Old Stores No.2

No 2. Old Stores

As with numbers 1 and 3 it has been difficult to ensure I have put the families in their correct properties, as more often than not the property number wasn’t given.

Built sometime in the late 1870’s or early 1880’s but I don’t know who by.

On May 25th 1882 Ellen Lowes, of Old Stores, the wife of Alfred was sent to Abergavenny asylum suffering with melancholia, “being feeble and sore in head”.

There are no entries for Old Stores on the 1891 census.

The electoral register of 1900 says Elizabeth Carpenter is living in a dwelling house in Upper Goytre.

The census of 1901 says Elizabeth Carpenter, a 61 year old widow, born in Goytre is living at number two along with her 34 year old daughter Elizabeth, a dressmaker, and son John, who is 25 and an ironworker, also a niece, 13 year old Rachel A Jones. Elizabeth and Rachel were born in Glamorgan.

On the census of 1911 Francis Lacey, a groom from Worcester has taken residence, he is living there with his 34 year old wife, Louisa who came from Leeds.

The sale of the three properties in 1918 says number two is occupied by Oswald Court, the sale of the properties did not proceed as it appears the offer for all was only £350.

By 1920 Joseph James is paying £7 per annum rent to the owner, Rufus Evans of the Carpenters Arms.

In April 1927, Pearl Morgan, late of Old Stores died, both her parents were dead and she was buried at St Iltyd’s Mamhilad.

By 1928 Tom and Hannah Morgan were in residence, followed by the Thomas family by 1934.

Margaret the daughter of William and Phyllis Thomas of Old Stores was baptised at Mamhilad church in February 1934.

In May 1938 David Thomas aged 69 and living at number 2 Old Stores died.

There are no entries for Saron on the 1939 register, so the next electoral register on 1948 gives Florence Shephard as the resident.


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