Walter Griffith 1749

This Indenture made the second day of February in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and forty nine between the Right Honourable George Lord Abergavenny of the one part and Walter Griffith of the parish of Goytrey in the County of Monmouth blacksmith of the other part.

Witnesseth that the said Lord Abergavenny for & in consideration of the sume of five pounds & five shillings of lawfull British money to him paid by the said Walter Griffith for & in the name of a fine and for and in consideration of the rents and covenants on the lessees part and behalf hereinafter mentioned to be paid done and performed he the sd Lord Abergavenny hath demised granted & to farm lett & in & by these presents doth demise grant & to farm lett & sett unto the said Walter Griffith all that decayed cott and barn with the appurtenances together with three small pieces of land thereto belonging containing about two acres of land scituate in the parish of Goytrey in the said County of Monmouth all which said premisses one by Indenture of Lease bearing date the twenty ninth of September one thousand seven hundred and one granted to Edward William Watkin of Goytrey for the lives of William, Ann and Mary his son and daughters at the rent of four shillings which said lease expired in April last (except out of this present demise all mines and quarries of stone and other mettalls) to have and to hold all and singular the same premisses with appurtenances (except before excepted) unto the said Walter Griffin his heirs & assigns from the twenty ninth day of September now last past for & during the respective lives of the said Walter Griffith, Ann his daughter aged about seventeen years, Joseph his son aged about ten years & of the life of the longest liver of them yielding and paying therefore yearly and every year dureing the said term unto the said Lord Abergavenny his heirs or assigns the rent of four shillings on the feasts of the annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Michael the Arch Angell by even & equall portions the first half yearly rent to be due and payable on the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary next ensueing and the sume of five shillings for & in the name of an herriott on the death of every person dyeing seized or alienation of the premiss & also doing suit to the Court of the said Lord Abergavenny when thereto required and shall not nor will alien or assign this present demise & grant without leave first had & obtained in writing under the hand & seal of the said Lord Abergavenny his heirs or assigns and shall not nor will do or suffer to be done on the premisses hereby demised any act project or contrivance whereby any other of the estate of the said Lord Abergavenny his heirs or assigns or his or their tenants may be prejudiced or lessened in yearly value and if it shall happen that the said yearly rent of four shillings & other acknowledgments hereinbefore mentioned or any part of them shall be behind & unpaid by the space of fifteen days next after any of the said feast days whereon the same ought to be paid (being lawfully demanded) or breach of any the covenants or agreements in these presents on the lessees part to be made done suffered or performed then it shall & may be lawfull to & for the said his heirs or assigns into the said hereby demised premisses or any part thereof (in the name of the whole) to re-enter & the same to have againe re-possess & enjoy as in his or their former estate any thing hereinbefore contained to the contrary in anywise notwithstanding and the said Walter Griffith for himself his heirs & assigns doth hereby covenant promise and agree to and with the said Lord Abergavenny his heirs & assigns that he the said Walter Griffith his heirs or assigns shall & will at his and their own proper costs and charges before the first day of July next ensueing putt the said cott and barn and all the fences hedges & ditches on the said hereby demised premisses in good sufficient & tenantable repairation & amendment & shall at all times from thenceforth dureing the continuance of this present demise maintaine sustain uphold & keep all & singular the same premisses with appurtenances in by and with all & all manner of good & sufficient repairs fences hedges ditches & amendments & at the end or other determination of this present demise peaceably & quietly yield and deliver up the same premisses with appurtenances so well & sufficiently repaired fenced hedged ditched and amended and the said Lord Abergavenny doth hereby authorize and in his place putt Phillip Lewis of Abergavenny yeoman and Thomas Jenkins of the same place yeoman or either of them to be his true and lawfull attorneys or attorney jointly or severally for him & in his stead to enter into & upon the premisses hereby granted or any part thereof (in the name of the whole) & to give possession thereof unto the said lessee Walter Griffith ratifieing allowing and confirming all and whatsoever the said attorneys or either of them shall lawfully do in the premisses as if the said Lord Abergavenny was personally present at the doing thereof. In witness whereof the parties to these presents have hereunto interchangeably sett their hands and seals the day and year first above written

On the cover of the document:-

Be it known that on the tenth day of March 1767 Livery of Seizin of and full possession of all & singular the within mentioned cott & other the premises within mentioned was delivered to the within named lessee Walter Griffith by Thos Jenkins Gent one of the attornies within named by virtue of the power to him within given according to the tenor & effect of the written? Indenture of Lease. Thos Jenkins

Sealed & delivered in the presence of us E Staples; C Hawkins, servant to Lord Abergavenny

Witnesses present John Morgan; the mark of Anne Stephen?

Abergavenny. Monmouthshire. A lease from the Rt Hon’ble Lord Abergavenny to Walter Griffith for 3 lives of lands in Goytrey dated 2d Feb 1749


Fine £5 – 5 – 0

Rent? 4s

Herriott 5s


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