Garnet; Reece, Bron and children; Dan Mabel and family; Mr J Davies and family; New House Farm; All at the Bungalow Nantyderry; Mrs Jones and family Newport; Mr and Mrs H Duke; Mr and Mrs L R J Rosser; Mr and Mrs Fleming and children; Mrs Tallentyre; Mrs Courts and Louis; Mrs Williams and Harold; Mr and Mrs Norman Jenkins and family.

July 15th

Divorced but must still maintain wife and children

Daniel John Mills of Saron Cottage, Goytre , told Pontypool magistrates on Saturday that he was under the impression that a successful divorce action brought by his wife relieved him if the necessity of complying with a maintenance order in respect of her and the two children. He admitted that he owed £56/16s under the order and put forward an application for a reduction of the order.

He told the court he had been ill and then met with an accident and had been unable to work. He would begin the following week at a wage of £5. His expenses were such that he could not meet the order of 25/- for the ex-wife and 10/- each for the two children. His former wife was a night sister at Panteg Hospital. She owned her own house and had a bank account.

Mrs Mills said she earned £180 a year and emoluments valued at £100. She denied that she had a bank account and said she had to pay a housekeeper 10/- and her keep to look after the house.

The order was reduced to 15/- for the wife and 10/- each for each of the children.

Mills was ordered to pay 5/- a week off the arrears or go to prison for two months in default.

Mr H M Everett (Everett & Tomlinson) was for Mrs Mills and Mr K A W Clarke (Ebbw Vale) for Mills.

November 4th

Mrs H James Goytre

The funeral took place at St Mathew’s Church Monkswood of Mrs Henrietta James aged 76, widow of Mr John James Elm Tree Cottage Goytre. She was a long and faithful member of Saron Baptist Chapel. The Rev. C A Reece, (Saron) officiated at the house and Canon D Ivor Jones (Usk) at the church and graveside.

Mourners: Cliff, Arthur, David and Irene, sons and daughter; Ted, Hilda and Bertha, son-in-law and daughters-in-law; Alfred, brother; Kathleen and John, grandchildren; Annie sister-in-law; John, brother-in-law; John, Will Ann, Jack, Jim, Flo, Harold, Edith, Violet, Alice, Tom, Ivor, Annie, Jonnie, Roy, Mary, Archie, Jack and Ivor, nephews and nieces.

Deceased only sister was unable to attend due to illness.

Bearers: Messrs J Williams, H Jacob, P Roberts, J Jones, W Powell, A James, E Dobbs and R James.

Flowers: Cliff and John; Irene and Ted; Arthur, Hilda and children; David, Bertha and Dilys; Flo and family; Abb, Milly and family; Annie, Ada and Lilly, Sheffield; Jack; Jackie, Violet and children; Ivor and May; Eva, Fred and Valerie, Birmingham; Mabel, Archie and Veronica; Mabel and Cedric, Rochdale, Sid, Bert, Archie, Harry, Arthur and Don; Polly and Will Gwehelog; Mr and Mrs Perrott; Mr and Mrs Reece and Mrs Williams; Mr and Mrs Thompson; Mrs Mathews and boys, Little Mill; Mr and Mrs G Bryant; Members and friends of Saron Baptist Chapel; Mr and Mrs Powell, Gelli; Mr J Jones, Mary and Bill; Berth, Ethel and Jimmy; Mr and Mrs P Roberts; Mrs Alexander and Mrs Rhys; Mr and Mrs Richards; Mr and Mrs J James; Mr and Mrs James and family, Pentre Farm; Mr and Mrs h Jacob and Arthur; the family of the late Mr Jones, The Knoll; Mr and Mrs Evan Williams; Mr and Mrs Dobbs and children; Mr and Mrs H Watkins, Monkswood; Mr and Mrs D Watkins, Monkswood; Mrs Radmore, Lilly and John, Barry; Mr and Mrs I Phillips and Esther; Jim, Caldicot; Ann, Jack and Ivor; Florrie and Harold; Will and Maud; Flo and Tom, Newport; Annie, Sylvia, Doreen and Peter; Alice and Percy; Jonnie, Melda and children; Roy and Mary; Charlie, Flo and children.


December 16th

Goytre Old Age Pensioners

A new branch of the Old Age Pensioners Association nearly 50 years strong, has been launched at Goytre. At the inaugural meeting at the Memorial Hall on Saturday, Mr T Langley, who with his brother, Mr A Langley, had been enquiring into the possibilities of forming a branch, reported that nearly £8 had been contributed by well-wishers towards the venture.

Mr C M Watkins (Pontypool) area chairman, presided and Councillor Mrs Margaret Davies, area secretary promised what assistance she could.

Officers elected were: Chairman, Mr T Langley; Secretary Mr L W Brain; and treasurer, Mr A Langley.

Mr T Langley at first declined to take office but was persuaded by members who complimented him on the work he had done to start the branch.

The committee will comprise Mmes J Williams, J Owen, Leaworthy, and Messrs J Waters, G Wall and J Owen.

Tea was provided by Mmes A Jenkins, T Langley, B Bishop, J Owen and Sexton. The rector of Goytre, the Rev C W Kelly and wife were guests.

In the evening, Pontypool Vaudeville Society, gave a concert which was much enjoyed, free of charge. Mr T Langley expressed thanks.

It is intended to hold monthly meetings


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