Castle Bach

Castle Bach – 411 on the 1841 Tithe Map.

The owner of Castle Bach was the Earl of Abergavenny, it’s position was in a field of Old Castle Cottage.

The first lease I can locate seems to be that of John Valentine. On the 3rd April 1756 twin daughters of John, Elizabeth and Ann were baptised at St Peter’s, and on the 3rd October 1759 a son, John, was baptised.

(A right of settlement in the parish of Goytre was granted to Francis Valentine, this I believe to be John’s brother, he earned his right by serving for 1 year to Walter Williams Pentoyn: he married Francis Charles of Goytre and had 8 children.)

A lease in 1778 says for the lives of John Valentine 60, Elizabeth 26, and Ann 20.

In 1785 Ann Valentine married Richard Williams, a widower, and in 1799 John Valentine sold his lease to Thomas Lewis for £5 – a cottage and garden.

John Valentine was buried at St Peter’s on 13th April 1801, his son-in-law Richard Williams was buried at St Peter’s on 11th June 1815 aged 95.

Castle Bach appears to be missing on the 1841 census but in 1851 John Owen the attorney (living Oak Cottage) took the lease and the tenant was John Watkins, a widower, who died in 1856 and was buried at Mamhilad.

In 1852 a William Owen of Castle Bach signed a lease against paying taxes for the widening of Newport Bridge.

By 1920 Castle Bach no longer appeared on a map but it’s position was where number 11 is on the map.


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