Owen, Mrs E – 1964

May 15th

The funeral of Mrs Edith Owen, “Thornbury” Goytre took place at St Peter’s Church, Goytre. The Rev. A L Davies conducted the service at the house and church. Organist, Mr S Chard.

Mrs Owen had lived in the district for nearly 50 years, was a member of St Peter’s Church and Mother’s Union and a well known and loved member of the community.

Mourners: Harry, husband, Reg, son; Doreen, daughter; Phyllis and Len, sister and brother-in-law; Hayden, grandson; Eva, Joan, Bill, Reg, Eddie, Jack and Terry; Eileen, Phyllis, Edie, David, Bill, Glenys, nephews and nieces. M Llewellyn, cousin;

At the house, Lydia, sister-in-law; Sandra, Carol, Colin, grandchildren; Hilda, niece; Graham, nephew; Mrs E Jones, friend.

Bearers: Messrs W Griffiths, J Jones, R Burgess, W James.

Others present: Mr & Mrs W Merchant; Messrs W Bartlett, A Price, A Higgs, W Morgan, R Morgan, S Morgan, W I Morgan, H Morgan, E Morris, R Williams, I Hopkins, P Carpenter, R Moore, T Watkins, Mr & Mrs R J Rosser. Mr & Mrs W Essex, D Powell, C Morgan, L Hawkins, W Jones, A Dobbs, J Lambert, Mrs T W Rees, Mrs J Langdon, Mrs B Bishop. Mrs Gill, Mrs Evans, Mrs M Frewin, Mrs C Price, Mrs D Morris, Mrs M Hatchley, Mrs W Andrews.

Flowers: Loving husband Harry; Doreen and Bill; Reg and Phyllis; Hayden, Sandra, Carol, Colin and Sheila; Ciss and Len; Lydia, Eileen, Richard and Owen; Bill, Eva and Joan; Bill, Phyllis and Graham; Eddie, Hilda and family; Ann and Raymond; Edie, Jack and family; Floss and Ivor; Annie, Mabel, Mary and family (California); Glenys and Timothy; Ada and family (Wrexham); Bill, Lucy and family (Brighton); Mr & Mrs G Shepherd (Wood Green); Mr & Mrs I Dobbs; Bob and Len Hawkins; Wilf and Bill; All at Church View; Mr & Mrs Bert Frewin and Mr John Walters; Mr & Mrs Jones and Tony; Mrs Jenkins and Stan; Percy and Joan Rowell; Mrs Locke and Vi; Mr & Mrs Jim Jones; Mr & Mrs Essex; Gillian and Arthur; Dink, Max and children; Mrs A Williams and family; Mrs G Evans; Mr & Mrs Fred Messenger; Gloria, Peter, Michelle and Jackie; Mr & Mrs R Moore; Don, Nancy and Philip; Mr & Mrs Powell, (Llan Farm); Mr & Mrs Griffiths and family; Lottie, Mr & Mrs Bishop and Mr & Mrs Gill; Peter and Mary; Jack, Laura and Dulcie; J & E Lambert; Mrs Winford Rees and members Mother’s Union.



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