No. 22 on the 1841 tithe map

No. 22 on the 1841 Tithe Map.

The location of this property with no name was almost opposite Cerrig Maurion, it is no longer standing and would now be in the parish of llanover.

It was an Earl of Abergavenny property and in 1821 was leased to William Rees.

Elizabeth Morgan was the tenant in 1831 at the time the valuation of the parish was undertaken.

For the 1841 census and tithe both say Elizabeth Morgan is renting a cottage and garden of 3 rood and 8 perches, she is 65 years old and living on her own.

In 1845 John Hart of Abergavenny married Ruth Lewis of Upper Woodlands and they lived in this cottage, close to her parents. In 1850 John Hart voted against the police force in Goytre and gave his religion as “D” – Disenter.

John and Ruth remain there through to 1851 when John is aged 27, a labourer and Ruth is 24.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find anything else relating to this property.


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