1876 Free Press

January 29th – Scab in Sheep
John Williams of Goytre, was charged of keeping sheep infected with scab, in a field insufficiently fenced.
Supt. McIntosh said he had warned defendant that there was danger of the sheep straying about the country and spreading the disease, on account of his fences being in a bad state;
The sheep belonged to Charles Jones but defendant, on whose land they were was responsible.
Defendant denied all knowledge of the sheep being infected.
Fined 20s

April 1st – Transfer of License
Mr Greenway made application for transfer of license of the Oak beerhouse, Goytre, from Thomas Smith to Thomas Arthur.
The applicant’s not giving notice to the superintendent and overseers, the application was not granted.
Application for Transfer of a License10th June.
Mr Greenway made application for the transfer of a license of the Oak public house at Goytrey.
Supt. M’Intosh said that a former application had been made, and he then made an objection to the transfer on the grounds that the applicant was not a sober man; and he was still of the same opinion.
Mr Greenway said that the applicant had bought the license from Smith and all he required was to sell until the license be out; and if he did not prove himself worthy of his position, then the license need not be renewed.
Col. Byrde said that the magistrates would incur a grave responsibility if they gave a license to a man against the advice of the superintendent.
Rev T. Evans, (rector of Goytre) had known the man for many years and there had been a growing improvement in his conduct for some time.

April 29th – The application was again refused. Griffithstown & Goitre
Lot 9: All that newly erected Dwelling House or Messuage, Shop, Offices, Yard and Premises, the whole containing by measurements 394 square yards [more or less] situate in the Parish of Goitre, on the side of the Turnpike Road leading from Pontypool to Abergavenny and known by the name of the Goitre Shop and now in the occupation of Messrs David Jones and David Brunt Jones or their under-tenants.
This Lot is sold subject to a Mortgage, the amount of which will be disclosed at the sale, or previously on application to the Vendor’s Solicitor and to the reservation of the minerals [if any] thereunder, and is held under a lease for an unexpired term of 96 years at a rental of £3 6s.
Waite & Son: Auctioneers.

June 3rd – Dog License Offences
Before Col. H. Byrde, E.J. Phillips esq. & Rev T. Evans

John Rosser was charged with keeping a dog without a license on 21st April.
Defendant pleaded he thought he had a license. Mr Bolger said that Mr Rosser had always taken his license out; except in the present year; he had no doubt that Mr Rosser’s statement was true, but the explanation had already gone before the Commissioners, and they ordered this prosecution.
Fined 25s. The Bench agreed to recommend a still further reduction in this fine to the Commissioners.

Henry Crump was charged with a similar offence, defendant did not appear.
Mrs Crump appeared and handed in a license dated the 18th April; the information was laid on the 17th.
Fined 25s.

John A Morgan was charged with a similar offence. Defendant pleaded guilty but it was through neglect and not with intention to defraud the Revenue.

Wm. Yorath was charged with a like offence, defendant did not appear. Thomas Edwards proved the service and also the charge.
Fined 25s.

July 1st – A Young Hopeful
Thomas Brown, a juvenile was charged with stealing a quantity of bread and cheese the property of Mr. T. Jenkins, Goytre on the 22nd inst.
Elizabeth Lewis deposed that the prisoner took the bread and cheese from the dairy.
Supt. McIntosh said defendant’s father did not take care of him; he lay about in pigs cots and out houses and was fed by anyone who would give him food.
The prisoner in answer to the Bench said his father had turned him out of doors.
Sentenced to 14 days hard labour.

August 24th – Alleged Well Poisoning at Goytre
The Chairman wished to call the attention of the Superintendent of Police to a proclamation the address of which “Town Hall, Pontypool,” had led to the supposition that it had the authority of this Court, and he wished it to be understood that this was not the case.
Mr Phillips was taken unawares, not having known anything of the matter till he had heard it from the chairman.
Mr McIntosh, “shall I publicly explain to you? my office is in the Town Hall.”
After a few more remarks, in which the word “diabolical” was quoted from the proclamation.
Mr McIntosh said he could give an explanation if they required it, and continued “Am I to explain now.”
The Chairman:
“You had better defer the explanation.”
Later on during the sitting the magistrate retired and invited Mr McIntosh into their private room.
On the magistrate’s return into court, the Chairman, {Col. Byrde} said that having ascertained that the bill was issued under instruction there could be no doubt the superintendent was quite justified in issuing the bill, and no reflection could be cast upon him.

