Fred Collins – Bad Accident to a Lad

Goytrey – Bad Accident to a Lad

Fred Collins aged 16 of Penywern Cottages Goytrey met with a very bad accident near Bettws Newydd Usk on Saturday morning.

He was taking a colt belonging to his employer Mr Watkins of Llan farm Goytrey and very foolishly fastened the halter around his waist.

The colt was frightened by a cow in a field abutting the Camp road Bettws Newydd, turned round and bolted lifting the unfortunate lad off his feet and dragged him for about ¾ of a mile down a very rough road before Mrs Phillips of Bettws Newydd ran out of her house and pluckily stopped the startled animal.

The lad was found to be very severely cut and bruised about the whole of his body and his clothes were torn to shreds.

Fortunately however his hands and face escaped injury in a marvellous manner.

Pc Sheddick, PC Burrick and Nurse Howells (Usk) were notified of the accident and when the latter arrived she bandaged the poor fellow who was subsequently conveyed to Abergavenny Cottage hospital in his employer’s car.


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