Anne Evans – Letters

These letters from Anne Evans are to her Solicitor Mr Houghton requesting money from her uncle John Fidlin will to enable the purchase of several Goytre properties.

17th December 1874 to Gittens Solicitors requesting her “due” in relation to her bequest from her uncle John Fidlins will and mentions his property and money to be released from it. She says his will had been checked by a solicitor and that should she become a wife and mother she she have equal advantages

13th March 1875 to Houghton telling him 3 farms are for sale which they wish to purchase, one of 170a (Pentwyn) and she wishes her money to do so and to invest in her children’s future. this is followed by a further letter saying there is enough value in the properties to purchase them.

31st March 1875
From Anne Evans to Houghton informing him the sales are by public auction in the summer and it is no vain threat that she will go either to apply to the Court of Chancery if the trustees will not release the money.

17th June 1875 Anne Evans received a telegram from Williams to say he has purchased both lots, including timber for £15,750

18th June 1875 letter from Williams, solicitor to Evans saying he had gone to the sale on his behalf, no-one having any idea he was there with that connection for Pentwyn, there were several bids and much to close to his limit to be comfortable but he had purchased it for £8,400 in addition to the timber.
He thinks the bid of £8,300 was from Mr Berrington of Goytre great house, which he paid £6,500 for. Also an agent of Lady Llanover was bidding for Goytre Hall and indeed it was thought he was her agent and had purchased on her behalf.
He goes on to say Lady Llanover purchased Silcox place but cannot evict him until Xmas 1877.

18th June 1875 from Anne Evans to Houghton informing him they have purchased the farms and the purchases to be completed by 25th December. They have paid the deposit and should prefer 5% interest for ten days and taking their divi


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