August 26th – Nantyderry
Within 5 minutes walk of the Railway Station
Sale of household Furniture & Blacksmith’s Tools &c.
Messrs Phillpot and Wingfield
Have been favoured with instruction from Mr John Morgan, Blacksmith, Nantyderry, to offer, by PUBLIC AUCTION, during the ensuing month [upon the premises, as above], the whole of his;
Neat and substantial
Blacksmith’s Tools &c VIZ:
Iron and Wood Bedstead, feather and millpuff beds, washstand and dressing tables,kitchen utensils &c.
Vices, vice tools, blacksmith’s bellows, anvils, a large quantity of new and old iron, files, wedges, blocks &c
Auctioneers Offices:
Market House Chambers, Pontypool:

August 26th – Police Court – Charge of Assault and Trespass
John Brewer farmer was charged with assaulting Elizabeth Howard at Nantyderry on the 14th inst.
Defendant pleaded not guilty. Mr Gardner appeared for complainant.
Complainant deposed that she lived at Nantyderry; on the 14th she was leasing (gleaning) a field of Mr Heath’s; Mr Brewer was the succeeding tenant to Mr Heath, who had given her permission to lease the field; Brewer came to her in the field; she had some leasing in a bag and some out of the bag; he took the leasing that was outside, put it under his arm saying it was his; she claimed it and took hold of it; he pulled it away, then knocked her down; she got up again and tried to get the corn; he asked them who gave them permission to gather the leasings; he called them scamps and other filthy names; he called his men into the field, and told them to shake the corn out of their bags; one of the men did so.
Defendant said that Mrs Howard and others were trespassing; when they saw him they ran out of the field.
Elizabeth Bowen, a little girl deposed that she was leasing in Mr Heath’s field with his permission; saw Mrs Howard and Brewer in the field; Brewer knocked her with his fist and called her filthy names; Brewer took witness’s leasings off her; came with his man and told him to fling Mrs Howards wheat about, he did so.
Enoch Heath, Raglan, said he was the brother of the late tenant; purchased the crop off him and left four stooks in the field to keep possession; the tenancy was a February taking when his brother came there; gave the farm up on 25th Dec, and claimed part of the crop; he gave these people leave to lease; Brewer was entitled to every five stooks; and witness took the sixth; he left Mr Brewer’s stooks and his own on the ground.
In answer to the Bench; the only corn on the ground was his, which he left there in order to claim the leasings.
By Mr Gardner: as far as he had the power, he had given the parties leave to lease, and they were there with his permission.
George Howard and Elizabeth Howard were now placed in the dock, charged with trespass on the property of John Brewer on the 14th inst; Defendant pleaded not guilty.
Brewer deposed that on Friday night Heath went into the field and took what he liked, leaving nothing but his, (witness’s) corn on the field; defendants were in his field on the following Monday.
Both cases were dismissed on the ground there being no justification and the parties summoned to pay costs.

October 21st – Kiln Farm Goytrey – Near Llanover

11/2 miles from Nantyderry 4 miles from Abergavenny.
Messrs Waite & Son
Have been instructed by Mr John Turner who is leaving the neighbourhood, to SELL by AUCTION on Thursday October 26th 1876 on the premises as above, the whole of his
Farming Stock
Implements, Hay, Straw, Fodder
Household Furniture and effects
Comprising: 9 tons of fodder, 5 tons hay, quantity of wheat, rick of barley straw, quantityof wheat straw, 5 sacks of seed potatoes &c.
Waggon, cart, long, short and G.O. harness, saddle, Ransome’s wheel plough, iron harrows, turnip pulper, turnip scuffler, chaff engine, corn bins, ladder, grindstone, quantity of hurdles, iron boiler, pikes and rakes, beehouse and hive of bees, wash tubs, pigs trough, &c. &c.
1 Mare in foal. Several ewes, and quantity of poultry.
Dairy Utensils:
Cheese Press, 2 churns, tubs, vats, pails, dishes and pans
Household Furniture:
Mahogany and oak tables and chest of drawers, prime feather beds, bolsters and pillows, mattresses, iron and wooden bedsteads, bedding, mahogany 8 day clock, barometer, writing desk, chairs and other sundry useful household requisites too numerous to mention:
Luncheon at 10; sale at 11 sharp;
Clarence Street, Pontypool
19th October 1896


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