Goytrey Parish Tea 1915

18th June 1915 – Goytrey Parish Tea 

Proceeds in Aid of War Fund

Proceeds of the Goytrey Parish Tea, Jumble sale, and Sports, which were held on Thursday last, are to be given to local War Funds.

The weather was delightful and a large crowd gathered in the field, kindly lent by Mr George Gwatkin. There were several attractive stalls which were prettily decorated, and the sports programme which was most enjoyable.

Music was provided by the Little Mill Reformatory Band, under the conductorship of Mr Cyril Allan.

Tea was served in the Nantyderry schoolroom, and the tray holders were Miss Leeworthy, Mrs Titcombe, Mrs Spencer, Miss Weeks, Mrs Morris, Mrs Merrick, Miss Williams, Mrs Jenkins and Miss Crump, who were assisted by Mrs George Jones, Mrs Parry, Mrs Collins and Mrs J Owen. Mr Tom Evans and Mr George Jones also assisted – the general secretary, Mr C Merrick admirably discharged his onerous duties.

The stall holders were as follows:

Jumble stall: Mrs Byrde, Mrs Davies, Miss C.M. Evans, Miss Wood, the Misses Boyce. Flower stall: Misses Davies, Miss Lena Lloyd, Miss Molly Leeworthy.

Sweet stall: Misses Gwatkins and Miss Mary Harris.

Cake stall: Miss Wilks, Miss Jones, Miss Gertie Harding, Miss Annie Probert.

Bran Tub:Miss M.J. Evans.

Shooting gallery: Mr W. Crump.

Cokernut bagatelle etc stall: Mr C. Cornish, Mr J. Owen, Mr J. Rosser.

Kaiser Bill stall: Mr Franklin Harris and Mr Harry Morgan.

Fortune telling: Miss A. Jones.

The clock test contest was managed by Mr E. Gwatkin and Mr D. James, and the ‘gate’ was attended to by Messrs Merrick Jenkins, Richard Jenkins, A. Probert, Sidney Jenkins, H. Pritchard, H. Gwatkin, Arthur Jenkins and Wilfred Jenkins.

The sports were directed by a committee of which Mr F. Harris was chairman. Mr Joe Owen organiser, Mr W. Knipe handicapper, Mr E. Morris starter, Mr Evan Morris treasurer, and Mr Eli Evans judge.

Messrs G. Lewis, F. Leeworthy, and F. Cornes were also members of the committee.

The results were as follows:

The 100 yards race [boys]: 1. T. Knipe; 2. E. Owen; 3. A. Phillips

The 100 yards race [girls] 1. V. Stinchcombe; 2. I. Jenkins; 3. Lena Spencer

High jump [boys]: 1. E. Phillips; 2. T. Williams; 3. F. Collins

100 yards flat race [open] 1. Bert Harvet; 2. W.J. Eyesham

100 yards sack race; 1. E. Owen; 2. E. Higgs

100 yards race [ladies]; 1. Phyllis Spencer; 2. May Smith

220 yards flat race [handicap] 1. Bert Davies; 2. Bert Langley

120 yards three legged race; 1. F. Leeworthy & W. Collins; 2. Dodds & Williams

Wheelbarrow race [open]; 1. Bert Harvey & T. Davies; 2. E. Owen & H. Stinchcombe

Potatoe race [boys]; 1. I. Hobbs; 2. E. Owen; 3. F. Collins

100 yards race [girls]; 1. G. Williams; 2. L. Jenkins; 3. N. Stinchcome

married ladies race; 1. Mrs Eversham; 2. Mrs Titcombe; 3. Mrs Collins

There was a competition for children for the best bunch of roses and the judges were Mr J. Harding and Mr Evan Morris, whose awards were:

  1. Vera Jenkins
  2. Ivy Jenkins
  3. Eva Parsons

Guessing the weight of a live sheep aroused great interest. The correct weight was 98 lbs and the following guessed correctly:

Miss Powell – Thornbury

Mrs Williams- Mamhilad

Miss Morgan – New House

Mr W. Edwards – Nuuadd

Mr W. Hawkins – Pontymoel

Mr J. Jones – Ty Llwyd


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