William Andrews 1737

NLW Ref: LL/1737/52

William Andrew – Goytrey

In the name of God Amen I William Andrew of the parish of Goytrey in the County of Monmouth yeoman being, thanks be to God, of good sound mind and memory and being desired to settle my affairs as God has blessed me with all. I make this my last will and testament considering the uncertainty of life being desirous to settle what God has blessed me with among my children after named and I first comend my Soule to God Almighty who gave me and my body to the grave to be buried at the discretion of my executive hereinafter named.

Imprimis: I give, devise and bequeath unto my wife Mary Andrew All that messuage, tenement lands and outhouse, barns and buildings and appurtenances commonly called and known by the name of Pentrabath, situate, lying and being in the parish of Goytrey in the said County of Monmouth for and during the term of her naturall life. (She my said wife paying the interest of the said mortgage money now due on the land) and from and after her decease the lands and premises above mentioned: I give and bequeath unto my son William Andrew his heirs and assigns forever.

Item: I give and bequeath to my son John Andrew all that messuage being known and called Graig Thee situate in the parish of Goytrey in the said County unto my son John Andrew his heirs and assigns forever. And from and after the decease of my said wife Mary Andrew my will is that my sons William Andrew and John Andrew shall pay unto my daughter Margaret Morgan six pounds.

(Page damaged and missing)

Item: I give and bequeath unto William Abram   …………..Abraham William of Lanover in the said County forty shillings apiece and if either of the above named William Abraham or Mary Abraham shd happen to dye then the survivor of them, the said William and Mary within two years of my said wife Mary.

And I do herby nominate and appoint my loveing wife Mary Andrew my whole and sole executrix this my last will and testament revoking all other former wills by me made allowing this to be my last will and testament as witness of my hands this eighth day of May one thousand seven hundred and thirty five.

The mark of William Andrew

Proved April 26th 1737


An Inventory of All and Singular the Goods Cattles and Chattles of William Andrew late of the parish of Goytre in the County of Monmouth and Diocese of Landaffe, made, valued and appraised the seventh day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred   thirty and seven by Jenkin Rosser and James Rosser appraisors as follows, that is to say:

First his wearing apparell valued at 02 00 00

Also one old mare 00 15 00

Also two heifers at 02 02 00

Also one little calf at 00 12 00

Also five small sheep at 00 10 00

Also two feather beds with its appurtenances 00 06 00

Also all the pewter at 01 10 00

Also two chests at 01 02 06

Also one coffer at 00 01 08

Also three iron potts at 00 09 00

Also one brass skillet at 00 01 03

Also one brass pott at 00 03 05

Also one brass kettle and one warming pann at 00 04 09

Also one old? at 02 00 00

Also one brass candlestick and one brass shimmer at 00 07 03

Also three tables and one bench at 00 08 06

Also corn thrashed at 00 11 00

Also all the fowls by the house 00 01 04

Also wooden vessells at 00 15 00

Also implements of husbandry at 00 04 00

Also provisions of victuals at 00 05 00

Also all the lumber not before mentioned at 00 07 06

 Summ Total19 15 02



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