Marriage Index 1769-1812

Surname Christian Name Parish Surname Christian Name Date Parish
Jones Charles Mamhilad Griffiths Mary 19/05/69 Goytre
Colley John Goytre Evans Elizabeth 28/05/69 Goytre
Davies William Lanelen Daniel Winifred 29/07/69 Goytre
Sergeant wid Charles Goytre Evans wid Cecilia 26/12/69 Goytre
Evans John Goytre Lewis Martha 04/01/70 Goytre
Griffiths Walter Goytre Jeremiah Mary 30/01/70 Goytre
Powell wid John Goytre Morgan Gwellian wid 24/06/70 Goytre
Williams John Goytre Harris Susanna 28/07/70 Goytre
Lewis Turberville Grosmont Harris Elizabeth 07/10/70 Goytre
Morgan wid John Goytre Lewis Frances 08/10/70 Goytre
Thomas wid James Lanover Andrews wid Mary 08/04/71 Goytre
Edward Edwards Goytre Lewis – minor Elizabeth 01/11/71 Goytre
Griffiths Morgan Goytre Evans Rachel 31/05/72 Goytre
Alcock Richard Goytre Reynolds Anne 14/05/73 Goytre
Williams John Usk Lewis Elizabeth 26/06/73 Goytre
Morgan Francis Goytre David Ann 30/10/73 Goytre
Williams Edward Monkswood Jones Mary 14/06/74 Goytre
Richards John Goytre Perrott Elizabeth 12/11/74 Goytre
James Thomas Lanellen Rosser Mary 27/01/75 Goytre
Hatfield wid William Goytre Williams Rachel 04/02/75 Goytre
Jeremiah James Goytre Lewis Mary 27/05/75 Goytre
Edwards Henry Goytre Perrot Elizabeth 27/01/76 Goytre
Rosser Jenkin Goytre Philips Elizabeth 20/04/76 Goytre
Andrews Benjamin Goytre Skelton Hannah 17/05/76 Goytre
Philips William Llanover Howel Mary 03/05/78 Goytre
Mathews William Goytre Davies Sarah 23/12/78 Goytre
Howel Howel Lanover Rosser Elizabeth 22/05/79 Goytre
Lewis wid William Goytre Edward Susanna 25/06/79 Goytre
William Williams Lanbadock Harris Sarah 26/06/79 Goytre
Edwards Edward Trevethin Powell Mary 25/10/79 Goytre
Edwards William Mamhilad Griffiths Anne 22/02/80 Goytre
Jenkins William Goytre Charles Elizabeth 27/05/80 Goytre
Watkins Thomas Abergavenny Harris Martha 10/06/80 Goytre
David Thomas Goytre Andrews Anne 21/06/80 Goytre
Jones Joseph Mamhilad Lloyd Frances 14/05/89 Goytre
Harris John Lanover Mathews Elizabeth 16/05/89 Goytre
Rogers wid Thomas Goytre Mathews Mary 10/12/89 Goytre
Rosser wid Jenkin Goytre Thomas Anne 22/04/90 Goytre
Lewis William Mamhilad Edwards Elizabeth 02/05/90 Goytre
Jones Richard Goytre Mathews wid Sarah 20/05/90 Goytre
Watkins Walter Goytre Williams Jane 01/08/90 Goytre
Lewis William Cwmcarn Evans Rachel 29/12/90 Goytre
Jones Edward Goytrey Jenkins Rachael 12/08/92 Goytre
Walters Richard Kemeys Commander Saunders Mary 23/01/93 Goytre
Evans wid John Goytrey Jenkins Anne 07/02/93 Goytre
Andrews William Goytrey Thomas wid Mary 14/03/93 Goytre
Jones Richard Goytrey Williams Mary 13/05/93 Goytre
Jeremiah William Lanvair Kilgeddin Mathews Margaret 01/09/94 Goytre
David William Lanvair Kilgeddin Moses Mary 01/05/95 Goytre
David William Lanover Williams Jane 23/05/95 Goytre
Williams William Goytrey Leek Susannah 13/07/95 Goytre
Price George Goytrey Thomas Elizabeth 13/01/95 Goytre
Philips Jenkin Abergavenny Jones Mary 10/07/95 Goytre
Jones wid John Goytrey Davies Mary 31/07/96 Goytre
Mathews William Goytrey Blackway Sarah 01/01/97 Goytre
Andrews wid William Goytrey Cadogan Sarah 26/06/97 Goytre
Watkins William Dinnestow Evans Sarah 13/07/97 Goytre
David wid Thomas Goytrey Philips Mary 11/06/97 Goytre
Vallet William Goytrey Proger Elizabeth   Goytre
Williams James Mamhilad Griffith Mary 24/05/00 Goytre
Davies Thomas Lanover Edwards Elizabeth 19/09/01 Goytre
Harris Joseph Lanvair Kilgeddin Edwards Mary 16/05/01 Goytre
Jenkins Thomas Goytrey Jones Elizabeth 30/04/01 Goytre
Jones John Lanvair Kilgeddin Jeremiah Mary 06/01/01 Goytre
Perrott thomas Goytrey Lewis Elizabeth 25/04/01 Lanbadock
Thomas David Goytrey Philips Mary 12/11/01 Lanbadock
Prosser Richard Goytrey Allen Martha 04/02/02 Lanbadock
Davies Philip Lanvair Kilgeddin Griffith Ann 21/05/03 Goytre
Higgins Thomas Goytrey Powell Rachel 06/06/03 Goytre
Jones wid John Goytrey Lewis Ann 14/03/04 Goytre
Jeremiah William Goytrey Jenkins Martha 12/05/04 Goytre
Proger Richard Goytrey Williams Rachel 06/05/04 Goytre
Stephens William Goytrey Lewis Mary 29/04/04 Goytre
Williams Francis Monkswood Jeremiah Rachel 16/12/04 Goytre
Morgan David Goytrey Cadwogan Ann 08/06/05 Goytre
Williams William Mamhilad Pritchard Margaret 27/06/05 Goytre
Moses William Goytrey Cadwogan Elizabeth 14/06/06 Goytre
Davies Henry Mamhilad Williams Elizabeth 30/08/07 Goytre
Jenkins William Mamhilad Morgan Sarah 16/05/07 Goytre
Morgan Thomas Goytrey Oaks Elizabeth 03/05/07 Goytre
Philips William Goytrey Thomas Elizabeth 22/02/08 Goytre
Jones wid John Goytrey Jenkins Elizabeth 01/05/09 Goytre
Thurston wid Anslem Goytrey Williams Margaret 15/06/09 Goytre
Williams John Mamhilad Lewis Elizabeth 24/06/09 Goytre
Jeremiah James Goytrey Howells Elizabeth 23/06/11 Goytre
is William Goytrey Jenkins Elizabeth 02/06/11 Goytre
Meate Joesph Goytrey Edwards Mary 13/11/11 Goytre
Williams Thomas Goytrey Lewis Elizabeth 13/05/11 Goytre
Williams John Goytrey Jones Martha 05/10/11 Goytre
Hughes John Llanelly Williams Mary 02/03/12 Goytre
Williams wid David       13/10/12 Goytre


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