1904 Free Press

January 1st 1904

Hedging material, fencing posts &c., in Coed Simon wood, Penpwllenny. – D H Morgan, Goytre, Pontypool

April 22 1904  Pengroesoped Farm Goytrey

(Midway between Pontypool and Abergavenny)

Sale of Live and Dead Farming Stock

Messrs Marfell & Poole

Are favoured with instructions from Mr Wm Crump (who is leaving), to sell by Auction, on the premises, on

Thursday, May 5th 1904 the whole of his farming stock comprising:-

8 Cattle, viz: 4 yearling steers, 3 yearling heifers, 1 heifer in calf

30 Radnor Couples, 1 Ram

3 Horses, viz:- Cart mare in fioal; useful nag mare four years old, 15.1, good in saddle and harness; yearling colt

Sow and 12 pigs

10 Couples of Fowls

Implements include: 41/2 in wheel wagon; n.w. cart; nearly new Ralli car, with rubber tyres; crank axle market cart; gambo; wood roller; Bambury mowing machine by Bambury; horse rake by Nicholson; weighing machine and weights; wheel plough; bouting plough; iron harrows; scuffler; chaff cutter and horse works; long, short g.o. and trap harness; seed lift; sack truck; empty sacks; winnowing machine; sheep rack; pikes; rakes; and sundry tools.

4 sacks White Oats, also a few lots of Dairy Utensils and Household Furniture

Sale at 1 o’clock Prompt

Auctioneers Office- The Willows, Usk

Friday April 22nd 1904

Wedding at Goytre

Mr D H Morgan – Miss A E Lewis

Last Wednesday morning witnessed a quiet but pretty wedding at Saron Baptist Chapel, Goytrey. It was an event unique in the annuals of the church, for although the church has been established now close upon a hundred years marriages have never been solemnised in the chapel until the present occasion.

The contracting parties were Mr D H Morgan, The Wern and Miss Ada E Lewis, Danycraig, both of Goytre. The families on both sides have been connected with this church for a great number of years, and indeed on the brides side for generations, for reading up the history of the church we find that the bride’s great grandfather was the person who so generously gave the freehold site upon which the chapel has been built, and it seems, therefore, to fall in with the fitness of things that a descendant of his should be the first to be married at Saron.

Naturally great interest was centred in the event and willing and deft hands came forward to decorate the chapel for the auspicious occasion.

The ceremony was timed to commence at 10 o’clock, but long before the appointed hour had arrived the chapel was well-nigh full.

The marriage was conducted by the Rev A Bowen Morgan, A.T.S. (authorised person for the said chapel) assisted by Rev G.G. Cole, Maesyberan.

The service was brightened by selections played by Miss Carpenter, organist. After the ceremony the bridal party, relatives and guests, repaired to Danygraig, where a modest but sumptuous breakfast had been prepared.

During the afternoon the happy pair left for Staffordshire where they will spend the honeymoon. Numerous and costly presents were received, but time will not permit us to print a list in the present issue. Suffice to say that the bridegroom was the recipient of a handsome inkstand from the Sunday school for services rendered and the bride a cheque from Mr David Ruck, Pontypool was also present at the wedding and breakfast.

May all joy go with the happy pair.

15th July

Sale of a very compact Freehold Holding viz: Yew Tree Farm Goytrey, 38a 3r 30p

Mr Thomas Parry has been favoured with instructions to sell at the Westgate Hotel on July 20th 1904 at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.


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