Tire Common Bach

Tier Common Bach – 460 on the 1841 Tithe Map.

DSCN6865The owner in 1812 was Ann Pritchard of Pandy Farm Goytrey. In 1821 Margaret James is holding a house &c and a ruin.

On the 1841 tithe Tire Common Bach shows two ruins. One property appears to have been rebuilt by 1851, Walter Davies is the owner and the rateable value for Tire Common Bach is £2 10s; containing the ruins of a house, clover piece 3 roods 23 perches;  wheat 1 acre 1 rood 14 perches;  with 1 rood and 21 perches being taken by the canal embankment and a piece of cut-off 14 perches; and taken by the canal 1 rood 18 perches.

By the 1871 census Philip Jenkins aged 41, unmarried is living at Tier Common Bach with his brother James aged 33, also unmarried.

The 1888 tithe update says the owner is now Thomas Evans and the occupier is David Hutchinson. On the 1901 census he is aged 44, a galvanising sheet metal inspector born in Llanover, his wife Mary was born in Panteg.

By the 1905 electoral register the new owner is Thomas Davies of Upper Cae Coed. This changes again by 1910 when the new owner is Francis Prosser of Upper House Goytre, the gross value of Tire y Common Bach was £6 18s and the rateable value £6 5s .

ProsserReesPoliceThe poor rate of 1914 says the owner is Prosser. This lovely photo of ‘Rees the Police’ was sent to me by Nigel Purches, I believe him to be Nigel’s  great-great-grandfather who lived at Common Bach. The second photo is also of him and described by Nigel as ‘Old Rees.’ He was born in 1866, the son of Thomas and Ann Prosser, Upper House Goytrey.


OldReesPontymoel Corner Again – Friday 7th April 1936

Goytrey Woman Cyclist Crashes into Shop Window

A woman cyclist was involved in an accident at Pontymoel corner, Pontypool on Friday and again a plate glass window at the shop of Mr W.T. Herbert [Herbert Bros.] was broken.

Mrs Phillips of Canal Cottage Goytrey, the cyclist sustained cuts to the face, a hand and a leg. She received attention at the shop and was treated at the surgery of Dr T J McAllen and was afterwards taken home.


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