John Walter 1727

NLW Ref: LL/1727/87

John Walter Goytrey – Probate 26th April

In the name of God Amen the eighteene day of January in ye yeare of our Lord God 1726/7 & in the thirteene yeare of ye Reigne of our Sov’gne Lord George by ye grace of God Linge of Grete Brittaine France & Ireland Kinge defender of ye faith I John Walter of ye pish of Goytre in ye County of Monmoth & within ye diosess of Landaffe yeoman being sick in body but of perfect memory tankes be to God doe make & ordayne this my last Will & testament in maner & forme following viz first & princepally I recomend my soule in to ye protection and care of Allmty God my maker & Jesus Chrich my redemer & my body to be desently buried in Chrishan buriall & as tuching such worldly goodes where with itt hath pleased God to bles me in this life.

Im’mis I give & bequeath to my well beloved wife Maude Wateres all my houshuld stufe all my corne in my house allredy thesh & in my barne unthreshed & all my cattell horsis & sheepe during her naturall life.

It I give & bequeath to my daughter Mary Walters one feather bed with his appurtennances one dust bed with his appurttanances.

It I doe give & bequeath to my sune Richard Walters two chafes beeds with thaire appurttanances.

I doe give & bequeth after ye deceased of Maude my sd wife all my houshould stufe corne in ye house or in ye barne cattles horses & shepe two my son Richard Walters & my daughter Marry Walters two be equally devided bettweene them both & to be delivered in a month after her decesed.

It I doe give & bequeth to my sun Thomas Walter one bed stede one table bord after ye decease of Marry Waters widd.

Ite I doe give demise & bequeath to my well beloved wife Maude Walters one tenement one barne & best house stable there adjoyning two gardens two orchergs & six parcelles of lands arable & pasture which I doe now howdlleth as teneant? two my sister in law Marry Walters widd scituat linge & being in ye pish of Goytre & County of Monmoth in as large & app’ler maner as I doe now houlde them afteer ye deceased of ye sd Marry Walters widd to my wife Maud Walters ye terme of her naturall life & after her deceased to my son Thomas Walte his haires & assagnes for ever upon condicon yt my sd son Thomas Walte shall pay two my son Richard Walters ye sume of five pounds of good & lawfull mony of Great Brittaine within ye space of one whole yeare after ye decesed of Maude Walters my sd wife

allsoe I doe give & bequeath to Mary Waters my daughter ye sum of five pound of good & lawfull money of Gret Brittaine & to be paid within ye space of two yeares after ye decesed of my sd wife Maud Walter & my will & meneing is yt if my son Thomas Walter shall refuse to pay to my son Richard Walter ye sum of five pounds within ye space of one whole yeare after ye deceased of my sd wife Maud Walters yt my son Richard Walters to enter in to ye landes & p’mis till hee will be fully satisfied & pd my will & mening is yt if my son Thomas Walter will not pd ye sum of five pound within ye space of two yeares after ye decesead of Maude my sd wife my will is yt my daughter Mary Walters is to reenter to ye house lands & p’misses & keepe them thill shee will be fullty satisfied & pd.

I doe nomnat my well beloved wide Maude to be my sole executrix of this my last will & testament in writting hereof I have set my hand & sele ye day month & yeare above written.

Ye tesstat’s marke X

Signed sealed published and declared in ye p’sence of us Jenkin Rosser; William Sanders?; William Matthews

(Latin) 26th April 1727. Proved by Maud Walter the relict & executrix in this Will named &c &c. Before me William Morgan, Surrogate

(Latin) Proved at Abergavenny 26 April 1727 before the Rev William Morgan, Clk, Surrogate &c by Maud Walter the relict & executrix &c to whom administration was granted &c

A true inventory of all ye goods stock cattells & chettells of John Walters late of ye pish of Goytre in ye County of Monmoth and within ye diocess of Landaff yeoman valuyed & p’sed by ye perssons under named ye twentith eight day of January 1726/7


£            s            d

Imp’ris the dieacesseds wearing apparell                                                    00            10            00

Ite two oxons three cowes                                                                               08            00            00

Ite one ould horse two likell mares                                                               02            15            00

Ite two haifers two yeare ould two yearlings caves                                    01            10            00

Ite fifteene sheepe & weathers                                                                        00            15            0

Ite two pickes                                                                                                      00            05            0

Ite corne in ye house allredy thrich & in ye barne unthrech                     02            00            00

Ite one brase panes one brase cetell                                                               00            10            0

Ite in peuter & iron                                                                                             00            06            08

Ite one feather bed three chafer bedes with thaire appurtanances          02            05            0

Ite one table burd one cofer one bench                                                          00            03            0

Ite all ye rest of ye houshould stufe & implem’ts yt belongeth two

husbandry & all utencies                                                                       00            06            08

19            06            04


Aprssors: Richard Jenkins; Jenkin Rosser; the marke of William (WR) Richard; William Matthew


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