Whatley, Mr C. R. – 1946

January 25th

Mr C R Whatley – Goytrey

The funeral took place at Saron Chapel Goytrey on Saturday of Mr C R Whatley, who died the previous Tuesday at Pontypool hospital after a short illness.

Mr Whatley was well known in Pontypool, he was manager of M/s Hipps Pontypool shop. He leaves a widow, Mrs Esme Whatley and baby daughter.

The Rev. C A Rees officiated at the house and graveside.

Mourners: Wife; Mother and Father; Joyce and Herbert Whatley; Mam and Dad Williams; Gwyn and Jack; Uncle George.

Amongst others present were representatives of M/s Hipps and Pontypool Military band.

Bearers: M/s Truman; H Griffiths; J Davies and T Roberts.

Flowers: Wife and baby Christine; Mam and Dad; Joyce and Herbert; Mam and Dad; Gwyn and Jack, cousins; Tegwen; Uncle George, Aunt Nell and family; neighbours of Jubilee Terrace; M/s Hipps Ltd., Manager and staff Lower George Street Pontypool; Pontypool Military Band; members of Pontypool Comrades Club.

M/s E J Ware and Sons were the undertakers.


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