Elizabeth Lewis – An Amazonian Damsel 1865

1st April 1865 – An Amazonian Damsel

Elizabeth Lewis appeared, at the insistence of William Williams, charged with having assaulted him on Friday week at Goytrey.

Mr Alexander Edwards appeared for complainant. Complainant said on Friday week I was ordered to go and plough in a field that belonged to Mr Morgan, when defendant stopped me, and asked me where I was going, and I told her. She then turned the horses right about and asked me if I was going back. I said ‘no,’ then she seized a broomstick and struck me several severe blows on the shoulder, which was much injured. I then went back.

From an explanation given by Mr John Morgan, it appeared the land belonged to him. He had taken possession of it on the 2nd February, at which time the notice had expired for defendants husband to give up possession, and he did so.

There had been a conversation about the outgoing tenant re-taking the land, on the condition that his son would guarantee the payment of the rent; but as he refused to do so the matter dropped.

It was further given in evidence that defendant subsequently renewed her objections to the man ploughing the field, and p.c. Hall said when he went to serve defendant with the summons, she threatened to split complainants head open.

In answer to the bench the latter said, I am afraid of this woman if I go there again.. After Maria Lewis, the defendant’s daughter had given some unimportant evidence, the bench ordered the defendant to find sureties to keep the peace herself in sum of £20, and one bondman in £10, and pay expenses.

The decision did not seem to meet with defendant’s approbation; and it was not until it seemed that far from unlikely that she would be sent to prison, that a bondsman was procured.


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