1907 Free Press

February 15th – Goytrey Bridal Party’s Misfortune

A rather unfortunate accident occurred on Tuesday on the occasion of a wedding between a local couple.
The carriage containing the bridal party was proceeding to the parish church
when one of the wheels broke down, and the occupants had to walk the remainder of the distance in a downpour of rain and unlimited mud.
(Henry Morgan married Florence Bowen)

March 8th – 21 Years Rural Postman Walked 18 miles a day

Mr Hy Evans, rural postman, a familiar figure in Pontypool and the outlying districts as far as Goytrey came to a sudden end on Wednesday morning week at Pontypool. Though living at Penwern Cottage Goytrey, he lodged at night at Trosnant Chapel Cottage, Lower Bridge Street, Pontypool as he had to commence his day’s duties in the post service early every morning.
He failed to report himself at the Pontypool Post Office at 5 o’clock on February 27th, and as he never been known to be late a messenger was sent on a bicycle to ascertain the cause of his absence, and found him lying on his back at the back premises of the cottage.
The messenger woke the people of the cottage and they sent him to Dr Hasletts residence. The assistant arrived promptly and found that Evans was dead.
The deceased had been rural postman from Pontypool to Penpwllenny since February 1886, so that he had completed 21 years service, in which he was scarcely ever absent from his duties and then on account of illness only.
He had been a member for many years at different times of the Baptist Church Saron, Goytrey and Upper Trosnant, Pontypool and he had rendered faithful and yeoman service to the Sunday schools of both those churches.
At the express desire of his fellow workers in the service of the post office the funeral took place on Sunday afternoon.
The postmaster Mr John Richards, together with the chief clerk and about 20 postmen in official uniform from Pontypool and district offices went from Goytrey to pay their last tribute of respect to one who had been associated with them for so many years in the postal service.
A large number of people, about 250 from Pontypool and the country parishes were also present, evidencing that the deceased was highly respected in the locality.
Wreaths were sent from the postmaster and staff and numerous friends and relatives.
The cortège started from the house, Penywern at 3pm, winding it’s way through the village of Penpwllenny to Saron Baptist Chapel, Goytrey, where a short and impressive service was held.
The deceased leaves a widow and daughter to mourn their loss.
Mr Evans walked to and from Goytrey six days in every week, and it may roughly be calculated that during his 21 years service he walked at least 120,000 miles, while at a low estimate he carried 40 tons of postal matter – though probably the weight would be more over 50 tons

May 10th – Goytrey House Farm – Goytrey

Four miles from Usk and Pontypool, one mile from Nantyderry and Little Mill Stations
Unreserved Sale of
Farming Stock, Grass Keep
Household Furniture
Messrs Marfell & Poole
Have been favoured with instruction from Mr A Jones who is leaving, to sell by auction on the premises as above

On Friday May 17th 1907 – Comprising:
13 Cross-bred cattle; 5 cows, in or with calf; 5 two year old heifers; 3 yearling ditto:
10 cart or nag horses and colts, including upstanding cart horse 5 years; cart horse; cart mare 5 years; 5 3 year old cart colts; nag horse 3 years; nag colt 2 years:
2 sows and pigs; 60 head of poultry:
Implements include; nearly new waggon; harvest ditto; nw cart; bw ditto; crank axle cart; water cart; dog cart; gig; chaff machine with horse works and intermediate motion; Cambridge roller, pulper; corn crusher, mowing machine; horse rack; sack truck; weighing machine; fowl houses; portable boiler; long, short and GO trap harness; troughs; dog kennel; sundry tools &c:
70 acres Grass Keep
The further portion of the household furniture and dairy utensils.

August 9th – References to the late Col. Hy Byrde – Goytrey

It is with much regret that we announce the death of Col. Henry Byrde, the eldest son of the late Henry Charles Byrde of Goytrey, which took place on 10th July at Kandy, Ceylon.
Born in 1837, he was, on passing out at Sandhurst College, appointed on August 10th 1845 as ensign in the 57th Regiment of Foot (Die Hards) and Lieutenant on November 9th 1854.
He served in the Crimea, was before Sebastapol, volunteered with Massey for the attack on the Redan, and was present at the bombardment and capture of Kinburn.
He was a Captain at the age of 19. He was Chairman and late Secretary of the Planters Association of Ceylon from 1868 to 1873, and secretary and superintendent of works to the Municipality of Kandy from 1873 to 1903.
In 1881 he took an active part in raising the Ceylon volunteers, he commanded the force from 1893 to 1896 and finally retired in 1904, after been granted the long service medal for the Colonial Military Forces.

September 6th – For Sale
Wheat Straw for Thatching, drawn or not, as required;
Apply E Humphries – Pentystair, Goytrey

November 22nd  – To Let
House and Garden Goytrey
Evans, Carpenters Arms, Goytrey near Pontypool

December 6th – Pontypool & Goytrey
Sale of Two Desirable Semi-Detached Villas
Late Miss Morgan’s Estate
Lot 5
All that Freehold Cottage and Garden
Situate at Pen-pedair-heol Road, Goytrey
Known as the Royal Oak Cottage
Together with a piece of Leasehold Garden Ground adjoining, held under a lease for a term of 99 years from 1809 at the yearly rental of 10s
This lot is now in the occupation of Mr Rees Price as quarterly tenant thereof at a rent of 11s 6d per calendar month, tenant paying all rates and taxes.

December 6th – No Carriage Licence
Thomas Whitney, farmer, Goytrey was fined 25s for keeping a carriage without a licence at Goytrey on October 9th.

Mr Nichol, Inland Revenue Officer, said that on the date named he saw the governess’ car being driven through Mamhilad.
Witness had since ascertained that no licence was held for it.
Mr H Saunders who defended, said defendant had taken out a licence previously, but he had ceased using it for a considerable time since September last.
It had only been used on a few brief occasions at all. It was then used for carrying fruit and vegetables.
There was no desire to deprive the Revenue of the proper licence duty, and defendant was willing to take out a licence.

December 6th – School Attendance
For irregular school attendance the following parents were dealt with:

Wm. Lewis, Goytrey.
Fines of 5s or 10s were imposed and the parents dealt with.


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