Harpur, Mr Evi – 1920

June 4th 1920 – Mr Evi Harpur – Saron Baptist Chapel.

On Sunday the memorial service was held to the late Evi Harpur, whose mortal remains were laid to rest in the chapel burial ground on May 25th.
The deceased was an ex-soldier who was badly gassed whilst serving in France and to the effects of which he ultimately succumbed.
Several of the Comrades attended the service which was most impressive throughout. Suitable hymns were sung.
The Pastor, Rev L C Edwards, preached a thoughtful and instructive discourse, basing his remarks upon Job xiv 1-2.
At the close the organist, Miss Alice Harry played the “Dead March,” the Comrades and congregation standing. The singing of the evening Vesper and the Benediction brought to an end a very beautiful and touching service.


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