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January 16th – Why Pupils are Late for School

Because there are no special buses running between Abergavenny and Pontypool, pupils very often arrive late at Abersychan Technical-Grammar school.
This was stated at a meeting of Abersychan Secondary School governors on Wednesday by the headmaster of the school Mr J H Padfield, in reply to a question from Mr J H Rosser who had asked about transport facilities for children living in the Goytre area.
Mr Padfield said it was an old problem which had already been taken up with the county authority.
It appeared that buses which operated the route did not belong to the Pontypool departments of the companies concerned and if these buses travelled to Pontypool they would be infringing the local department’s territory.
The same applied if Pontypool operated special buses to Abergavenny.
The problem was aggravated by the fact that BNS employees used service buses instead of their private coaches, which resulted in children having to wait for later buses.
Asked if it were possible to charter a coach for this purpose, Mr Padfield said there was little hope of this. The cost of chartering a bus was “fantastically high,” and he could not see the county agreeing to it.
It was decided again to inform the authority of the position.

January 30th

Death of Mr G Walton formerly of Goytre, he was born in Langston Herefordshire. Funeral Mamhilad (See Obituaries)

Goytre women’s institute celebrate their tenth anniversary with a party at the Memorial Hall. Mrs K Lewis presided. Visitors were welcomed from Little Mill, Panteg and Llanover.
The birthday cake with ten candle was made by Mrs Swinnerton, past president, who cut it with Mrs K Lewis the present president.
The raffle for a bottle of sherry was won by Mr Williams, a member’s husband.
The competition for the largest number of items in a matchbox was won by Mrs D Morris.
Miss Brenda Merrick was soloist and Mr Charles Merrick accompanist.

March 20th – Goytrey Show of Spring Produce
Mrs R Rees opened a successful show held by Goytrey village produce association in the Memorial hall. The judges, messrs S Wills and C Jenkins (horticultural) and Mrs F Jones and H Messenger (industrial) praised the high standard of the show.
Mrs W Owen was given the award for highest number of points in the show. Diplomas and certificates were won by Miss B Messenger, Mrs G E Jones and Mr C F Messenger.
Officers of the association are Mr A O Morris (chairman) Mr H I Prosser (vice-chairman) Mrs E Lambert (treasurer) and Mr J Lambert (secretary).
Other prizes were won by Messrs D Davies, Mickey Wait, H W Plummer, F W Lear, I Dobbs, A E Rouse, A E Messenger, G M Brown, J A Thomas, E N Evans, N Hobbs, DB Daniels, Mrs Parry, D Haynes, J Jones and D Gwyn.
Horticultural – pot of daffodils or narcissi, distinct variety:-   1. Mrs W Owen   2. R G Burgess
Any variety:-    1.  Mrs E Lambert  2. R G Burgess
Pot of tulips:-  1.  Mrs W Owen  2. F C Messenger
Three hyacinths:-  1. Mrs W Owen  2. F C Messenger
Vase of cut flowers:-  1. Mrs B Messenger  2. H E Messenger
Pot of cyclamen:-  1. Mrs E Dykes  2. F C Messenger
Pot of azalea:-  1. F C Messenger  2. Mrs E Dykes
Bowl of outdoor flowers:- 1. Mrs G E Jones  2. Mrs R Dibble
Three kinds of root vegetables:-  1. F C Messenger  2. Mrs W Owen
Dish of brussels sprouts:-  1. M Brown  2. Mrs W Owen
Pot of polyanthus or primula:- 1. A E Messenger  2. Miss B Messenger
Pot plant of any other kind:-  1. F C Messenger  2. Miss B Messenger
Apples, 5 culinary, 5 dessert:-  1. H Prosser  2. R K Dibble

Fruit cake:-  1. Mrs A Burgess  2. Mrs D V Morris  3. Mrs E Kennedy
Victoria sponge:-  1.  Mrs W Owen  2. Mrs E Dykes  3. Mrs E Draper
Home made bread:-  1. Mrs E Dykes  2. Mrs E Draper
Welsh cakes:-  1. Mrs B Dawson  2. Mrs L Owen
Jar of lemon curd:-  1. Mrs R Dibble  2. Mrs E Draper
Jar of marmalade:-  1. Mrs A Burgess  2. Mrs R Dibble
Jar of raspberry jam:-  1. Mrs D V Morris  2. Mrs G E Jones
Cold sweet:-  1. Mrs J Wilding  2.Mrs D V Morris
Floral decoration:-  1. Mrs G E Jones  2. Mrs Wilding
Thrift article:-  1. Mrs F Messenger
Soft toy:-  1. Mrs D V Morris

Bowl of spring flowers:-  1. Susan Draper  2. Graham Morris
Drawing (under 15):-  1. Rodney Dibble  2. Arthur Dibble
Drawing (under 11):-  1. Susan Draper  2. Jonathan Wilding
Essay (under 13):- 1. Arthur Dibble   2. Susan Draper

August 28th – Haymaking spoilt their honeymoon.

A happy family party of Stinchcombes met at Llanover Hall on Saturday night to celebrate the Golden Wedding of their parents Mr & Mrs William Thomas Stinchcombe of LLanover.
The party consisted of six sons and a daughter with their children and children’s children.
The daughter is Mrs C Wait of Elgam Avenue Blaenavon, Mrssrs W J Stinchcombe, Woodland Street Blaenavon, the eldest son Sidney (Llanellen) Redvers, (Newport) Tom, (Croesyceiliog) Granville, (Llanover) and Cyril (Pontypool) with 13 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
Mr & Mrs Stinchcome were married at Pontypool some 50 years ago, Mr Stinchcombe walking from Goytrey and Mrs Stinchcombe from Pengroesoped for the ceremony.
There was no honeymoon, as there was haymaking to be done, so they hurried back to Pengroesoped where they set up home.

Mr Stinchcome set up business in Llanellen as a wheelwright after marriage, but in 1915 the call for work of national importance made him into a miner and during those war years he walked night and morning from Llanellen to the big pit colliery, Blaenavon.
After the war he again became a wheelwright at Llanover, but the increase of motor traffic caused to him add to the business another trade, always in demand, that of undertaker.
Mr Stinchcombe is now 75 and does little but potter around his smallholding.
Mrs Stinchcombe is an invalid and rarely moves from their house.
On Saturday however, she was taken in a wheel chair for the family gathering at Llanover Hall to cut the birthday cake and join in the fun provided by their children.

September 4th

Goytre man overcame disability. Basil H Morgan passed part B examination of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries

December 4th

Funeral of Mrs G Williams of Caeton-Glass Goytre

December 25th

Funeral of Mrs E Dykes of Bedfont Goytre, late of Llanhilleth


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